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  1. Strange how everyone can see it with Pantilimon on here yet on LTLF I slagged him off and was shot down in flames. They are mongs over there though
  2. Absolutely. If the rumours are true about us being after someone from the premier league in January it could give us that extra 10%. It makes such a difference. Just ask Cloughie when he signed Shilton.
  3. Thought first 30 mins we were so poor and looked nervous. Had we started as we finished we may have won the game. A draw was a fair reflection, we had the better of the second half they had the better of the first. Referee was shit but at least he was shit for both teams. To be honest the overall quality of the game was so poor. The stuff in the final third for both teams was painful. Few thoughts on individuals... I thought Pantilimon looked an absolute liability once again. Hefele was shocking to start but improved and in the end both him and Robinson looked pretty solid. Just don't give him the ball and expect much. Janko filled in pretty well at left-back. Should've played there against Preston. Colback and Yacob played the game and the circumstances to perfection in the middle and bullied Mount who is probably still trying to dig himself out of the hole he went hiding in. Carvalho was quiet but the way we played really didn't suit him. Grabban gave Marriott a lesson in leading the line at this level. Was surprised he was swapped for Murphy to be honest. Man of the match was a toss-up between Yacob, Grabban and Robinson for us I reckon. Good point and decent performance against rivals but perhaps equally as importantly against fellow top 6 rivals.
  4. Just put a football game on the telly and can see the sheep are on. Anyone know who they're playing as in 15 minutes they've not said yet??
  5. Would take a point and no injuries now.
  6. Team for me... If Dawson is fit: --------------------------Pants------------------------ Darikwa--------Hefele----Dawson----Robinson --------------Colback--------Yacob---------------- Cash----------------Carvalho-----------Lolley -------------------------Grabban------------------ If Dawson is out: --------------------------Pants------------------------ Darikwa--------Hefele----Robinson------Colback --------------Guedioura--------Yacob---------------- Cash----------------Carvalho-----------Lolley -------------------------Grabban------------------
  7. Assuming you mean Portuguese...you wouldn't play Carvalho? Yes in parts it'll be a physical game but its not the 70s where its just a straight scrap and if a game of football breaks out then we need our best players to cause the sheep problems. We want to win the game and to do that we'll need that front 3 of Carvalho, Lolley and Grabban all on song.
  8. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    Something needs to happen with Appiah because unless the next squad meal is laced with novichok he isn't getting a look in under Karanka.
  9. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    I think he's twice the keeper Pants is. Whoever we get I'm glad it's been identifiedas an area of weakness
  10. Savo


    I suppose since getting relegated from the Premier League we've had so much shit and so many awful managers the bad memories all just tend to mish-mash together.
  11. Part of me thinks there is no way AK will want us losing this...especially after losing on Saturday so could set us up for 0-0 or smash and grab like we did at Leeds. Another part of me looks at who we have available and I fear the worst. 1-0 Sheep
  12. Savo


    I seem to remember the football being pretty poor. A lot of long ball and being 'solid' which made us a pretty decent away team but bang average at home. Seem to remember going down to watch us play Huddersfield at home. Think it may have been Andy Reid's debut (up front) actually and it was a full house because it was only a tenner to get in and they did us 3-0. They were bottom of the league at the time. His signings were decent bar the Italians...but it wasn't him who got the best out of them. Scimeca, Johnno, Harewood, Brennan and Lester were all better under Paul Hart. Best thing he probably ever did was being in loans using his contacts like Terry, Wright and Olsen. I too listened to the podcast and thought it was interesting. I tend to enjoy the ones with the more modern players even though they generally focus on bad times as I can remember them and I find it interesting to find out what Platt, Megson etc were like...as if i needed confirmation. Thought Rogers came across as s bit of a muppet though to be honest. And by the end of it his thick Scouse accent was doing my head in, as was Matt Forde's fake worship of him.
  13. I've only been able to watch since half time but we've been terrible.
  14. To be fair Preston haven't lost since the beginning of October so despite having a number of players injured they're a tough nut to crack. It won't be like last week.
  15. Be a few goals I reckon as neither team has a fit defence 2-2

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