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Morning to all you reds.


My name is Joe and i'm a 3rd year history student at NTU. I am currently writing a dissertation on Forest's notorious back to back European Cup's in 1979/80, looking at how this could have shaped the identity of the fans and the City itself.


The piece has been largely inspired by the book and accompanying film 'I Believe in Miracles' which has been insightful in capturing the atmosphere of both of the cup runs. I was particularly interested in the following quote from John McGovern 'All of a sudden, Nottingham didn’t just have Robin Hood. We had Robin Hood, Brian Clough and Nottingham Forest'. I'm trying to look at how the achievement has been remembered outside of the obvious features e.g. Cloughie's statue near the Market Square.


So i'm looking for involvement from proper fans such as yourselves. Any stories/photos/match-day memorabilia (programmes/tickets/scarves) from the period and anything else you think could help would be greatly appreciated.


The project is coming on well, with wider research into football history and fan identity coming out of my ears, but the specifics will really make the piece come to life, and that can only come from real, passionate fans such as yourselves.


I'm new around here, so not entirely sure how it all works, but if you wanted to drop me a message with anything you folks think would be helpful i'd be incredibly grateful.


Cheers all and good luck for Sunday! :cool03:


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