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  1. Daz

    News chit chat

    I doubt the current agreement as it stands will get through parliament and it feels like something needs to change. That could be a new prime minister, May negotiating a new agreement with EU or maybe another public vote (GE or Referendum). My preferred option would be the second option. I think if there was significant movement on the backstop at the EU summit next week then it could squeeze through parliament. There would need to be a change to how NI is treated seperately to the rest of the UK, as well as a more detailed way of how Britain can leave the backstop (effectively in a unilateral way) Hopefully the backstop will become irrelevant. If we sign a big trade deal then there would be no need for it. The danger is that the EU will just be happy for us to remain in the backstop for the rest of time. Norway and Turkey are both in a similar position in the belief that they were only supposed to be temporary arrangements. Not sure that a second referendum would lead to riots but I don't see how it can be the answer. It may be the simple solution to reverse the vote now (which would be by no means a full gone conclusion) but it would just be kicking the 'can' down the road. The 'can' being people's concerns about the lack of democracy in the EU, concerns over freedom of movement, concerns over ever closer union, concerns over the EU army, future expansion plans and ECJ overreach. If the result was reversed now then we would see the end of the conservative party with an even more eurosceptic party replacing them. It would be inevitable that we would leave in the future at some point. The EU needs to change. If it doesn't then Italy, Greece, France and others will be joining us on the other side soon.
  2. Daz

    NFFC Rumours

    Class. For anyone who can't be bothered with google - https://features.kodoom.com/en/entertainment/iranian-football-star-to-marry-wealthy-greek-american-businesswoman/v/6495/ To be honest, she is not 'all that' but she sounds like a nicer, more successful, more intelligent, richer and generally better all round person than me, so who am I to judge
  3. Daz

    NFFC Rumours

    Sounds about right, he could link up well with Yacob and Tachtsidis.
  4. Daz

    News chit chat

    Asian grooming gang abuse young English girls. Anyone else getting sick of seeing this headline every six weeks? These scum should be castrated and shot out of a cannon into the north sea
  5. That's the spirit Savo. It's good to see you're not always negative I'm heading up for this one. So i'll assume 0-0 thriller
  6. Daz


    Of course its great to beat Spain away and if Sterling can ever bring his club form to England then it'll give us a different level but in the end it was 2-3 and we had to soak up a lot of pressure. There are still things to work on as there were at the world cup - The subs made by Southgate are never game changing, often they're quite negative and put us in the back foot. Other big teams seem to be able to change to combat our style quite easily though - There is a lot of fanfare about the young side but why can't it be young and settled. It seems like 2-3 players are being given debuts every game now. We just seem to be giving players caps for the sake of it. - Midfield still looks like the big problem. Easily dominated in the final 30 minutes. We need a plan B to retain the ball if players tire or the opposition up the tempo.
  7. Daz

    News chit chat

    Is it just me, or am I picking up on a bit of tension between ER and Lviv Can't we lighten the tone. There is another royal wedding coming up to celebrate... woo...
  8. Daz

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  9. Daz

    Fantasy Football

    Patricio and Hart would be good budget options with fairly decent defences in front of them but will still make a few saves per game. If you have a bit more cash then one of Ederson, Kepa or Alisson. It depends on who else is in your team. I picked Alisson but will probably change him for Kepa because I'd rather have as many Liverpool outfield players as possible (whereas other than Hazard and Alonso, I don't see much value in Chelsea players). I've had a relatively good start and am top of my two mini leagues. It is all down to Hazard who must have got me 30% of my points so far.
  10. We've only gone and taken the lead...
  11. Millwall deserved that to be fair. Not good enough
  12. From playoffs to 11th... show some bottle ffs
  13. The twitter page says another 5 minutes but it's getting a little embarrassing now
  14. Daz

    Championship chit chat

    A tough 24 hours for Steve Bruce. Someone threw a cabbage at him, Villa missed a penalty in the last minute and now he gets sacked

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