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I'm sailing the rough seas of life mate. Aren't we all. 

As for the film. 8/10. Gripping..suspense and great effects. Bit drawn out in places and couple of far fetched bits which spolied it on the whole. Tip. As it's a single shot film with no cuts to other scenes sit as far back from the screen as possible.  I was 2nd row from the front and felt a bit of nausea.


Hope life is good for you..

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot - It was mostly nostalgia that got me through this. I used to love the Jay and Silent Bob Kevin Smith films 15 years ago or whenever i last watched them but this one was mostly garbage or cringeworthy. There were a couple of bits that made me snort but otherwise not much going for it. It makes me wonder how the older films have aged and if i'd still enjoy them watching them now, but then the cringe bits were mostly watching the 40-50 year old actors try and act like they were still 20 year olds so maybe it wouldn't be so bad to revisit them, i'm afraid to find out though :) 3/10

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