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  1. Thommo


    We are assuming he has a say in who comes in though.
  2. Thommo


    That’s why I put type, like a strong ball playing midfielder as our build up play has been awful. Id love Ruben Neves as he’s a rolls Royce of midfielder but i can’t see us signing that kind of quality for years, maybe decades
  3. Thommo


    I’m not sure about a couple. I think we need: LB - back up or better than Robinson CM - ala Ruben Neves “type” RB - Byram ST - back up to Grabban, Murphy needs putting out to pasture Winger - Power and pace. Maybe this is Soudani but he didn’t seem quick. GK -?? Meanwhile we’ve got a load of shit coming back that we will need to shift first. For FFP I think we will need to shift some decent players out. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Carvalho go to Olympiakos.
  4. Thommo

    Nottingham Forest vs Middlesbrough

    Nah. Pitch invasion because we stayed up.
  5. Thommo

    Sheffield United v Forest

    I’d like to know what his tactics are.
  6. Thommo

    Jack Colback

    He’s out of contract I think at the or the year
  7. Thommo

    Forest v Blackburn

    At least it’s ugly winning rather than ugly losing. He’d also bomb out the crap.
  8. Bin. That was shiiiiiiiiiiiiiite.
  9. Thommo

    Rotherham v Forest

    We are a poor mans boro on our day, off our day we are pure shite. Going backwards, worst thing is we will sack Mon in October and probably waste another season
  10. Thommo

    Rotherham v Forest

    Reminds of this:
  11. Thommo

    Forest v Swansea

    No, I’ve got a season ticket and I’m going to watch Sutton Coldfield vs Cambridge instead. Loss of excitement and mild head cold have pushed my “icantbearsedtowatchshitefootballitis” into over drive.
  12. Thommo

    NFFC Rumours

    Nottingham Forest striker Lewis Grabban was involved in a training-ground dispute after club physios questioned the extent of his Achilles injury.
  13. Thommo

    Forest v Derby

    cant see a win. battling type of 0-0 display which would see an end to our play off hopes. Hope we win as we need to start pegging back from 7 up as there's a gap opening up.
  14. Thommo

    Preston v Forest

    That’s it ... solid. Reckon we will do a Burnley next year. Win games just by being physically better and tight at the back. Nothing great to watch. Carvalho will probably be shipped out to Olympiacos in the summer
  15. Thommo

    Preston v Forest

    He must have money on Preston scoring first

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