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  1. Rotherham will just park the bus like they did against the sheep last week. Need an early goal, else we could get frustrated the longer it stays 0-0. In fairness, Karanka should be able to field any starting XI to beat these. 3-0 the Reds
  2. When a team sits back and let's us play, we do look good. I thought we handled Wednesday's counter attacks well, too. We're looking much more solid at the back with the additions of Janko and Hefele. Wednesday are a big, powerful team, but for the most, we nullified their threat. Am I missing something with Osborn? Sure he puts a shift in, but I just don't see much end product from him, especially in and around the penalty box. Fox and Hefele are a good pairing, we finally have a defensive partnership that seems to work. Gueddy had a good game, and seems to allow Colback a little more freedom. There's glimpses of what Carvalho can do, but they are sparse. Still not sure he's justifying the £13m price tag yet, but I must say, his finish was top drawer. Overall, some good performances from our lads, but Wednesday did let us play, and again, cruising at 2-0, we end up making life difficult for ourselves. Still, an excellent 3 points. That is just what we needed. Maybe that will inject some confidence into what is a very good looking squad on paper.
  3. That Janko has impressed me. Our signing of the season. Seriously though, he's had a good game tonight. Great finish by Carvalho too.
  4. Karanka seems to be putting his faith in him Savo. I think tonight's game could be pivotal for Karanka. Win, and we move on to Saturday and Rotherham, and everyone's happy. Anything less than a win means we would have not won in 6 league games, and extend Karanka's abysmal record to 6 wins in 29, having brought in 2 new teams worth of players at a cost of what must be the thick end of 30 million quid. I don't think he can afford not to win tonight.
  5. This season starting to look very similar to last season under Karanka. This will be our 6th game without a win. 1-1
  6. I'd love to mate, but working. Mon to Sat this week. These cunts are gonna kill me. Shame about Soudani. I quite like him. I'd say he could turn out to be our best signing this season, but Art will only throw it back in my face in 3 years time.
  7. I'd have Soudani in there Chaz. Is he injured? Didn't even make the bench on Saturday. Either way, goal scoring is a major worry for us. 8 goals in 7 games ain't going to cut it in this League. And that brings me back to Karanka's tactics...................No Dane, don't.
  8. I watched the second half and thought it a pretty drab affair. I just wish we'd get the ball forward quicker, rather than fucking about between the back 4 and the DM's. We give the opposition far too long to regroup. And how does Osborne get in ahead of Carvalho and Dias? Our defence did look solid though, and a clean sheet at the Liberty is something to build on. 6 changes for Wednesday?
  9. Dane B

    News chit chat

    I don't. I think he's a slimey fucker.
  10. Dane B

    NFFC Rumours

    Don't big him up, Faceman. He'll be trawling through every thread in the past 10 years trying to find more of my bloopers..........not that there's many to find, mind you.
  11. Even if the new players aren't match fit, there are still plenty of other options in midfield apart from Watson and Colback. If he decides to start with those two as our DM partnership, I'm changing my prediction to 3-1 Swansea.
  12. If he does that Jamie, he might as well sack himself.
  13. If our players have any sense, they should hit Mackay hard early in the game. He'll disappear after that.
  14. Dane B

    NFFC Rumours

    Too much time on your hands Art.

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