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  1. Although I fully expect Villa to be challenging once the players adapt to Dean Smith's style of football, that was just another crazy result in a crazy league this season, Ian. WBA had just one point from 4 games, then go and wallop Leeds 4-1. Birmingham, QPR, and Preston are 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the form table above Forest. Boro 10th, Sheff Utd 13th, Leeds 15th, WBA 16th. There is only Norwich and Villa that have won their last two games !!!. It's a crazy league mate, but, and I repeat, but, it's there for the taking if a team can produce results.Norwich have lost 3 times at home, compared to our one home defeat, yet they have more home points than us. We need to start turning our draws into wins. Norwich are top of the pile and have had 3 draws this season, compared to our 9. They've lost 4 compared to our 2. They have 59% win ratio compared to our 35%. It's clear that settling for a draw is damaging our progress. We have the fewest wins among the top 8 clubs in the league. In fact, there is only one club in the top 13 with fewer wins. If only Karanka had a bit more attacking nous about him He could well be sat top of the pile at the moment.
  2. So, if Yacob was such a game changer Chaz, why didn't the boring bastard start him? Apparently, he doesn't know best.
  3. Like I said mate, he'll be happy as fuck tonight. Clean sheet, and we didn't lose. Karanka heaven.
  4. I was told in Southbank before the match the it was worth the 30 quid entrance fee just to to watch Carvalho.
  5. More attackers? We had one, Grabban, who hardly touched the ball in the first half. Also, you don't lose a game if you have the ball, hence the backwards and sideways passing for 45 minutes of tedium.
  6. When did Ossie manage us Chaz? I missed that one. Oh, you mean at Spurs? Who gives a toss what the yids do? George Graham at Arsenal was boring boring Arsenal. Wenger came in and went 46 games unbeaten playing some of the sweetest football you'll ever see. So what's your point?
  7. I say that what we were doing in the last 10 minutes, we should have been doing from the first minute. 90 minutes of an home game and we are on top for the last 10 minutes? Do me a favour. It's shite.
  8. We weren't under the cosh Chaz. We were getting on top and bettering Stoke at that point. It was a like for like substitution that was never going to make us more of an attacking threat. Poor old Grabban had absolutely no service for the first 30 minutes. In the 2nd half we were better and did create a few chances. Replacing Pep with a attacking player might have got us 3 pts today, but hey ho, we have to keep the two DM's on the pitch at all times don't we? First time I've seen us live this season mate, and I really was pissed with the way we played for the first 45. It was awful mate. I can only recollect one shot on target in the first 45, and that was a scuffed shot that their keeper easily saved. If you lot are happy with that brand of football, then fine, but I'll never get on board.
  9. Mate, I said to the lads with me that that was a waste of a substitution. Like for like ain't going to change the game. At that point of the game we were starting to get on top. Another attacking player introduced at that point might have got us 3 points.
  10. Awful,awful first 45 minutes. Shit football, shit atmosphere, and more shit football. 2nd half better, but how could it not be? Nothing there to change my opinion of Mr Negative. This squad of players is wasted under his management. One instance in the first half where Carvalho was waving his arms at the 9 players behind him to get forward, that just about sums up Karankaball, as you lot like to call it. It's fucking horrible to watch. But at least he'll be happy tonight. Clean sheet and we didn't lose.
  11. Stoke's last 3 away results... Norwich 0 - 1 Stoke Sheff Utd 1 - 1 Stoke Bristol City 0 - 1 Stoke. Might not be as easy as some of you think. 1-1 draw I reckon
  12. I think Karanka is the most divisive manager we have had. You all know I hate his brand of football. I cannot watch us defend, score, defend, defend. Football is meant to be entertaining, Karanka makes it a pain to watch. Yet there are others who'll gladly take this football as long as the results are there. Creaming over being 6th in a piss pot league. The way I see it, we are 6th not because of Karanka, we are there because of the investment in players made by Mr Marinakis. Lolley and Grabban, are taking the few chances that come their way.We'd probably be in the bottom third, struggling for a point without their input. It is impossible to say if we had a manager who played the game with more attacking flair that we'd be better or worse off points wise. Personally, with this squad, I don't see any reason why we can't play expansive football and win games as well. But we'll never find that out whilst Karanka is here. Someone on here said that when we take the handbrake off, we concede silly goals. Utter rubbish. We've never taken the handbrake off under Karanka. The last time we did was the Arsenal Cup game under Brazil, the last game we played pre Karanka. Under Karanka, not only do we apply the handbrake, we select "P" as well. All of this puts me in a difficult position. I love Forest with all of my heart, as do many of you on here. I want them to succeed, I want them in the Prem, and I want them to win. Conversely, I want Karanka gone. I want his horrible football to fail, I want to see Forest play controlled, attacking football, and not two shots on target per game. In fact, I despise Karanka's brand of football, just as I did Megson's. Forest v Stoke tomorrow. On paper this should be an entertaining game. A club who have invested heavily in their squad, against a team that was in the Prem last season. In reality, it will be boring as fuck, with two horrible managers just trying to grind out a result. I will be going to this match, if for no other reason than to catch up with some very good friends who I haven't seen since last season due to my work commitments. Any chance of me seeing us put 7 or 8 shots on target and be a little entertained?
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    Sporting Lisbon showing an interest in Karanka.
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    I get your point Andy, but I really do need to know mate..............is it you in the gimp mask?

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