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  1. Savo


    Great victory. We have a style that teams find very difficult to play against, particularly away from home. If we could add quality that can unlock defences at home then top 2 is realistic as this league is absolutely shit.
  2. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    We need to do one or t'other. Either go for it and bring in quality that will make a difference. Or bring nobody in and we go with what we have. What we shouldn't do is probably exactly what will happen - we'll panic, bring in 4 or 5 squad players on Friday and they'll all be mediocre at best and unlikely to start games. We've got enough deadwood without bringing more in just to appease the fans.
  3. Savo

    Premier League chit chat

    They've covered them all on the Quickly Kevin podcast...absolute comedy gold. All three sound awfully written but amazing at the same time. They were probably about 30p each at the time in the bottom of the bargain bins but since the podcasts have taken the piss out of them they go for hundreds on ebay
  4. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    What's the situation with him? Is he still our player? If he is then at least he may have increased his value a bit.
  5. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    I'm literally on the edge of my seat waiting for them to sign
  6. Savo

    Championship chit chat

    Crowds and completely changed starting XI's seem to suggest so. You often see two football league clubs play each other with two reserve sides out. I just don't think clubs want to be in it as the negatives outweigh the positives for them. It's a shame given our own history in it (when it was worth competing for) but it's a sign of the times I suppose.
  7. Savo

    Championship chit chat

    It would be a good idea. To be honest in it's current state I'd just scrap it altogether. It just seems to be an annoying inconvenience for everyone, fans, players and managers. I think the FA Cup should change as well. If it's possible I'd have the winners taking the 4th champions league spot. That would ensure everyone would put out strong teams. Cap ticket prices at maximum of £25 for an adult to get the gates in and have a system for sharing out the gate/TV reciepts more fairly. The amount of divisions between the opponents would determine the distribution of revenue. So... Same division - 50/50 split One division apart - 60/40 in favour of the lower team. Two divisions apart - 70/30 Three divisions - 80/20 Four or more - 100% goes to the lower level club. So last night Northampton would get 70% of the gate/TV money from the sheep. They got a replay so same again for that. It makes a big difference to the smaller clubs.
  8. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    I hope so but never discount Forest's ability to turn into a charity and start giving out extensions. Wouldn't surprise me if they gave Watson, Ameobi and Dawson another year.
  9. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    If we somehow fluke promotion I dread to think how much deadwood we'd need to discard.
  10. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    Who and who? Quantity over quality again.
  11. Savo

    Forest v Reading

    Samba is the best option by far but that's not saying much. I do think he's over rated by our fans who see him as a cult hero.
  12. Savo

    Forest v Reading

    Few times recently Samba has made a mistake to cost us
  13. Savo

    Forest v Reading

    Goal. Grabban
  14. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    Couldn't make it up. Only at Forest eh? To be honest if the recruitment staff are any good at all they should be aware that a young, good English full back might attract attention and have a list of right backs that we can target to replace him if needs be. What actually will happen is the minute we pack Cash off to East Mids Jorge Mendes will be on the blower 'recommending' a right back in Benfica's B team. With a substantial finders fee involved of course...
  15. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    Might not really be up to us. If the player wants it then that's that and the new contract means fuck all except we get a few more quid. I have no idea what Cash's personality is like but some players would kick off to the point where their presence in the squad can derail a promotion challenge. There's no point in playing him if he's trying to avoid injury... If course he could just love it here so much he has no desire to leave at all regardless of what offers come in but I highly doubt it.

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