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  1. Savo

    Premier League chit chat

  2. Savo

    Premier League chit chat

    Gylfi Siggurdson John Carew (always forget he's Norwegian like Josh King)
  3. Savo

    Premier League chit chat

    Lad who plays for Burnley. Gudmonsson is it? Of course...Christian Erikson! Edit: Just realised...Josh King is Norwegian isn't he?!
  4. Savo

    Premier League chit chat

    John Jensen? Thomas Brolin? Claus Jensen
  5. Savo

    Premier League chit chat

    Tore Andre Flo Eidur Gudjonson Freddie Ljungberg Wondering if Zlatan Ibrahimovic is in there too despite only playing one season
  6. Savo

    The politics thread

    Labour for me.
  7. Savo

    Forest v Derby

    Get in there. Don't even know what happened but who cares
  8. Savo

    Forest v Derby

    Very even first half as you'd expect. We've looked reasonably solid but our lack of creativity and threat really concerns me. Not just today but generally. I don't think Derby are up to much, particularly at the back but we just seem to be unable to put them under any real pressure.
  9. Savo

    Forest v Derby

    We look like the away side.
  10. Savo

    Forest v Derby

    Anyone on the lash yet?
  11. Savo


    Also you'd get strategic uses of it. So if you're under the cosh all your manager has to do is review a decision and you've got 3 minutes to regroup and kill the opposition momentum. Similarly if you're 1 goal up and it's the last 5 mins or so you'd just use the review to waste time. Just like they do now with subs and feigning injury as we all know the full amount if time stopped is never added back on. In fact if it's done in injury time it's as if the ref has forgotten about it sometimes and just blows on the same time anyway.
  12. You only have to look at satellite photos of the poles (particularly the Arctic) of now and 20/30 years ago to see how much impact we're having and how real it is. It won't stop either, humans as a species are instinctively greedy, selfish and not particularly great at forward-planning. While there's money to be made the destruction of the planet's resources (both plant and animal) will never stop.
  13. Savo

    Forest v Derby

    After the Barnsley game you asked me how many points we'd get from the next 8 games. Derby is the last of those and to be fair we didn't play Reading, but If we beat Derby (big if) we'd have 13. I said 12 so is that negative or realistic? You had us down getting 17 points, what happened to the old Dane who used to assume the worst?
  14. Savo

    Forest v Derby

    Scrappy 1-1 completely devoid of any quality.
  15. Savo

    Forest v Luton

    Ok so we're in agreement then that the general standard of refereeing is poor but that nobody has a set agenda against Forest?

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