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Mate whilst me and my colleagues were dining at the presidents club you was getting a semi on as the beets look this year on your allotment and are almost ready to pickle and that the bird down the Spanish had had a lorry load of out of date cheddar delivered.


If Great Ormond Street have returned the money raised do you think I could ask for my donation back? I could spend it on a brass and some champagne if my money is not good enough

That fiver you put in don,t entitle you to sexually abuse some bird that is waiting on trying to earn a crust. Spend the fucking money on a pro!.. Cost you two grand for a crane to lower yer on yer fat ****. Plus a couple of hundred for para medics to be on stand by incase yer fucking heart packed in.

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Up until a few weeks back the dress code at our place was strictly office wear but theyre trialling a more relaxed version this month for reasons unbeknownst to me.


Most people are being sensible about it, albeit a few weirdos are still coming in suited and booted. Theres this one old woman though over in HR who is just taking the piss. Shes got the oddest collection of t-shirts Ive ever seen; Barry Manilow, Family Guy, George Michael, those weird ones with a Native American and a wolf on. Today though she reached a new bizarre low - a t-shirt with The Mummy Returns emblazoned across it.


Shes a proper dykey looking type too so I just see her stomping about the office, trying to get a glimpse of whatever sartorial masterpiece shes picked up from the boot sale the previous weekend.

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Do you every get a thing where something you'd tried to remember but couldn't suddenly comes to you weeks or even months later? Well, that oddball I wrote about on this thread was called David. It came to me yesterday for no reason at all, like my brain was working on it on his own. Thanks for that brain, that was six months well spent :dry:

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