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The Real Football Fan Show - Looking for a confident & opinionated forest fan

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Hi Forest fans,

I work on Channel 4's The Real Football Fan Show, a programme dedicated to giving proper football fans a platform to voice their genuine opinions. We're currently filming our show an a weekly basis in London. It's very short notice, but we're still looking for a Forest fan to appear on this week's show filming tomorrow evening to take part in our Fan Battle section (link: https://youtu.be/QGdK3-tG5Qk?t=306 ) going up against a Leicester fan.

Thanks in advance and thanks mods,

The Real Football Fan Show


Edit: Looks like we've managed to fill this now - cheers those who messaged and good luck for the rest of the season!


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What are you wanting them to talk about? If it’s the general shit state of the club over the years then I’m sure there’ll be plenty of us who could weigh in. 

Edit: just watched a clip on YouTube. Cringeworthy stuff, especially as it’ll be against a Leicester fan. The ‘rivalry’ is very much one-sided and entirely fabricated. Against a sheep shagger I might be able to muster up a few digs but I couldn’t care less about the bin dippers. 

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I think I was on this programme last night outside the London stadium at the West Ham v Liverpool game 

2 lads interviewed me and my mate and said it was for channel 4 so I will keep my eye out 👍

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Probably playing bingo down Ilkeston working mans club trying to winkle one of the blue rinse brigade 

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