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  1. Savo

    Birmingham v Forest

    I don't understand why it's so hard to just put our best 11 players out. Pants Janko, Milosevic, Benoloane, Robinson Yacob, Colback Lolley, Carvalho, Cash Grabban Easy as that. Just get them out and pass it about a bit and all of a sudden the fans are on board. Stop fucking wanking off your Irish mate Murphy cus he's shot now
  2. Savo

    Birmingham v Forest

    1-0 Brum. Horsfield in the 68th minute
  3. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    It's hardly been a show of support for our new management team. None of the signings seem like MON choices to me and if it gets to April and we even have a sniff of play offs I'll be shocked.
  4. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    Signing of Bonatini suggests 4-4-2 so struggling to see where Carvalho and potentially this new Mendes signing fit in
  5. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    Yeah not enough cruciate ligament injuries between them for us. Move on.
  6. Savo

    January transfer window

    Well Fox has gone to Wigan so there's at least one new player coming in. Let's hope it's one of quality rather than 3 shit oxygen thieves as per usual.
  7. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    It's just dawned on me that the window closes in 3 days...where did that go?! We need to pull our fingers out. I doubt MON would be here if there were no assurances that we would spend.
  8. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    For me I like the idea as he might give a few bollockings out providing our precious snowflakes can take it. What would worry me is the fact that our no2 is more high-profile than the manager and it may provide a sideshow. Keane shouldn't be doing press conferences for example or training ground interviews. I wouldn't have known who Karanka's assistant was if I walked past him in the street and don't even know his name.
  9. Personally I'd prefer them to stay up. It'd be good for the city if Notts were more competitive. I remember when I was a kid County, Derby and Leicester were all in the same league as us and it was great. Obviously I don't want them to be better than us but competitive at least. At the moment they're an embarrassment
  10. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    Sounds like he'd fit in.
  11. Savo

    NFFC Rumours

    Has O'Neill been out of club football that long that he's only got Leicesters number in his phone?
  12. Savo

    Jollies this year...

    Mates wedding in Cyprus in August. Going for 5 days and then flying to Santorini. Then ferry to Athens and eventually get to Istanbul via train then fly home. Should be about 3 weeks in total. Also going to Seville next month which I'm looking forward to.
  13. Is this game dull or has it been abandoned or something?
  14. If we continue with 4-4-2 then it basically spells the end of Carvalho unless he plays as a deep-forward. Wouldn't trust him as part of a midfield two. I suspect MON is a horses for courses man though and we might see it different each week depending on personnel and opposition. Unlike AK who would play two holding midfielders if we were playing Barcelona or if we had Dog and Duck FC.
  15. 2-2 draw. We'll go ahead 1-0 early thanks to a bit of a new manager surge and then our actual defensive problems will surface once the adrenaline dies and we'll go 2-1 down before MON puts Murphy and Pantillimon up front for injury time and we'll scramble an equaliser. Attendance: 29,854

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