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  1. Daz

    The politics thread

    Did anyone read that the people's vote / revocation march yesterday attracted 17.4m people? What? No? Next you will be telling me that they weren't all eligible voters and included children / EU nationals. Whilst I would prefer a deal, the original vote was for 'leave', not 'leave but only x, y and z' - if Parliament can't agree on an arrangement by the EUs new deadline then we should just leave and opt for a hard but smart brexit (www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2019/03/06/slash-tariffs-boost-economy-flip-pressure-back-eu-top-german/amp/) Then as H Block suggests, in due course we need to have new elections to drain the swamp
  2. Daz

    Premier League chit chat

    Jimmy Floyd? If it's worth any bonus points then I'm sure he was top scorer in Spain for Atletico (in a season they got relegated)
  3. Daz

    Premier League chit chat

    Fulham really have shown how not to fight a relegation battle Bringing in substandard players in areas where they were already strong and making no additions to their suspect defence. It would be the blue print for forest if they ever got promoted Will keep an eye on Rico. He can't be helped by having the likes of Odoi ahead of him but maybe Odoi is being put off by such a mediocre keeper
  4. There is still 8 games to go. I don't think we will get into the playoffs but there is still time for MON to stamp his own mark on the team and show some encouraging signs for next season... Obviously there is also time for him to show he's not up for the job. At the moment I would keep him for next season but it does depend on how the team performs and who might be available in the summer
  5. Daz

    Premier League chit chat

    I'll guess Mateo Kovačić. What does he offer going forward or defensively? Seems terrible. I know Jorginho has been poor too, but the fact that he is awful has been widely mentioned. When you have Jorginho, Kovacic and Kante in midfield then is it a surprise that Chelsea struggle to break teams down.
  6. Daz

    Ipswich vs Forest

    Only one point on the road under MON isn't it? Ordinary looking line up. Might just snatch it because of Ipswich being poor but it won't be pretty
  7. Daz

    Forest v Villa

    OK, not the result or performance we wanted, but Villa have spent a lot of money (1m loan fee for Mings etc) and have had more time to develop as a team under their new manager. We're evidently not ready for promotion. We need more attacking options. Better full backs. The ability to string a few wins together and more points on the road... Not much to ask for, is it...
  8. Daz

    Forest v Villa

    I believe if a player goes 20 (ish) matches without 5 yellows then the limits are changed. So he wouldn't get a ban until 10 yellows now. I'm not sure about out tonight. Will guess 1-1
  9. Daz

    The politics thread

    What a shambles this is. The withdrawal agreement isn’t perfect but it does deliver on the referendum result. We should just get on with it and move onto discussing the trading relationship. At the moment I struggle to see where the country goes from here except further humiliation. As someone who voted to leave, the rejected deal on the table was probably the best deal we are likely to get. This is down to mistakes being made quite early on in the negotiation process (the principle of the backstop being agreed before trade talks had begun and the fact that we have never made any proper planning for ‘no deal’ means that we are right where the EU wants us) but we can’t really do much about that now. Who can blame the EU for wanting to negotiate the most advantageous terms possible? There has been no clarity from the government about what it actually wants our future relationship to be. There has never been enough push back. No doubt parliament will take no deal off the table to night. That feels like it would be a massive mistake. If we’re not prepared to start trading on WTO terms then there is no incentive for the EU to make any further concessions. They will know what we will fold at the last minute like we’ve done at every step of the way. Not sure about what the next steps / options are. It feels like there doesn’t seem to be a majority in parliament for anything and no type of deal that the conservatives can get through just on their own. A general election may well be the only way through the mess.
  10. Daz

    Championship chit chat

    Three times it's happened this weekend (with Arsenal and Hibs too). I sense someone is going to be made an example of and get a lengthy prison sentence. 30 seconds of laudits from drunken twats at Villa Park vs losing your job (or more likely, benefits) and being inside for 6 months. Tough one
  11. Unfortunately I think we'll lose this today Hull's playoff chances will continue. Ours will be on life support
  12. I've seen some pundits say it was a penalty, some say not. VAR was supposed to be for clear and obvious mistakes. It's increasingly clear that it will be used by Refs at all stages to cover their arses. There will still be contentious decisions as the rules in football aren't always black and white
  13. Daz

    Stoke v Forest

    Oddly, I didnt seen to feel anything after the result came in, normally I feel gutted after we lose a game but I just shrugged my shoulders and got on with my day. I think I'm with you on just wanting to season to end now. We're very short in the attacking third, maybe we're unlucky that we have a few injuries but still might have expected better. Murphy has his good games but maybe too old to expect 90 minutes every week. Osborn is the type of player we need to move on this summer if we're serious about promotion. Has his moments but on the whole underwhelming. The January transfers (other than the two CBs) have had little impact I see. Has Pele even played a minute yet? Bonatini looks like a passenger.
  14. Daz

    Stoke v Forest

    Not that I would take them for granted, but Stoke have won 1 in 9 under their new manager. Will no doubt be a physical game. I'll back us to come out on top 1-2
  15. Daz

    NFFC Rumours

    From the BBC gossip page "Norwich City are interested in signing Tottenham's 18-year-old English central defender Maxwell Statham, but could face competition from Brentford, Nottingham Forest and Sunderland. (Mirror)"

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