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Found 1 result

  1. H-Block

    Champions League

    Another 4-1 victory for Real Madrid........yawn.......boring end to what has degenerated into a boring competition? Is it time for a revamp? UEFA's idea is to guarantee four places each for England, Spain, Germany and Italy. I don't see how that makes the tournament more interesting or avoids another Real Madrid landslide victory? In my opinion, one of two options are needed. Both are drastic but could bring some excitement back to the competition. 1) Accept that this is a tournament for rich clubs and make it a closed league like the NBA. The richest, best supported teams would have a license to be in the league for X seasons. This avoids wasting time in the group stages with matches where the likes of Real Madrid trounce (say) Dinamo Zagreb 5-0. Before anyone says it couldn't work, this model has been adopted successfully by the basketball Euroleague. That league is semi-closed, with 11 teams having long term licenses and the other teams being the champions from the strongest leagues and the winners of their version of the Europa League. Introducing salary and transfer caps all teams had to adhere to should keep the competition fair and avoid the sort of trouncings we've been seeing in the finals of late. 2) Go the other way and make it a competition just for the Champions again. No group stages, just two legged knockout. Maybe even one legged knockout, to make things more exciting. No seeding, you could get Real Madrid - Bayern Munich in the first round. This wouldn't avoid one sided finals but would bring about surprise finalists from time to time, which would be great for the spirit of the sport. It would also avoid the wasted group stage matches alluded to at point 1. Of course, less games means less attendance revenue meaning the clubs wouldn't go for this. BUT could such a tournament be ran alongside the existing Champions League? A UEFA Cup, so to speak?

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