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  1. Daz

    News chit chat

    No, not a fan... but it could be worse, John McDonnell could be labour leader.
  2. Hard to say Wednesday don't strike me as being that good a side but our recent record against this is awful. I think they've beat us 7 in a row as it stands. It is a game we certainly should be winning. Anything less than 6 points against Wednesday and Rotherham would be poor.
  3. Daz

    NFFC Rumours

    5 Years ago Puncheon looked like a very good premier league quality player. Now - he is a 32 year old player who has just recovered from a long term cruciate injury, and who whips bouncers with his belt in his spare time. I hope we can put this in the 'worthless newspaper speculation' category.
  4. Daz

    News chit chat

    Good to see that the Russians have cleared up this Salisbury confusion. They were just here to visit the Cathedral. Nothing to see here. I wish the special forces would concentrate on looking for the real killers instead of this witch hunt against two perfectly respectable Russian sports nutrition salesmen
  5. Daz

    NFFC Rumours

    I like Yacob, would be a great signing at this level Have to wonder what the point of keeping Yates at the club this season is though. He could have gone on loan to Rotherham and played 30+ games in the championship. Invaluable experience. Now he'll be probably spend the season in the reserves nowhere near the first team. Seems cruel for such a 'highly rated' player
  6. Good evening Gents... I have to tell you about a complete disaster I had today. The kind of thing that makes me think I should just give up at being an adult. It started on Friday when I noticed a dead pigeon in our back garden, I bagged it up in a bin liner and put it in our general waste wheelie bin. I opened the bin today and it was like opening the gates of hell. The stench was revolting and the inside of the black bin was white through the sheet volume of maggots So my solution was to put shit loads of bleach into the bin to gas them out. Then after an hour I fished the bin liner out with a garden fork and threw it over the back fence (which backs onto an undergrowth/field area). I then walked around to and put the bin liner into a near by dog shit bin. God knows what my neighbours would have thought, it is exactly what I would have done if I had killed someone and wanted to hide a body, so was half expecting to be stopped and asked what I was doing. Once I got back I didn't fancy my dinner, it was way too soon to have prawns. I'm sure this is one of the reasons my wife doesn't leave me on my own that often
  7. I normally like to give managers a fair crack of the whip and certainly wouldn't sack Karanka now. It doesn't make much sense to back him in the transfer window and then get rid of him as soon as the window has closed. Who is going to pick up the pieces? I'd give him at least the next 6/7 games. We have two weeks off to work on the training ground and further integrate the new signings. Then we have six league games (3 winnable at home, 3 more difficult away from home) along with a league cup tie against Stoke before the October international break. If, after those fixtures, it looks like there is no chance of challenging for the playoffs under Karanka then we would have no choice but to get rid. Unfortunately, while it would be nice to give any manager 2 or 3 years to get the job done, it isn't really how our business model is set up anymore. Lets be clear on this, we are rolling the dice with funds and investment in the squad but because the FFP is on a three year cycle then if it doesn't come off then we're in trouble. We simply can't afford to give AK the luxury of a few years to sort out the chinks.
  8. Full time. 2-1 Second best all over the park. Very disappointing.
  9. 2-1 Brentford Derby take the lead again
  10. Grabban on for Murphy 5 yellow cards for Forest now Anything going to happen in the last 15?
  11. Osborn on for Watson might have been more sensible... but come on forest, only 1-0 down, still time to get back in this.
  12. Pantilimon Darikwa - Hefele - Fox - Robinson Colback - Watson Dias - Carvalho - Lolley Murphy Subs: Steele, Figgy, Osborn, Cash, Bridcutt, Goncalves, Grabban No Soudani on the bench? Does he have a knock?
  13. I couldn't see a match thread... Brentford have had a decent start at home, think this will be tricky, so going to suggest a cagey 0-5 for Forest

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