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  1. Daz

    Brizzle v FOREST

    Youre spot on. Only 1 win and 2 draws in the last 9 games. Would happily take a point away from home.
  2. Daz

    Premier League chit chat

    Trying to think of teams who got promoted in the 90s... Ian Wright / Mark Bright Andy Cole Alan Stubbs SVC. Colin Cooper Kevin Phillips Nick Barmby.
  3. Daz

    Premier League chit chat

    I seem to remember Livermore being involved after WBA got relegated Then a few punts - Zaha, Dawson, Sessegnon and Ben Gibson
  4. Daz

    Championship chit chat

    Not sure if Leeds should be that short, but I imagine it will reflect the volume of bets made I don't understand the appointment of Neil Harris by Cardiff, seems really unambitious.
  5. Daz

    News chit chat

    Who advised him to do the interview? There didn't seem to be a big clamour for him to speak out. It's certainly gone down like a cup of cold sick. And it's turned idle gossip into front page news.
  6. Daz

    NFFC Rumours

    Some rumours linking Cash with a move to Everton.
  7. Daz

    Main Stand Redevelopment .

    I know their intention is to make seats in the main stand available ASAP but how feasible is that? I find it hard to believe fans will get in there for the 2020/21 season. (which will make it difficult for non ST holders to get tickets) Not a criticism, it will be worth the inconvenience, to have a stadium we can be proud of. It's important that they are making improvements to all stands, presumely just a spruce up in most areas. I must have missed the part about the apartment stage in my read up. Do you have a link to that? Cheers Col
  8. Daz

    Premier League chit chat

    I'm not sure if he's been mentioned, but Hyppia got a few. Heider Helguson and Kuqi in the mix too?
  9. Daz

    Forest v Derby

    I love Sameobi. Three points. Fucj Derby
  10. Daz


    I don't know if I'm missing anything, but it seems out of order that Keogh's been sacked compared to the punishment of Bennett and Lawrence. There shouldn't be double standards on discipline, just because he is older and will be out of the game for the next year. (of course he's still a knob)
  11. Contract terminated by mutual consent. I guess it's understandable given he hasn't featured under Lamouchi and we are well stocked at centre back.
  12. Daz

    The politics thread

    MPs have rejected everything that has been put in front of them, which includes leaving with no deal, leaving with Theresa May’s soft brexit deal, a second referendum, customs union, EEA membership, EFTA membership, general election… It is like a bad dream. A general election is the right course of action. It may be possible that the same purgatory/hung parliament awaits us but I think it’s unlikely, as realistically it will only take 10 seats to change hands in either direction to change the arithmetic in parliament. To put it into context, there are about 45 MPs who have switched parties or become independent since 2017, in addition there are over 45 MPs who want to step down at the end of the parliament. The potential for change is great. It is time to reset. I certainly don’t think the Tories are guaranteed to have a net gain in seats either. They are very vulnerable to the Lib Dems and the SNP. Also, a few questions for those who want a second referendum; - If Leave won a second referendum, would you accept the result? - If it was 52/48 in favour of Remain, would you consider it finished, or would we need a best of three? - If Remain won a second referendum, then I assume you would see it as only fair for the UK to discuss its future EU membership in terms of ‘Hard Remain’ and ‘Soft Remain’? - Would you also support a second Scottish referendum? If not, why not?
  13. Daz

    The politics thread

    Re: Employment laws. If there is a majority in Parliament in favour of changing employment rights, then why shouldn't a party be able to change them? Why do we need the EU as a 'safety net', surely if the UK is going to be such a shit hole under the Tories as you describe, then they will be voted out and Labour can set them to whatever levels they see adequate (as would be their right) I find this a red herring anyway. In most cases the UK exceeds EU standards anyway. Ask Greek workers about their precious rights being thrown away by the EU...
  14. Daz

    Forest v Hull

    Down to 8th...it was fun while it lasted Lamouchi probably gone at christmas, usual service continued
  15. Daz


    Keogh's career must be over then... Surprised there wasn't a stiffer penalty for Lawrence or Bennett. Six weeks wages, but back in the first team at the first opportunity. Doesn't quite seem enough.

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