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xmas presents and your missus.

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As usual my parents went overboard - load of money for our trip to Australia, aftershave, couple of decent shirts, books etc.


My missus seems to have shares in Ted Baker this past 12 months - no word of a lie she must have bought a couple of grands worth of gear from there recently. Following that trend I got her a coat from there along with some gloves which she picked so obviously liked.


Its always a shame when Christmas is over. Back to work today and sat at my desk struggling for motivation.

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Being imaginative for Christmas is a struggle in my house as my mrs and one of my kids have their birthdays just before. Cause we've got kids I love Christmas and always get a bit carried away. For my mrs I got shoes, perfume, some tools for her upholstery she's taken and paid up for her course for six months. I didn't really get oat yet cause my thing didn't work, should get that replaced by this week.

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Christmas and Valentines were surely invented by women as a test to make sure their men are paying attention.


I've got to the stage where the majority of things I buy aren't useful in the slightest and will never be used on a regular basis, its just a box ticking exercise.


I try and throw in a few things that I can enjoy too, it makes the task of throwing away money on useless things more bearable. I've booked a hotel in Stratford upon Avon for a few nights for valentines day ... she doesn't have to take me but it is sort of implied.


I was also thinking about booking a Centre Parcs trip for her birthday. I'm sure she wouldn't mind going to the Sherwood Forest one (as opposed to the one 30 minutes from our house) so that it coincide with stopping by at a Forest home game :cigar:

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