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  1. On 9/17/2019 at 2:06 PM, Savo said:

    This is Forest remember. We always falter against poorer teams. 

    Edge it 1-0

    And now we have a run of 8 games against poorer teams.

    Stoke (a)

    Blackburn (a)

    Brentford (h)

    Wigan (a)

    Hull (h)

    Reading (h)

    Luton (a)

    Derby (h)

    How many points should we be expecting against that lot?

    Would 17 be too unrealistic a target?

  2. Been at Doncaster races all day and just got back, but what a result for Forest.

    I'm as pissed as a twat, but I'll tell you one thing. a point at Leeds, a point at Charlon, 3 pts at Fulham, 3 pts at Swansea? Fuck me, you gotta start believing this s our year.

    Come on you fucking reds.


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  3. I've given up on the lot of 'em. 

    To me it's simple. The people voted to leave, so let's leave. None of this bullshit from MP's saying I want another referendum because I know we'd be better off in the EU. It's not what you want, or think, that matters. It's the vote of the people that counts. Yet they can't seem to fathom it.

    Too much scaremongering. No one knows what will happen to our economy when we leave. Perfect example of this, before the referendum the then Chancellor, George Osborn, said that a vote to leave would would be disasterous for the pound and GDP, 800,000 jobs would be lost, blah blah blah. None of that happened. They just don't fucking know, but would have us believe that they do.

    Fuck the lot of them. Where's Guy Fawkes when you need him? Burn the fucking lot.

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  4. 32 minutes ago, darcy said:

    lets hope they now stick to a normal size squad 

    We really must, Darcy. We simply cannot fund a squad that size without falling foul of FFP regulations........hence the sale of Appiah for £8m to balance the books. The fees received for him and Osborn should keep our heads above water, but I just can't wait for certain players' contracts to  run down so we can be rid of them.

    In future, we really must just buy one or two quality players per season, instead of buying anything with two legs.


  5. On 8/30/2019 at 8:37 PM, Mr Smith said:

     It is also not democratic to have a Prime Minister voted into office by less than 100,000 people

    That's how it's always worked Smiffy. The Party elects it's leader, we vote for our local MP. We have never directly elected a Prime Minister. I do agree that it is wrong though.

  6. On 8/30/2019 at 8:37 PM, Mr Smith said:

    It is presumptuous to assume every person who voted for leave wanted a no deal. The referendum just asked do we want to leave the EU, not how.

    So the only presumption you could make is that everyone who voted to leave wanted a clean break? There were no mention of trade deals, custom unions, or any other type of deal. Just a straight forward in or out.

  7. It seems that the only criticism being aimed at SL is that he doesn't know his best team and continually picks the wrong starting XI.

    It must difficult coming to a club which has a squad the size of the population of a small village, but I'm sure SL will sort it out. His substitutions work, and has got us points against Charlton and Preston that we almost certainly wouldn't have got under previous management.

    It's not been a bad start to the season. Unlucky to lose the first game, and unbeaten in 5 games since. We will, hopefully, get better as the season progresses, but we all know that SL will be gone at the turn of the year if we're still mid table by then. "Get me promotion or I'll kill you", although said in jest, does highlight the owners desire to get to the Prem.


  8. 26 minutes ago, Charlie Cheswick said:

    We'd have lost without Carvalho.  That must have been Lolley's worst ever game.  Looked like a pub player.

    Had a look at the table, we must have some games against teams who aren't in form at some point.

    Should be beating Preston at home Chaz. Lost 2 out of 2 away from home this season.

    On the upside, we're unbeaten in 5, but I feel a little deflated at 2 points dropped today.

  9. 11 minutes ago, Charlie Cheswick said:

    I remember being told it would just be to sort out obvious things, not go through every fucking thing with a fine comb.  I watched three Premier Division games before deciding I wasn't bothering again this season.  Waste of time.  That new handball rule is shit too.

    Agreed with the new handball rule, Chaz.

    If the ball accidentally strikes the arm of a defender, no penalty. If it accidentally strikes the arm of a striker and it leads to a goal, no goal.

    Who makes these rules?

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  10. 3 minutes ago, colin said:

    Plus Uncle Albert has been contributing with a few goals and assists ... I'd say the squad was considerably stronger this season .  Maybe a visit to Specsavers is in order Jamie ..🙄

    I'm just pleased that we didn't go into the new season with MON in charge, Col. SL might have been an unknown quantity, but the team is growing under his leadership. A good win against Preston will help get a few more people on board.

    I've a good feeling about this season.

  11. What most MP's cannot fathom is that when we had the referendum there were no deals mentioned, it was an in or out vote. Those who voted to leave, 3 fucking years ago, just wanted a clean break with the EU. So all these moronic MP's who are running around like scalded cats now that Borris has shut the asylum, shouting from the rooftops that it's undemocratic, and this is not what MP's want, should take a step back, shut the fuck up, and realise that the majority of the UK electorate voted to leave. Borris is giving the electorate what they wanted. That's democracy.

    Corbyn, Silly bitch Soubry, and Lesbo Sturgeon all been shafted in one fell swoop. That works for me.👍

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  12. 30 minutes ago, Bulk said:

    Fuck me i forgot this place existed until an email landed in my inbox today.


    Must have been, i dont know...five years or more.


    In fact just looked - my last post was October...2011 😂


    So Doc, are you running this place now?


    A few old faces still around i see...

    Alright Matt old boy?

    I sent a bulk e-mail, (excuse the pun), to 1500 members yesterday. I wasn't sure it worked, but obviously it did.



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