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Board Rules

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for joining ForestFans.net, previously known as ForestForums.co.uk

Whilst free speech is the name of the game on this website, there are a few rules which we must abide by in order for this forum to stay within the law.

1. Responsibility - Libel & defamation of character

This is the most important thing to bear in mind when posting on forestfans. Before posting, you should ensure that if what you are posting is specifically about an individual or an organisation that it is fact. We will not accept anything that is deemed to be libelous or defamatory. Any potentially libelous posts will be removed immediately and persistent breeches of this rule will lead to temporary bans, and in certain circumstances, permanant bans. To find out more on defamation and libel please read this guide

2. Post in the right forum.

Post topics in the appropriate forum. We have several forums, and please take a moment to decide where your post would fit best. Do not post a topic in multiple forums. Please consider searching if you have a question that you think may be common to a lot of users. If you have placed the thread in the wrong forum, an Administrator or a Mod will move it for you. Please look for your thread before declaring it missing and bothering a member of staff about it.

3. No sexism, racism or excessive swearing

Sexist, racist, or abusive posts shall result in punishment, with the severity of the punishment depending on the intensity of abuse. Racist and sexist posts shall be removed, and the offending user shall be banned immediately. We WILL allow swearing, but please do not use this as an excuse to swear with every other word that you type. We would also like to keep swearing out of topic titles.

4. Use common sense when posting in any of the forums.

Whereas ForestFans encourages laughter amongst those who contribute, we do ask users to remain sensible when doing so. We ask users to respect other peoples opinions and beliefs.

5. No content that is sexually explicit.

Breasts are within limits. Genitals, and mutual arousal/stimulation shall be removed, and users shall receive a seven day ban. Pornography is forbidden, and those who post pornographic images shall be permanently banned. False links that connect to pornography which purport to link to a legitimate URL, will be dealt with harshly.

6. Be nice to the staff, and they'll be nice to you.

Colin won't he's just evil.

7. Posting Images.
If you have a large image to post can you either crop the image or use www.imageshack.us to upload your image. This will then give you the option of inserting a thumbnail image which also acts as a link to your full-sized image. Please use this facility. Just copy and paste the link into the [ IMG] code.

As a result we'll have nicely formatted threads which are easier to read, it also caters for people who are on slow internet connections and gives users the opportunity as to whether or not they want to see the image.

8. Signatures and Avatars

ForestFans permits members to have a graphic signiture and a graphic avatar. Currently there are no restrictions to sizes, however this may change in the not too distant future .

9. No text talk in posts.

ForestFans severely discourages users to use either l33t or text speech on the forums. We ask users to remain considerate for those who read their postings, you have a full qwerty keyboard, use it!

10. Aliases

Each user is allowed one account. Any user found to have more than one account on ForestFans will be deemed to have an alias. The alias account will be banned and the admin/mod will decide what happens to the original account.

11. Use of proxy services

The use of proxy servers as in those of known proxy server sites and hosting companies like layeredtech, ev1servers and others is prohibited. Although we respect your privacy, those we find hiding behind a non-normal proxy server (normal being for example NTL, AOL, BT, etc..) will be permanently banned from our messageboard.

12. Problems or queries.

If you have a problem or wish to have any of the boards rules clarified, please contact an active admin

13. Enjoy the forums.

We, as members of ForestFans are all here for our love of Nottingham Forest Football Club, and football in general.

We ask that all users make an effort to get along together, and to enjoy ForestFans. If you have any suggestions or improvements to make to these rules, please contact any active Admin.