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  1. Found this.... The research concludes that the lack of fruit and vegetables in the diet provides inadequate protection against the damages of oxidative stress which could lead to premature ageing, certain disease development and ultimately a shorter life span. There you have it. See ya Daz, it was nice knowing you.
  2. I like nice. But I like it all the time, not every now and again
  3. I've learned something tonight I've learned that I hate Porto F.C And I've learned that one Mr Vandelay likes to take the piss out of me
  4. That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me today, err this week, err for ages
  5. Murf, your ?10 blind bet on trap 2 did exactly what a blind bet should do. It lost
  6. A daddy long legs is just about to become a daddy short legs if it don't get of my monitor screen.
  7. What did you have for lunch? Anything nice?
  8. I'm having that problem too Art. As for the pound, I'm not adding it to your Tipster account, so don't even ask.
  9. My first ever posting on here. I'm pissed off because all of my bodily hair is starting to turn grey.
  10. Ah, Squeeze. Probably one of the most underrated groups of all time. Pure class.
  11. Dane B

    System Analysis

    Download a free version of "sisoftware sandra". You can analyse everything on your pc with this software. Hope it helps.
  12. Dane B

    Help me to log on.

    You will have to re register with a different user name and different e-mail address. I did it last night and it worked fine.

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