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  1. Daz

    NFFC Rumours

    As long as we keep Chema, then that should be no big loss. Robinson is a solid 6/10 footballer, he could maybe even do a solid job in the Premier league as a squad player, but it feels like we need more attacking threat from left back.
  2. Nothing less than three points is good enough I'll predict a hard fought 2-0
  3. Daz

    NFFC Rumours

    Kodija not coming either by the sound of it. The other options being touted around sound quite ordinary. Now could be the time to actually show some ambition, say, by bidding 15m/20m for Bowen. He would have a high resale value. We have a lot of players out of contract in the summer and our books will be a lot healthier. What's the harm? Alternatively just get Walker back from loan as he is better than others being mentioned.
  4. Daz

    Chelsea v Forest

    At least we didn't embarrass ourselves. I can live with an 'unlucky' 2-0 loss given the team picked. The truth is that Lamouchi had no intention of trying to get us through. Fair play to the fans who made the journey, despite that. What I don't understand is why we didn't have some more quality on the bench. Fair enough, play some second string players but why not pick Lolley, Grabban etc on the bench. Lets say it was 0-0 with 10 to go, then who knows what could happen.
  5. Daz


    Oh dear, what has Wayne signed up to. Colleen won't be happy.
  6. Daz

    NFFC Rumours

    I think it would be a shame to sell him now. True, he hasn't got going this season but he did miss a fair bit early on because of injury, which wouldnt have helped. He could still play a big part in the second half of the season. If we're looking to finance loan moves in January then there are a few more who could go ahead of him. Pantilimon, Yacob, Benalouane, Hefele and Clough could go. How about we try and send back Muric, Mir and Bostock too.
  7. Daz

    Sheff wed

    This feels like a must win, to start building some momentum. I'll say 2-1
  8. Daz

    The politics thread

    When you put it like that, no wonder they kicked out their local Labour MP. Pro SME and jobs creating Conservative policies will get the area back on track
  9. Daz

    The politics thread

    I can't believe Sedgefield fell. I would have loved to see the look on Blair's face.
  10. Daz

    The politics thread

    Obviously I’m quite pleased with the result, it was the result I wanted, and means the UK can crack on with Brexit. Sorry to break it to Jimmy Krankie but that also means no second Scottish referendum anytime soon despite the result up there. I’ve seen some suggestions that it will take Labour 10 years to undo this mess but I disagree (if it helps cheer anyone up). Even though it is a big majority, I think the support is wide more than it is deep, and in many cases it will just be to get ‘Brexit done’. The Tories have a lot to do in the next five years to consolidate these votes. Demographic change is also going away from a lot of the traditional southern seats. They are only going to go backwards in London and in remain areas in future. So as long as Labour pick a decent genuine leader then they could bounce back. With respect – I think you have a dated view of both northerners and the Conservatives. It isn’t the 80s anymore. The miner’s strikes are forgotten. There are a lot of thriving businesses and entrepreneurs in the north and not the welfare state dependency that Labour used to thrive on. The Conservatives have been moving left economically for a few years now with more state intervention and more money promised for public services. This is probably even more pronounced with Johnson who has been going on a spending spree (with the tax burden on people already at a 30 year high.) As for Labour, they have changed too, it’s not just about Brexit but it does highlight the cultural divide between the leadership and voters outside the south. Issues like immigration are security are important and can’t be ignored. Issues that are not important include Palestine, Gender Identity and other woke trends.
  11. Daz


    England should win their group given its not a bad draw and all games are at Wembley. The winner of the group is just likely to play Portugal, France or Germany in the next round, in Ireland, make of that what you will
  12. Daz

    The politics thread

    Kinder, Gentler, Politics from the left... If someone has a different view to you, then they're a 'cunt'. Im surprised you didn't manage to get 'racist' in there too.
  13. Daz


    Have Bilic and Biesla rejected them too? Would be an impossible job, not surprised he has turned it down, especially given how they treat managers too.
  14. Daz

    Forest v Cardiff.

    24 shots, 1 on target... Can we pull it back. Mir on for Robinson with 10 to go
  15. Daz

    Forest v Cardiff.

    Quite an attacking line up... Samba Cash Figueiredo Worrall Robinson Watson Silva Lolley Carvalho Ameobi Grabban Substitutes: Smith, Bostock, Mir, Semedo, Dawson, Chema, Adomah

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