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  1. 9 hours ago, GupiRed2 said:

    In his interviews last season he spoke about wanting to play a better passing game but needed time to implement that style 

    Do you honestly believe that Gupi? Any manager worth his salt would try to implement the football he wants from day one. He had 19 games last season, mostly playing a lump it forward game, most of them without Carvalho. He had the time to implement his brand of football, and he did it from day one. He lost half of his first 16 games, (w3 d5 l8), before introducing Carvalho for the last 3 games....... which we won. 

    He's got as much intention of playing a passing game as I've got of letting Deano back on this Forum. What we've seen from MON so far is what we are going to get........ before he's sacked at Christmas. If it means selling Carvalho to bring in a lump of a centre forward plus more muscular players, he'll do it.

    The last time MON played a passing game was when he was Clough's number 7 in the 70's.

    What we need is for the club to lay down a footballing blueprint of attractive, passing football, and only allow the manager to bring in players who suit that style, and only appoint managers who can implement that style of football. That way, when a manager is sacked, the new manager won't take over a club that has 30 players that doesn't suit his brand of football. 

    I'm frightened to death of the damage MON could do in the next window.

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  2. 55 minutes ago, darcy said:

    If we lose Carvalho I would be gutted, he is without a doubt the best player we have had in some time when he is on it. Keep him happy and playing freely and he will rip up this league. 

    That's the problem mate. He can't be on it if MON doesn't play him. 

    If Carvalho's style of play doesn't suit MON's style then he won't get picked, and to be honest, if that turns out to be the case, we might as well cash in on him. 

    Lolley and Carvalho need to be the first names on the team sheet and the team needs to be built around those two. Surely MON can see that??? 

  3. 8 hours ago, Charlie Cheswick said:

    Forest have always sold their best players, our trouble is of late, well since we sold Collymore, we haven't always improved ourselves with the cash.  I'm sure if we had a scouting system that scouted players this wouldn't be a problem.  

    If we get £10m for Lolley, you can guarantee that Forest will buy 6 or 7 players with that money, rather than 1 or 2 decent players. Either that, or we'll spend it paying up contracts on some of the deadwood that we have amassed once again.

    We need to try and hold on to him, and compliment him with a quality winger on the other side. But, if a Prem club come in for him, or any other of our players for that matter, they'll be gone, and to be honest, you couldn't blame them.

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  4. 10 hours ago, H-Block said:


    Change, Greens, SNP and Plaid campaigned overwhelmingly as "Remain" parties during this election. The Greens even had a spokesperson on tv conceding that it was their position as a "Remain" party as opposed to their environmental policies that saw them do so well this time around.

    As for turnout, the pattern of voting would likely be repeated (within a couple of percentage points) by the missing x% of voters. Are you seriously suggesting 36% of the electorate are firm leavers but couldn't be bothered to show their colours by coming out on Thursday to support the Brexit Party?


    What's the point of making the walk to the polling station if a) you've already voted to leave the EU, so why would you vote to elect a MEP to an organisation that you want out of? and b) You are convinced we are leaving the Union, so any MEP you vote for will soon be out of a job anyway.

    It's pointless trying to read into the outcome of the EU elections. Less than 50% of the turnout of the referendum.


  5. 8 hours ago, Ricknffc said:

    What I'm saying is we should say 20m and if they are stupid enough to pay it then I suppose he goes. This day and age prices get thrown about willy nilly. £10m rejected for worrall, on that basis I say you could get £20m for Lolley. Didn't Tom cairney cost Fulham around £20m?? Britt went for £15m after a career threatening injury. Not saying he's worth £20m but I think that's the stupid price we should out on him.

    Cairney sold for an undisclosed fee, thought to be between 3 and 4 million.


  6. I would think that now Villa are up, they'll be setting their targets a bit higher than Lolley.

    On another note, I read that Lansbury has a clause in his contract that gives him a massive pay rise if Villa go up. Played only 5 games this season due to injury, and looks set to be on 60k a week. Same applies for that waste of space McCormack

  7. 1 hour ago, Charlie Cheswick said:

    I looked at our squad on my lunch break and figured there were 12 players we could get shot of, Murphy wasn't even one of them.  

    We could easily lose 20 players Chaz.............problem is, we'd replace them with 25 players of equal shittiness.

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  8. 56 minutes ago, Art Vandelay said:

    I agree totally but it's not like it's O'Neil holding us back from signing great young players from abroad. We've never done that under any manager. We have signed a lot of players from abroad recently though - they were Vellios, Kasami, Periquis, Dimitru, Lam, Teixera, Bentdnar, Lica, Fuentes, Stojkovic, those Greek guys, Goncalves, Dias, Soudani.  That's what we do without O'Neil.

    He might not 'do a Norwich' but I really don't think he'll do worse than that!

    I'm not too sure what type of player MON will bring in, or in fact, what players will be brought in for him, but you know I have been in agreement with you regarding our recruitment policy, Art.

    Regardless of manager, we will not go up whilst we are signing mediocre players by the score every season. The club need to address this issue. As a fan, I'd much rather we brought in two quality players who would make a difference on the pitch, as opposed to letting a manager do a supermarket sweep, ala Karanka, and end up with a squad of 40 players, most of whom could leave and we wouldn't bat an eye lid.

    This has been Forest's biggest failing over the past 5 years or so. Again, I'll say it, QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.

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  9. 1 hour ago, A new man said:

    Clough only won 3 league games in his first half season and followed it up with a mediocre first full season. The Clough out bandwagon would have been deafening on here from the usual suspects. 'He was shite at Brighton' 'Disaster at Leeds' 'Useless without Taylor' 'Got lucky at Derby' etc etc. 

    Thing is, when Clough was appointed we hadn't spent 20 years out of the top flight. Promotion wasn't worth the best side of £200m, and we had a very mediocre squad with little money to spend. And believe me, there was opposition to his appointment. There was always this underlying feeling that he would go back to Derby, and I think he was half expecting the call.

    Times have changed, and I don't believe the current owners would have stuck with Clough into a second season. The Premier League is now the Holy Grail, and the monetary rewards alone put excessive pressure on all big club Championship managers to get his club there. Owners want Premier League and if a manager can't deliver then he'll be lucky to get more than a season. It's wrong, but that's the modern game. Yep, Clough would have struggled to keep his job after his first half season in charge.

  10. 8 minutes ago, bestwood_red! said:

    We’d won one in 8 before he left. We were already on the decline. Although I’d rather he stayed than us get O’Neill 

    I hated Karanka's approach to the game. Very one dimensional. Like for like subs which were never going to change a game when needed. I'd say he made the game more difficult than it needed to be.

    MON, on the other hand, just comes across as clueless. He talks bollocks, and that is reflected on the pitch. I don't believe that the players enjoyed playing for either of them. But I must say, of the two, I'd take Karanka.........but there isn't much in it. Both horrid managers.

    What Savo says................We need a young manager who has a track record of playing and developing young players playing good football. 

  11. 9 hours ago, darcy said:

    Let’s see how MON does next year and I’ll come back on your comment to compare, I believe it won’t be great reading. 

    I don't believe Art is talking about next year, Darcy. He's comparing Karanka's first 17 games last season, to MON's first 17 games this season. MON has done slightly better than Karanka did, which is difficult to believe, but true. So he's asking the question, why is MON getting so much more stick than Karanka did?

    If you remember, this time last season, I was slaughtering Karanka. He hit the Jan transfer window like a bull in a china shop, bringing in a whole new team, then proceeded to produce results that would have taken us down over an whole season. Yet some on here still thought he was the dog's doo dahs. MON has produced better results, points wise, but almost to a man, everyone wants him out. That's what Art is struggling to come to terms with.

  12. 10 hours ago, colin said:

    Could it be that out of expediency MON has discovered his best team and formation ?.  The question is , will he pick the same players / formation / tactics for our remaining 2 games ?.

    If he does , will EM give him the opportunity to manage us next season , and , in your opinion should he ???????????

    What this win, and performance, does prove, Col, is that the players are good enough. I'm fed up of hearing shit players, players not good enough, blah blah blah. Our performances on the pitch are governed by the manager's team selection, tactics, and formation. The players play how they are told to. Shit manager=shit performance and results.

    MON has eventually stumbled across a line up and formation/tactic that works, but we all know there'll be a different line up and formation/tactic for the next game.

    Pisses me off when we have a manager who cannot see what he's got. Like I said previously, MON now looks a proper twat for not utilising the abilities of Carvalho for the past 15 or so games. If he wasn't so fucking useless it could be us sat in 6th place instead of the sheep.

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