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For the last few years after-match interviews and tv coverage was dominated by people demanding VAR - "there's so much at stake", "why won't they use the technology", "referees need help" blah blah blah. Now we have the coverage dominated by the same people going on and on about every VAR decision :thumbsdown_anim:

Players and particularly managers will never be happy though, as they've never actually wanted more 'correct' decisions. What they actually wanted was more decisions that go in their favour......

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Controversy at Anfield yesterday, more to do with the new handball rule rather than VAR.

Silva accidentally handballs in the box and the  ball hits Alexender-Arnolds arm. Because Silva's accidental handball didn't lead directly to a goal, a  penalty should have been given for TAA's handball. No VAR intervention, and the ref plays on. 20 seconds later 'Pool score,  but surely the goal should be ruled out because TAA's handball in his own box led directly to a goal at the other end.

So much confusion over this passage of play. No one can decide on what the outcome should have been,even the bloke in charge of VAR kept well out of it. Take a bow rule makers of the game. Your new ambiguous rules, and the implementation of  VAR, are killing the great game.                 

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I thought the ref got it right. I don't think you can say Alexander-Arnold's touch lead directly to a goal when it's travelled the length of the pitch and several players including one from City have touched it before the goal. Just sour grapes from City and yet more moaning about referees from the pundits. Although obviously it would have been funny if it had been ruled out and City given a pen.

I found Kompany quite annoying, arguing the ref should have stopped play immediately either way to check if it was a handball. The last thing I want is the ref stopping play every time he thinks there hasn't been a foul just in case :arrowhead:

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