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10 hours ago, i.k.s said:

Of course, if you married a black sort & some celeb stuck a pic up on the web like that you wouldn't be offended....


Not saying I wouldn't, just saying that the intention of it obviously wasn't racist. He apologised and said what it was about, that should be that but everyone's been acting like he the intention was something else.    

You don't go from never saying anything racist ever to suddenly posting pictures of black people as chimps.  

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It's ridiculous that he was sacked for that. Although I don't know why anyone like him would bother with Twitter. It just seems too risky. One joke taken out of context or an accidental retweet of something dodgy, and a load of tossers will kick off, it'll be blown out of all proportion by the media, and you could lose your job. It's just not worth the risk or the hassle.

I think the most offensive thing that's ever happened involving Danny Baker was when he left 606 and was replaced by David Mellor...... David Mellor! :sick01::axehead:

Edited by Art Vandelay

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Ant McPartlin nearly kills someone drinking driving yet is heralded as a role model and appears at the BAFTAS.

Danny Baker posts and innocuous picture and loses his job.



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Had to laugh at Iceland's Eurovision entrants Hatari, anti-capitalist chaps, holding up Palestine banners when their scores were announced. Given the contest was being held in Israel, it went down about as well in the arena as a fart in smart car.

Good punk rock spirit there, be true to your values regardless of what the audience think!

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