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  1. jackylate

    Forest v Derby

    Silva,worrel and grabban all top notch players...
  2. jackylate

    Forest v Derby

    Just need to move it a bit quicker...
  3. jackylate

    Forest v Luton

    I just dont like to see the 30% stat,surely we should be aiming to control the game..
  4. jackylate

    Forest v Hull

    seen this coming most of the season,we cant keep playing wank or only 6 players any good and expect to win...
  5. jackylate

    Wigan v Forest

    You see if we were plkaying good football none of us would of been saying draw at wigan,we all would be going for a win here no doubt..ive watched forest 10 times this season.wba,wigan,pne,barnsley and so on and weve been pretty shit in them all..i agree we lack pace in midfield
  6. jackylate

    Wigan v Forest

    seeings weve drawn a lot and lost 2 now it doesnt give us a big list to choose from...lol
  7. jackylate

    Wigan v Forest

    ive not really seen them look good or commanding yet...
  8. jackylate

    Wigan v Forest

    have we got a good player? i can see at best average players...
  9. jackylate

    Wigan v Forest

    just said weve had 2 on target????
  10. jackylate

    Wigan v Forest

    still 2 pub players on..is lolley the same player has last season or is it his brother...
  11. jackylate

    Wigan v Forest

    cant blame ref for lack lustre shit performance mate..
  12. jackylate

    Wigan v Forest

    i could sub another 5 off thats how shit theyve been..if a pro player cant control a ball imo they arnt a pro player...
  13. jackylate

    Wigan v Forest

    we are lucky that wigan are shit or it would 3.0-4.0
  14. jackylate

    Wigan v Forest

    too slow poor ball control and yet again players gone missing...
  15. jackylate

    Wigan v Forest

    poor showing again lads...

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