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  1. Sssshh. Don't tell everyone Daz. I'm trying to keep that quiet. I don't want that Vandelay geezer finding out, he takes the piss
  2. Who's the fool that lost ?1000 on PSG tonight?
  3. Dane B

    Football Manager

    Latest WeeGIE update for FM06 Clicky This has all the latest transfers up to Sept 1st, even Petrov to Villa, player ratings updated, Italian League relegations, many more younger players in the database etc, etc. This is not an official update.
  4. As much as I love you insomniacs, I'm sorry but I've got to go to bed now. Night Night.
  5. Art, that's just made me piss. Best post of the night.
  6. I'm on the dreggs of my 13th and final tinny. No more left, I'll have to hit the offy tomorrow
  7. You don't want a plumber for your guttering, you want a roofer. I know. I was that roofer, many, many moons ago.
  8. Thanks mate. All of a sudden I feel so much better. I'm the man.
  9. I was watching last night Daz, and the dumb git on the phone froze and didn't give an answer at all. That's a bigger waste of a tenner
  10. Art, you bin taking the piss out of my ?58.75
  11. No, no, no. If I open a bottle of red, that's it. I can't leave it till it's all gone.
  12. Shit, I've put some tinnies away tonight. Surprised I can still type.
  13. Found this.... The research concludes that the lack of fruit and vegetables in the diet provides inadequate protection against the damages of oxidative stress which could lead to premature ageing, certain disease development and ultimately a shorter life span. There you have it. See ya Daz, it was nice knowing you.
  14. I like nice. But I like it all the time, not every now and again
  15. I've learned something tonight I've learned that I hate Porto F.C And I've learned that one Mr Vandelay likes to take the piss out of me

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