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Support/forum games

Forum Games/support  

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  1. 1. Is it time to get rid of the forum games and support board as none are ever used?

    • Yes, get rid of both
    • No, keep both
    • Just get rid of games
    • Just get rid of support

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May as well lose them, we could just have a thread for each?

Should unpin that cricket thread too. Makes the place look a bit lazy when one of the top threads hasn't had a post in eight years 🥦 🍆

Nice to see we've got some vegetable smilies. Finally 🥑



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Also Adam, keep the Insomniac thread as Art still uses it. He likes talking to himself you know.🤪🤪

But I think the Pre Insomniac thread can be gotten rid of. No posts for 7 years.

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