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Insomniac thread - Only real insomniacs need apply

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I took the old hard drive out, that went quite smoothly, but the new box was a totally different set up inside. It looked a lot more trouble so I abandoned it. I had three weeks worth of Match of the Days saved up as well :thumbsdown_anim:

I think I might end up having Virgin for broadband, they're the only ones who have their own phone lines aren't they? I cancelled Sky because the broadband had gone to shit and they refused to send an engineer out. But it's not much better with Plusnet. There's obviously a problem with the actual line but nobody seems willing or able to do anything.

Baby shower? Are congratulations appropriate or are you organising it for someone else? That Royal Baby maybe?

No, I have no experience of anything to do with babies really. I don't rate them to be honest. It took me a while to even register what a 'baby shower' was. I quickly went through the options of it being a tiny shower that you fitted onto a bath, then some kind of shower you use for cleaning a baby, before finally settling on what I assume to have been your actual meaning. The whole process only a took a couple of seconds but even so, it gives some indication of my lack of knowledge in this area.

Image result for awful baby shower



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The transition from one digibox to another is always easier than you might think. All those things that you *had* to record are gone, but life moves on, they'll make more homes under the hammer and er, Jeremy Kyle episodes

Yes, you've guessed it. My wife is 32 weeks gone now. I decided to Organise a secret baby shower because none of her friends give a shit. This is my life. 

As far as I can tell, if I organise and pay for a big lunch and a few bottles of prosecco, while at the same time setting up a few games (like you would a kids party) then that will be fine... 

Hello Taylor, you sound like a stand up fellow. Nice to have you on board.


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I think the worst thing is I can't even remember what some of the programmes I've lost were. All those things I'll never see, and not even realise I haven't seen them :(

Well, I guess congratulations are called for...........congratulations Taylor on your first post on the board's longest running thread. 5pm is a good time to get up, you can watch Pointless with your breakfast.

Oh, and also to Daz too I guess. Even with my limited knowledge I know 32 weeks means there's not long to go. So we'll have to start thinking about names.

Have you considered Art at all? It's unusual which is good, but not too unusual nobody's heard of it, which is good. It's got another meaning (art) which is another plus. You can refer to them as Garfunkel as a cute nickname they won't understand. Or Vandelay which nobody will understand. Again, more pluses. If it's a girl then Artichoke? (Art for short).

People take presents to a baby shower don't they? So you should at least have something to show for it B)


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