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Tickets for Luton and Millwall away

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Hi all,

I am a Forest fan based in Edinburgh so don't get to too many matches. I happen to be in London on the weekends of both the Luton and Millwall matches. I just wondered which one I would be more likely to be able to get tickets in the away end for? And which would be the better atmostphere/game to go to?
Any advice appreciated!

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Probably the Luton game as a day out in London for wall is popular with fans so that means away members and s.t holders have priority. Either way you'll struggle if you don't have a contact as Luton haven't got a big away capacity. 

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It was pay on the gate at Millwall last season, and a good atmosphere. I'd recommend it.

Would love to go to Luton myself this year but I think the capacity is only 11000, so as IKS says, it might be difficult for non-season ticket holders 

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