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  1. Daz

    NFFC Rumours

    I imagine the 1m would be a signing on fee, to go to Colback and his agent.
  2. Daz

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think we could do both, challenge for promotion and improve our squad at the same time. We only finished 9 points off the playoffs and that was despite going through a defensive injury crisis, some poor refereeing decisions, the usual mid-season managerial change and having to endure a lot of bang ordinary loan players. I don’t think it would take a lot to get those extra 10 points (automatic promotion may be a different story) at the same time as putting in sensible policies to manage the squad rather than our usual scatter gun approach. My priorities would be; 1. Assess players in the final year of their contract. It looks like we have a lot of players with only a year left on their contract (18 by my count) so the first thing we should do is to evaluate who we want to keep, who we could get a fee for, who we could loan out for the season and who we could try and pay off. It may be easier than previous summers to get a few of these off our books. 2. Let’s not just make changes for the sake of it. We should accept that not all of our squad (e.g. the likes of Darikwa and Guedioura) are going to rip up the division but also recognise that they are decent squad players at this level. It may be a simple philosophy but we should only get players who are genuine upgrades rather than just get people in to ‘add numbers’. 3. Use loan players wisely. The general standard of players we’ve had on loan in recent years has been poor with a few who have been injured or unfit for their whole spell. Do we actually undertake any scouting or simple medicals of the dross that we get on loan or do we just take any player offered? It actually strikes me as the easiest way to inject quality into the squad so we should make it count. 4. How about we have some more youth players in our squad? We don’t always need several established pros for each position. For example, we currently have Bridcutt as 7th choice in midfield. In the unlikely event that we have 5/6 central midfielders out injured then isn’t there a young player who could come in? It seems ridiculous that we have an under 23 squad (i.e. a squad full of grown men) and they are nowhere near contention for the first team. 5. Overall it would be nice to add some more dynamism and guile into the team. Another attacking wide player who can score goals consistently and a competent right back are the priorities. We have a fairly strong defence to build on.
  3. Daz

    Premier League chit chat

    What is the minimum threshold for games played? It could be argued that the likes of Drinkwater, De Laet and Danny Simpson won it while at Man Utd too
  4. Daz


    Derby are celebrating like they've got promoted
  5. Daz


    They're going up, aren't they?
  6. Daz

    Premier League chit chat

    Here are my guesses; Anelka (is there a quiz question he isnt the answer to) Lampard Ashley Cole Berg May Vieira Kolo Toure Mahrez Kante
  7. Daz

    Championship chit chat

    Teams often go off the rails while trying to finish top 2 but things seem to 'reset' when it comes to the Playoffs, so I wouldn't rule out Leeds. I think they'll play Villa in the final. As long as its not West Brom then I'll be happy. They're a nothing club. Part of me thinks if Derby went up, it might focus minds around the city ground and help to motivate... And there is always the chance they'll beat their lowest points record.
  8. Has anyone any experience of organising a baby shower?
  9. I would guess you would lose all your programmes and it would be a waste of time. How did it pan out? I'm locked in with Virgin as they are the only provider who we can get broadband with. Their box is shit FYI. I actually quite liked the look of Soudani when he's played. Shame about the injury.... At least he could really bond with Dawson, Byram, Hefele, Figueiredo and some of our other long term victims... Fryatt is probably still hanging around somewhere
  10. Daz

    NFFC Rumours

    That says more about journalist incompetence than anything else. In two seasons at Nimes he's been a regular in the side which got promoted and is 8th in the top flight. Why isnt that mentioned? As I say, I have no idea what hes like but wouldn't assume the worst based on the Nottingham Post's "reporting"
  11. Daz

    NFFC Rumours

    Am I missing something? He is young, a Senegalese international, first choice winger for a side who are 8th in the French top league. I haven't seen him play so can't say if he would be good or bad... but on the above, I wouldn't automatically assume he is shit.
  12. Daz

    Champions League

    Spurs are at it now. Incredible set of performances. Shows the value of such a competitive league.
  13. Daz

    Premier League chit chat

    Good call Probably right about the league but Incredible result by them tonight. Messi and Suarez hardly had a kick
  14. Daz

    Forest v Bolton - Final game

    Just looking at the stats, is there any chance we would have finished in the Playoffs under Karanka? O'Neill got 27 points from 19 games (1.42ppg). He would have needed 1.89ppg to get into 6th. Karanka ppg this season 1.50. (39 from 26). Karanka ppg in total 1.30 (60 from 46) I guess we'll never know but maybe if we recruited a half decent striker in January it might have helped. Bonatini must be up there with our worst ever signings?
  15. Daz

    Forest v Bolton - Final game

    Forest Win Derby in Playoffs See you next season

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