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  1. Savo

    Arsenal v Forest

    I think we'll rest players too. We have such a huge squad that it would be foolish to pass up the opportunity to give some of them a run out. Muric Jenkinson Chema Figgy Robinson Bostock Semedo Adomah Johnson Ameobi Mir
  2. Savo

    Forest v Barnsley

    For me yes. 12 max there. Think we will beat Derby, Stoke and Hull then draw against Wigan, Blackburn and Reading. Lose to Luton and Brentford.
  3. Savo

    Forest v Barnsley

    Negative or realistic Dane?
  4. Savo

    Forest v Barnsley

    I'm actually positive about us at the moment! I just know what we're like, pretty certain everyone had us on here smashing Preston the other week and we were lucky to get a point it seems. Only thing I'd change is the sheer amount of bodies we seem to have accumulated but other than that things are looking OK at the moment. Like ER though I'll hold off on getting carried away just yet. We've had goodish starts to the season quite a few times recently under Montanier, Davies, Pearce and Karanka and we usually end the season more worried about relegation than whether we'll get in the top 6. It certainly seems better this time so far though...
  5. Savo

    Forest v Barnsley

    This is Forest remember. We always falter against poorer teams. Edge it 1-0
  6. Savo

    What's Lviv backed today.

    I joined Football index and got some bonus cash which I then invested but then then sold to make an instant profit. Didn't look into it properly. Guessing you find someone young who could break through and invest in them?
  7. Savo

    Any takers?

    It's OK letting contracts run down but then replacing 4/5 deadwood players with 4/5 players of a similar standard keeps the situation the same and this is what we've been doing for years. Our signings tend to fall under one of three categories: A player over 30 with a decent pedigree but best years have gone (Murphy, Adomah, Watson, Dawson, Benoloane) An unknown foreign player, often on a free or next to nothing fee and usually makes one or two appearances or less never to be seen again (Ariyibi, Fuentes, Tachtsidis, Ansarifard, Bouchalakis, Stojkovic, Lica, Perauis, Dejegah, Lam etc etc) A player who perhaps once was seen as a promising player but serious injuries and/or shocking attitude took away their hunger or their ability (Bostock, Miller, Bendtner, Jara, Abdoun, Hobbs, McCormack, Byram, Traore etc etc) Every now and again we land a gem like Lolley or Robinson but our success rate must be about 15%. Whoever is in charge of the recruitment must have some serious questions to answer. In fact I doubt there is much of a recruitment team at the club as the nature of the signings and the complete random scatter-gun recruitment policy with seemingly no plan lends itself IMO to be agents touting to the owners. We also do this with managers too by the way. How many of our former managers are currently in work?
  8. Savo

    Any takers?

    Very pleased to see some of the deadwood gone. We're still about 6 or 7 bodies too many but it's a start.
  9. Savo

    Any takers?

    Any rumours about any defenders leaving? I'm counting 7 centre halves at the club which is ridiculous, quite frankly. It's about time Hefelump was sent to the glue factory.
  10. Savo

    Any takers?

    Fair enough. Good luck to him then. He seems a talent but at 18 if he was that good he would have had a few more appearances surely. Well that or our last few managers have been too shit to be able to spot he can play, which isn't entirely impossible.
  11. Savo

    Any takers?

    So how does a second tier Spanish side suddenly cough up £8m for an untested 18 year old? Bar 4 or 5 clubs nobody has any money in Spain. Seems dodgy to me. Just like how all of our unwanted players always end up in Greece somewhere...
  12. Savo

    8 points from 5 games

    I'm also glad MON wasn't given the new season. He is way past his best...you could tell with his attitude towards Carvalho how old school he was. He left him out basically every game for 3 months then when he came back in and was MOM, O'Neill basically said he was back in as the weather was getting warmer. The football was terrible too. I've been pleasantly surprised by our start. Thought we'd made some decent signings on paper but simply made far too many to put out anything like a coherent side for a while. I went to the Brum game and thought we were decent. Pros: I like the look of Semedo, Silva and Adomah. I'm glad Worrall is getting a run in the side. I was laughed off LTLF this time last year for questioning Aitor 'god' Karanka for sending out Worrall then bringing in Hefelump. I think Cash at right back is a masterstroke. The football we're starting to play is good to watch. Cons: our squad has about 12 more players than it should have. That's a lot of wages being taken up and can't be good for squad morale. I had a look at Wikipedia yesterday and I counted 35 pros if you include Johnson and Appiah. We have 5 keepers ffs and 7 centre halves. It's ridiculous and really needs cutting down if we possibly can. Did we really need Bostock? Did we need both Muric and Samba? Did we need Chema when we have Dawson, Worrall, Benoloane, Milosevic, Figuereido and Hefelump? Did we need Samba Sow when we have Watson, Bridcutt and Yacob? He seems the same to me. I just hope we haven't done what we've been doing for the last 8/9 years and have gone for quantity over quality.
  13. Savo

    Forest v sheep

    Great win albeit against Derby ressies. Who cares though...it's their problem if their squad is shit beyond their first XI. Things seem to be going well under SL. Just waiting now for the standard NFFC mid-season meltdown and sacking before we bring in a new squad in January
  14. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    I'm pretty certain there are rules. Within reason there is a 'market value'. The same applies to sponsorship hence why Fawaz couldn't just sponsor us for £50m a year
  15. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    Wonder how the players feel about effectively putting careers on hold to be pawns in Marinakis' FFP game. I suppose he compensates them accordingly...

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