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Match Thread: Derby County - Nottingham Forest

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18 hours ago, Dane B said:

I'm sure Mr Vandelay......

You called B)

It's always a worry when the transfer window opens as you know we'll be top of the list for all the agents trying to offload the injury prone, unwanted, bad attitudes, past it, and just plain useless. I only hope we only pick up a couple of them this time rather than the dozen we usually go for.......

On 12/18/2018 at 9:21 AM, Savo said:

Strange how everyone can see it with Pantilimon on here yet on  LTLF I slagged him off and was shot down in flames. They are mongs over there though

I don't know how you can be bothered to post, the place is just so weird. Last time I browsed on there was the start of the Montanier season and we'd just assembled one of the biggest squads ever seen by signing a load of absolute garbage, yet the reaction was as though we'd just recruited Collymore, Cooper, and Bohinen. And that was over the likes of Kasami and Dumitru, the place must have gone into meltdown when we signed Grabbon and Yacob.

It's like half of them post from an alternative reality where Forest have changed places with Man City. Very odd.


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