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  1. Savo

    The Women's World Cup

    I'm assuming he means Margaret Court and Serena Williams who have the 1st and 2nd highest number of slam wins respectively (24 and 23) but it's a ridiculous statement to make anyway as we all know if either of them in their prime played Federer in his prime they'd probably struggle to win a point. It's like saying Marta is the best ever footballer. :lol:
  2. Savo

    The Women's World Cup

    Women's sport has come a long way no doubt. But the sheer scientific facts of the matter are that it will never be up to the same standard as men. Men are bigger, stronger, faster, can hit/kick a ball further and harder. As a spectacle it just makes better viewing as the game is quicker, the tackles harder, the strikes on goal more venomous and the distance a ball can be passed/shot longer. Good on the women for raising the profile of women's sport and anyone who wants to watch can crack on but for me each sport they play is just a watered down version of the real thing. Tennis is probably the closest sport the two genders get in terms of exposure. But even then at Wimbledon if it ends up Djokovic vs Nadal in the final there will be more...perhaps even double or triple the audience that a women's final will get between two of the best female players.
  3. Savo

    The Women's World Cup

    If you say so.
  4. Savo

    The Women's World Cup

    Difference is the men brought in 26.5m viewers for the Croatia game last year whereas there were 6m watching the women's Scotland game which apparently has broken all records. I haven't seen figures for other games but I doubt they go into 7 figures. The amount of coverage in the media (particularly the always inclusive BBC) doesn't corrospond with the public interest for me. When I click on the BBC Sport homepage I want to read about the cricket world cup and the US Open as well as football transfer stuff without sifting through 4/5 WWC articles but that's just me. Anyway I couldn't care less about the tournament but my annoyance is more towards the media ramming it down my throat. I won't be watching any of the games as whenever I've seen it in the past the standard has been non-league at best and there's no atmosphere or edge to the games whatsoever.
  5. Savo

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    Only Forest could reward the 20k fans loyalty buying season tickets by selling our two best players.
  6. Savo

    The Women's World Cup

    Watched five minutes and had to switch it off. I'd rather watch the Vanarama league than the Women's World Cup. It's great that women are playing the game more and everything but I'm getting a bit sick of the BBCs relentless plugging of it. I know that they're desperate to appear inclusive and after scandal after scandal of unfair gender pay gaps they want to show how 'pro-women' they are. But their coverage is way OTT. I go on the sport page for transfer news etc and can't see anything but fucking Phil Neville.
  7. Savo

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    It comes to something when Watson is the best on the list.
  8. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    Thank god for that.
  9. Savo

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    We'd give him at least 4 years with the option of a further year if he's still able to walk.
  10. Savo

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    There's something seriously wrong with our scouting network. In fact I'm not sure there is one. I get the impression that any signings we make now fall into one of 3 categories: Players who olympiakos want us to sign. Players recommended by agents. More 'well-known' names that either used to be good or have recently had a multitude of long term injuries. That's why we don't sign a player like Maupay or Assombalonga before he went to Peterborough. Because nobody is out there looking for them. Instead we pay over the odds at a later date. It's part of the reason we're both financially fucked and have a shit team that never starts and finishes the same season. We'll, that and constantly hiring muppets as manager, all with completely different ideas about the game and then sacking them after a few months.
  11. Savo

    Fawaz suing Forest

    Can we say it's a bank holiday so we dont have to pay?
  12. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    Surprised if EM feels like backing MON as the lad he spent £13m on never played under him. Unless it's to bring in a load of Irish like McClean...
  13. Savo

    Premier League chit chat

    Some keepers have made a career out of it. Like Stuart Taylor...made 75 appearances in 20 years! In fact our very own Pantillimon has a pretty alarmingly low number of career first team appearances to say he's 32. If you look at his career it's only here and his very first club in Romania that he's been first choice.
  14. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    Too expensive for me. For starters 35k a week in the championship is ludicrous but if that is the case nowadays then at this level for 35k a week I'm wanting a proper stand out player. Someone like Neves or Knockaert. Not Colback who O'Neill when he does decide to play him can't decide where. Besides we need to offload about £100k a week from the squad before we even think about signings.
  15. Savo

    Premier League chit chat

    Gael Clichy

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