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Match Thread: Nottingham Forest - Queens Park Rangers

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1 hour ago, David said:

This is my stance too. Only thing we haven't tried since last getting to the play offs is keeping a manager in for a whole season! 

I agree that it is disruptive to our progress if we keep sacking managers.............but if we actually got the right manager in the first place, there's no need to sack him.

20 odd players in, over £20m spent. 13 wins in 43 games. I cannot defend him.

I see now that he's resorted to blaming his players for the Preston and QPR results. Nothing to do with his tactics, is it? Once a manager turns on his players, that's the beginning of the end. It will be interesting to see how they respond against Norwich, because if I were a player, and my manager publicly criticised my attitude, I'd be having words with the bloke on the Monday.

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2 hours ago, Charlie Cheswick said:

To be fair Dane you'd never find out who the right manager was cause you'd have them all gone within a month.  You'd go through at least 5 times as many managers as Abramovich.

😂😂😂 Point taken mate.


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