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Forest v Hull

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11 minutes ago, Dane B said:

So you think the players choose the tactics, Rick. Sorry mate, you cannot blame the players for the way the manager sets them up.

Last night I got fed up watching us move the ball out wide, back inside, then out to the other wing, and back again. There was no one making runs through the middle. There was no pace. There was no creativity. There was no end product. Watching Watson trying to be our midfield general was laughable. Simple, safe, 10 yard square ball all night long. Where's the vision in this team? Going forward we were far too slow. Hull broke forward and regularly had 3 men in the box. We broke forward and were lucky if one player made a run into the box. That's the manager's tactics Rick, not the players. Grabban is isolated up front. Very little service, very little support. Again, blame the manager's tactics, not the players.

I don't want to put a downer on what has been a good start to the season, but I do believe other teams have sussed us already, and I expect more of the same against Reading on Saturday.

I never said it was the players fault did I? I'm in agreement with you over what you have said. I would have thought though a bit of common sense and experience from the likes of Watson would be able to know that the plan we were going for just wasn't working and didn't look like working. Sometimes football isn't all about a pre worked out plan and sticking to it no matter what, sometimes you have to adapt and play as you see it. The best thing for them to do last night was try and pull hull out and start picking them off not lump it into the box. Regardless of what lamouchis instructions were you would hope the players can also think for themselves and provide a solution. Didn't Clough want players to be autonomous and give the players the ability to make decisions? Klopp more recently spoke about this with his Liverpool team. They have brains and they know how to play passing football. They were scared of doing that last night cos they were desperate and maybe the manager was scared and desperate too but they all went and hid 50 yards from the ball waiting for it to be put in the mixer and feed on scraps.

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I think we were just a bit shit.  We did try to create stuff too but all of our passes were too heavy or misplaced.  That was true for the whole game, and the main reason why Hull's counter attacks were so successful.  We did put some good crosses in but we were inept in the area. 

Hopefully Yates can fill a whole left by Sow/Semedo, and Worrall doesn't go completely to shit without Dawson to tell him what to do.  Either that or stick Figs in next to Chema.  If you stop letting shit goals cause of those things we can start picking up results again.

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