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Dane B

QPR Fine

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So, finally, QPR have been fined for breaching FFP regulations in the season they got promoted.

They have been fined £42m, and a transfer embargo for the Jan 2019 window.

They have made £150m with the promotion and subsequent parachute payments. So they come out of this over £100m up.

Where's the deterrent? And what the fuck did we do to deserve an 18 month embargo?

It just seems so unfair.

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It doesn't seem like much of a disincentive still

Leicester and Bournemouth have both breached rules and had fines. When the bottom club picks up 100m in tv money alone it's worth rolling the dice.

We were given an embargo because of Fawaz's incompetence if nothing else. He got rid off all the back office staff who knew how to run a football club didn't he,

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