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  1. Dane B

    NFFC Rumours

    £12m to Everton, with Palace and Southampton also interested in him.
  2. Dane B

    The politics thread

    Agreed Danny, but what logical argument can be made to give Corbyn the reins? Diane Abbott as Home Secretary is a scary enough thought to put anyone off voting Labour. At the moment, Labour want to go to the EU and debate a new Brexit deal, and then campaign for us to vote against it?????? Politics in this country is a complete and utter shambles. I'd question the sanity of anyone who gives up their time to go and vote for anyone standing for Parliament in this election. The only way to show our anger at the way our MP's have conducted themselves since the referendum is to abstain from voting for any them. It's akin to visiting an asylum and being asked which one of the nutjobs you think should be running the nuthouse. BJ or JC? What a fucking choice?
  3. Dane B

    Nigel Wray...

    Yep, especially for the fans who were conned into buying shares in the club when it was floated by Irvine, Wray, and Scholar. A mate of mine brought a 1000 quid's worth of shares. By the time Doughty brought the club they were worth less than a quid. Anyone on here get stung financially?
  4. Dane B


    Controversy at Anfield yesterday, more to do with the new handball rule rather than VAR. Silva accidentally handballs in the box and the ball hits Alexender-Arnolds arm. Because Silva's accidental handball didn't lead directly to a goal, a penalty should have been given for TAA's handball. No VAR intervention, and the ref plays on. 20 seconds later 'Pool score, but surely the goal should be ruled out because TAA's handball in his own box led directly to a goal at the other end. So much confusion over this passage of play. No one can decide on what the outcome should have been,even the bloke in charge of VAR kept well out of it. Take a bow rule makers of the game. Your new ambiguous rules, and the implementation of VAR, are killing the great game.
  5. Dane B


    The problem is that some of the decisions are so marginal Chaz. 4 minutes, with multiple magnified images from all angles, to decide that a toe was marginally offside. Surely common sense should prevail, and the decision that no meaningful advantage could be gained from such a marginal offside should be made. You are right mate, time to fuck it off. VAR is killing itself.
  6. Dane B


    Sheff Utd manager has stepped forward and said that VAR is ruining the game after Seff Utd had a goal ruled out for a toe being marginally off side. 4 minutes to review it.
  7. Dane B

    Forest v Derby

    I can't knock the result, nor the shift put in by the lads. Players like Silva, Cash, Watson, and Worrall really stepped up to the plate for this one. My only concern is, once again, Forest 1 at home. We haven't scored more than one goal at home in a league game since we beat Brum 3-0 in August. In fact, we've only scored more than one in 3 of 15 league games. This will come back to bite us on the arse. Trust me, you can't keep grinding out 1-0's through the whole season. Yesterday we looked solid in defence, and if the defence failed, Samba was there to save us. The midfield looked solid, and going forward we looked good......until the final ball, which was gash. It isn't helped by the lack of players we get into the box. 19 attempts at goal, and only 4 on target. Even our goal was a gimme by a generous Derby defender. Apart from a couple of attempts by the "Octopus", I like that analogy Col, we didn't really look like we were going to score. This is the only downside for me in what is otherwise a cracking opening third of the season for us. Overall, I can't decide on Silva or Cash as our MOM. Cash has really grown into the right back role. Real class shown by the club before the game.
  8. Dane B

    Forest v Derby

    Lifted now
  9. There isn't enough renewable energy available if we all have to change our cars, as suggested by the govt, to electric. To put this into context, the average daily electricity bill for homes in the UK is £2 per day. To fully charge a car at home will cost @ £8.50. I doubt that we'd have enough electricity, renewable or not, if 38 million vehicles were plugged in to charge overnight.
  10. Tell that to the snowflakes who moan on about the use of fossil fuels, but then decide that the alternative isn't "friendly". Take fracking as an example. More or less dead in the water before it's even started, thanks to few tree huggers. The chance for us to be gas self sufficient gone thanks to a minority of loons. It's the hypocrisy of these twats that get me. The other week I was watching the news and one of the leaders of Extinction Rebellion was being interviewed. He was insisting that we all turn vegan to reduce the environmental impact of all the cows farting. Then a video clip of some of the protesters was shown. No one picked up on the fact that they were wearing leather coats, Doc Marten boots, etc. It seemed like a case of do as we say, not as we do.
  11. Dane B


    I'll agree with that Nemesiz. I have fallen out with the modern game. I liken the continental style of football to a game of animated chess. Worse than that though is players rolling about in "agony", trying to get a fellow professional sent off for the slightest touch. If VAR is to be used, then the technology should be used to red card divers, and fine the player and club for simulation. Diving in the area should be a red card offence, just as a defender making a deliberate handball to prevent a goal is a red card. The problem with this though is that we'd hardly see any football. We'd spend most of the 90 minutes waiting on VAR.
  12. Dane B

    Forest v Derby

    Could have been 16 with wins against Derby and Reading, so I'd have been one point out Savo. Same old Dane is still here mate. If we aren't top 10 at Christmas, then I'll be in full flow. But for now, I'm happy to be top 6 with a new manager getting to know the English game......and his squad. We're finely balanced at the moment. Could push on to promotion, or could crash and finish our normal 16th or 17th. Time will tell, but be like me Savo, try and enjoy being at the right end of the table for a change.
  13. Dane B

    Forest v Derby

    A draw isn't enough for Forest. That'd be 4 points from the last 12, drop out of the top 6, and some fans, (Savo ), questioning our promotion credentials. Only a win against these will do.
  14. Dane B


    Great minds, eh Art.
  15. What mess, nemesiz? Look at this chart. https://www.ucsusa.org/resources/each-countrys-share-co2-emissions We're looking to reduce our use of fossil fuels by spending billions of pounds on blighting our coasts with wind turbines, yet the Chinese are building 400 new coal powered power stations in the next couple of years. As H-Block says, what we do as a nation has little or no impact world wide. Are we being mis-informed? We are told that by 2040, all new cars in the UK will be electric, yet some studies suggest that although emissions at the point of use are zero, the manufacture of an electric car, the batteries, and the production of the electricity, actually creates more CO2 than a diesel car during the life span of the vehicle. However, Volkswagen’s findings are in contrast to a recent study suggesting that including CO2 emissions in battery production and the power mix in the carbon footprint of electric cars, they are more harmful than diesel vehicles. According to physics professor Christoph Buchal, electric cars increase CO2 emissions in Germany rather than reduce them. As soon as the CO2 emissions in the production of the batteries and the German electricity mix are taken into account, the CO2 emissions of battery electric vehicles are, in the best case, slightly higher than those of a diesel engine, and are otherwise much higher than published. Lithium, cobalt and manganese for the batteries are recovered and processed with high-energy input. A battery for a Tesla Model 3, for example, pollutes the climate with 11 to 15 tons of CO2. With a battery life of ten years and a mileage of 15,000 kilometres per year, that alone would mean 73 to 98 grams of CO2 per kilometre, according to the findings. Add to this the CO2 emissions of the electricity and, in reality, the Tesla has emissions between 156 and 181 grams of CO2 per kilometre - significantly more than a comparable diesel Mercedes. Is it this type of knee jerk reaction by ill informed, or possibly ignorant to the facts, politicians that makes certain individuals question whether it's all worth it.

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