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  1. He does everything in 3s mate....
  2. In 10yrs i can only remember us ripping teams up about 3 times....
  3. Jose Mourinho,Antonio Conte,Mauricio Pochettino,big sam and Pep Guardiola were all interested i hear....
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5246937/Aitor-Karanka-agrees-terms-Nottingham-Forest-boss.html
  5. jackylate

    Warburton Gone

    Fawaz actually...lol
  6. jackylate

    Consistently poor Managerial appointments.

    Maybe its not the managers but the bang average superstar styled players weve got...
  7. jackylate

    Forest V Wednesday

    and lets a left back sit on the bench and play ozzie at left back only a baffoon would do that...
  8. jackylate

    Bristol City v Forest

    our back 4 must be the slowest ive ever seen..
  9. jackylate

    Ipswich v Forest

    The system could work if the players know the system. the midfield should protect and overlap or any of the opposition from getting behind our full backs. if they arnt going to do that or cant do that move to a 442...
  10. jackylate

    Ipswich v Forest

    442 when you know they will be trying to get behind our defence..ffs schoolboy football from our mongs
  11. jackylate

    Ipswich v Forest

    wankers...the lot of um..
  12. jackylate

    FOREST V CARDIFF (not on telly)

    game over folks...
  13. jackylate

    Forest v QPR

    any streams for this encounter???
  14. jackylate

    Reading v Forest

    Lack of concentration,that baffoon at right back will keep costing us...
  15. jackylate

    Hull v Forest

    dickweed is a poor right back how he kept lichaj out ill never know..

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