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  1. jackylate

    Newcastle at home.

    well what can i say about that....shocking pedestrian football...i just dont like that fairy cake kasami...hes got to be the worst player ive seen of late..
  2. jackylate

    Forest v QPR

    fucking useless retards....how anyone can support these cunts is beyond belief.....
  3. 200 miles for a load of talentless wankers...the midfield is the worst ive ever seen..henry shite,cohan shite,kasami shite and osborn shite...only 2 players looked like they wanted it tonight Pereira, , Perquis these 2 looked very good... ‚ÄčThe obvious choice to me was putting cohan at left back and moving eric back into his usual position...the midfield lacked any passion i didnt see one tackle go in on a wet and greasy pitch...embarrassing how poor and out of any ideas we had.
  4. jackylate

    Is there only me on this poxy forum

    I might start coming on if the price is right,ill get mrcunny to come along too...lol
  5. jackylate

    Forest v Arsenal

    Im lost for words how shit we are...cohen is a left back only.osbourne is right wing only,kasami too slow,landsbury day dreamer...dimitriu fooking wank stain.no passing game at all.poor team selection.
  6. jackylate

    Forest v Arsenal

  7. jackylate

    Forest v Arsenal

    What a load of rubbish..same players same shit football.bentner and right back looked ok the rest league1 standard at best...
  8. jackylate

    Philippe Montanier

    I will give him 2 months before he realizes the druggy,pissheads i cant be arsed attitude at forest....we do a clear out of shit every year..heres a tip dont buy them in the first place.
  9. jackylate

    Jimmy Savile

    I thought they only kissed? are you saying he buffed her?
  10. jackylate

    Jimmy Savile

    yup hes guilty but i can imagine a hell of a lot of normal folks(scroats) have done worst and are walking the streets...Id like to of seen him get a million pound fine. Not thats hes a threat to the community..
  11. jackylate

    Recommend a film

    Apparently she was related to our very own sparkman..

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