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  1. Dane B

    The politics thread

    It passed. They're just voting on half of the deal now. You couldn't make this up. We really must be the laughing stock of world politics.
  2. Dane B

    Forest v Swansea

    Swansea's last 5 away games... Lost to Bristol City Lost to Leeds Lost to Sheff Weds Lost to Norwich Lost to WBA They'll be looking forward to this 'easy' away fixture. 2-1 Swans
  3. Dane B

    Championship chit chat

    So Birmingham have a 9pt deduction for falling foul of FFP regulations. They weren't going up, and even with the deduction, they won't go down. So in effect, their "punishment" is totally ineffective. We were given an 18 month transfer embargo. Where's the consistency?
  4. Dane B

    The politics thread

    Hold on. How come Colin and IKS don't get abuse, yet the rest of us are fat boy, moaning cunt, and idle fucker? Anyway, how are you Andy? Must be a year since I've seen you. Fuck me, I'll bet you're looking old now.
  5. Dane B

    The politics thread

    Not at all mate. All the noise is coming from those that want to remain, but I think there was an online poll recently, and leave vote was still the majority. I don't think the result would change if we had a second referendum. In fact, I think the leave majority would increase due to the incompetence of our political parties.
  6. Dane B

    The politics thread

    Thing is mate, what has really changed? We still don't know for sure what we'd be voting for. All we get is more bullshit and scaremongering off those that want to remain. Those that want to leave can't really bullshit because the outcome of us leaving the EU is a complete unknown. All this has proven, as if we didn't know it already, is that our MP's are a bunch of the most useless cunts imaginable. It justifies my decision not to vote in a General Election. Our current crop of party leaders, and the cronies who follow them around drooling, have to be the worst in the history of UK politics.
  7. Dane B

    The politics thread

    Stuff a second referendum. We were given a vote, and we voted. End of. Not our fault our bunch of useless fuckwit MP's can't sort out a deal with the EU.
  8. Dane B

    Premier League chit chat

    Was Robin Van Persie one Art? I'm sure he did it with Arsenal, then Man Utd.
  9. Dane B

    Martin O Neill

    That's good, I didn't want to ban her thinking she was another one of Deano's guises. After all, we need stability on the Forum. Banning members isn't stability.
  10. Dane B

    Martin O Neill

    defo not that whelk Deano then Chaz?
  11. Dane B

    Martin O Neill

    How do you know its a she?
  12. Dane B

    Martin O Neill

    Kind of thing Deano would do. Please, no.
  13. Ah, the Daily Mirror printed it, so it must be true.
  14. And if you believe that, you'll believe anything.
  15. To be fair Chaz, what us on this Forum want doesn't come into the equation. EM will sack MON if he doesn't perform. Simple as that really mate.
  16. Dane B

    Martin O Neill

    So, what are we saying here then? Let's stabilise as a lower mid table side next season. We won't be going anywhere, not up, not down, but at least we would have kept a manager for 18 months. Or do we search for a manager that is capable of taking us up, give him a 3 year contract, and stabilise as a club capable of going up? I know which I prefer. Stability is all well and good if you're doing what Leeds, Norwich, and Sheff Utd are doing. Stability is nothing when you have slid down from 3rd to 11th in a relatively short space of time. Let's stabilise going the wrong way in the league. I love it.
  17. Dane B

    What's Lviv backed today.

    I can, Art.
  18. Brian Clough was unique, and I wish folk would stop bringing his name into a debate to try and prove a point . Look, MON could manage us for 300 years and still not come anywhere near achieving what Clough did. You could give him the pick of players from Man City, United, Liverpool, and Chelsea, and he still wouldn't achieve what Clough did. His brand of football is outdated, he doesn't have the nous to change things on the pitch. His approach is one dimensional. Get rid, even if he does manage to fluke a top 6 spot........which won't happen anyway. He's nowhere good enough for what we need.
  19. Dane B

    Conspiracy Theories

    After Manchester United's astonishing comeback to beat PSG, someone posted a photo of the 1999 treble winning United team and asked if they could have come back from 2 down. Someone replied, 'That team could have come back from an holiday with the McCanns.'
  20. Dane B

    Ipswich vs Forest

    For me, the worst thing that can happen is that we give these two a transfer window. I dread to think what they'll bring in. I reckon a full season, and those two could set us back 3 years.
  21. Dane B

    Ipswich vs Forest

    I don't understand some on here blaming the players Chaz. This is basically the same players that had us 3rd in the league in early December. As you know, I wasn't Karanka's biggest fan, but fuck me, before his meltdown after Ipswich, he had us light years ahead of anything MON can do. In hindsight, I guess the phrase 'be careful what you wish for' springs to mind. The squad have proved they are capable, but Mon is so out of touch with the modern game. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't have us training with lace up footballs. And what exactly does Keane do? What a fucking waste of money. Come on Mr Marinakis, do the right thing. You know you want to.
  22. Dane B

    Ipswich vs Forest

    Fucking tomorrow with a bit of luck Danny. Terrible manager, so out of touch with the modern game.
  23. Dane B

    Ipswich vs Forest

    Us? Not me fella. I don't even think top ten is in our grasp with Bill and Ben running things.
  24. Dane B

    Ipswich vs Forest

    Ipswich haven't won a game in ages..........that'll change today. More shit from MON's Forest.
  25. Dane B

    Forest v Villa

    Just checked, and he came on as sub against WBA, Danny. I just fear that MON and Keane are going to take this club backwards. Totally outplayed last night, and neither of them had a clue how to combat it. Next season won't be much fun with those two in charge.

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