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  1. Savo

    Karanka out

    I agree with that. It is mad and will never yield long term success. I think generally a year though is ample time to see whether someone has it or not. Often you can tell much earlier than that as well. Inconsistent team selection and tactics. Weird signings. Clear lack of motivation etc
  2. Savo

    Karanka out

    Karanka will probably be seen as the second coming now the majority of fans like Billy Davies was as what came after both was so bad. Their successors' shocking management puts them on a pedestal they don't really deserve. Why oh why can we never manage to choose a decent gaffer? You see some clubs just happen to stumble upon the right man....maybe we used all our luck up with Clough.
  3. Savo

    Nottingham Forest vs Middlesbrough

    O'Neill is such a dinosaur that I'm starting to think he subscribes to the old stereotype of silky foreign lads not liking the cold. Which is why we haven't seen much of Carvalho until the weekend. Either way there is absolutely no way we'll ever succeed with him in charge. The club needs to build a foundation on which to produce a team that has an identity. One that can sustain itself as a top flight club if we were to go up. If he stays we'll end up having yet another mass clear out and start bringing in James McClean et al from the Ireland squad. Then start all over again. We need a young manager who has a track record of playing and developing young players playing good football.
  4. Savo

    Sheffield United v Forest

    If they just play our best players I'll be happy.
  5. Savo

    Premier League chit chat

    Oldham? Swindon? Barnsley?
  6. Savo

    Forest v Swansea

    Shocking stats really.
  7. Savo

    Forest v Swansea

    Can't believe play offs are still being mentioned by anyone now. Forget what our position is...fluking a win every 3 games when other teams are winning more and with games in hand just makes it nigh on impossible. 3 of the spots are taken now so you have arguably every team down to Hull still in it so our form would have to suddenly become that of an automatic promotion chaser to beat the rest to that final spot. We're just not playing well enough for that. It's a shame too as I feel our squad is as good as the rest it's just been managed poorly...again. See you in August folks...
  8. Savo

    Will we go up

    To get promoted generally you need to be able to win back to back games. So no.
  9. Savo

    2019/2020 Season tickets

    I have to commend the loyalty of the support. Whilst at the same time questioning their collective mental state.
  10. Savo

    Forest v Villa

    See you in August folks...
  11. Wonder if a couple of foreign goals will be enough for Brexit O'Neill to think twice about his team next week.
  12. Savo

    City Ground to be re-developed

    I wasnt really trying to moan. Just stated originally that if we're going to have a great big stadium then we need a team that will fill it. Yes we've had good attendances this season but the numbers say that is the exception not the norm. The summer provided a lot of optimism but if that turns into yet another false dawn I could see it going back to normal again as there's only so much shit someone can take. I hit my tipping point about the time Billy had us humiliated at the shaggers. Time will tell of course but I've had mixed views about EM this season. I see £13m and £6m spent on Carvalho and Grabban and that gives me hope (even if he then employs a bloke who won't play them ) that we're showing the required ambition to go up. Then you look at wasters like Ansarifard, Pele, Tachtsidis and Hefele and I just think it's Fawaz all over again...particularly when the other similarity between them is appointing a manager based on sentiment. I'm still not convinced MON was ever the right choice as much as I want him to be but that's a different debate. Yes legs_akimbo you're spot on mate. Fawaz and Doughty killed any positive feelings I used to have.
  13. Savo

    City Ground to be re-developed

    Since we won our second European Cup our average attendance has topped 25k once - in 1996. In that time we've had Wembley as our second home, had promotions, finished 3rd in the top flight and had several other play off seasons. Sure we'd have a bit of a boost due to the novelty of a new stand but long term would we be selling out 38k each game? History suggests not. We'd have to seriously up the quality of the team and be an established Premier League club to even consider the possibility, and even then the pricing and marketing would have to be sound. Not trying to be negative. Just realistic. You won't get 38k in each week to watch the 2022 equivalent of Daryl Murphy and Ben Watson slug it around the second tier against Brentford or Millwall.
  14. Savo

    City Ground to be re-developed

    Need a team that could actually fill it. All well and good having a great spanking new stand packed out then having nobody in the Upper Brian Clough. I'm all for the regeneration of the stand and the area as its in dire need of it but no point having 38k seats playing gash second tier football in front of 22k.
  15. Savo

    Forest v Derby

    Yeah it was a good old fashioned solid team selection suited perfectly for a Derby game. He seems to be against the idea of playing anyone foreign though unless they're an animal like Benoloane. Not sure how much that would impress EM though seeing as he forked out £13m on Carvalho and £6m on Grabban who has sometimes found himself sub behind Murphy. I just hope he brings a bit more flair in though over the next few weeks as playing that way against Derby is all well and good but in the bread and butter games it would soon grate. There's absolutely no need to try and grind out games either IMO. We have a pretty mean looking defence now so I don't feel like we need all the hard-working solid lads in the middle all the time. Even Osborn out wide is pretty negative so it would be nice to see us go at teams with at least 4 attack minded players on the pitch in the next few games. Particularly at home.

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