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Why people are so happy to pat a cheating taig on the back in the pub as he guzzles beer is beyond me


As said above he had the ability but pissed and ate it all away. Last season he conned the club and I am glad to see the back of him


I bet he turns out to be another Kenny Sansom and he will be in the papers sleeping on the street drinking litres of diamond white

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Does he mention that there's a 95% chance he knew about 18 months ago that he was finished but needed to 'keep trying' so that the 25k a week would keep coming in?


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Old thread I know but I wanted to add that I saw Reid with his lad at the Notts Outlaws T20 last night and he has absolutely piled it on. I know he has always struggled a bit with weight and now he has no obligation to keep trim but it was quite astonishing just how different he looked.


He was probably eating instead of training when he was 'rehabilitating' and drawing his £25k a week.

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