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Euro 2020 ticket prices

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Anyone applying for tickets?


Cheapest ticket for the group stages and round of 16 are 50 Euros. That's £44 by today's exchange rate.


£44 to watch an international tournament isn't too bad by today's standards, but the tickets get more expensive from there. The next category up is 125 Euros - that's £110 to you and me.


The above prices are for behind the goal or in the corners. If you want the sort of view you get from the Cloughy Upper or Main Stand, you'll need to pay 185 Euros. That's £163 in NG2. For a game that might be Poland v Greece playing out a 0-0 draw......


Perhaps you're interested in attending the semi final or final? An excellent choice. The cheapest regular tickets for each will be 195 (£171) and 295 (£260) respectively. Now, there are limited "Fans First" tickets available to those who didn't get allocated a ticket in the first ballot and these are priced more reasonably at 85 (£74) and 95 (£83). However, there are only 13000 of these tickets going for the semis and the final.


Myself, I'll apply for a few group stage and second round matches in the cheapest category but I'm not coughing up £110 when I don't even know who's playing!


Is this the people's game anymore?



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