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  1. Mr Smith


    That's Lviv, mate... you'll get used to it.
  2. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Fuck me - has Boris Johnson united this outspoken forum into a view that Parliament is completely useless and has fucked up Brexit... I don't think even Megson managed to achieve such unanimity.
  3. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    The problem is, it was never as simple as simply leaving, because we have 40-years of integrating with Europe in various ways. Norway is not in the EU, but is part of the customs union and single market. However, Leave has been interpreted to mean leaving the customs union and single market, when this question was never asked. Both sides lied in the referendum to suit their own agendas. Your last point is spot on.
  4. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Agree 100% Charlie. Both Labour and the Tories are flaunting democracy to serve their own ends. Corbyn wouldn't sign up to May's deal because he wanted his general election. Boris is unelected, has no majority in our only democratic institute and is suspending said institute to try and ram through his version of "leave", bemoaning Parliament when if he and his ERG friends had voted for May's deal we would have left the EU by now - the Irish backstop is an excuse and nobody has a realistic alternative to it. That absolutism has made it so most people are not questioning their own side, but slinging mud at the other. British democracy is shit. If Boris loved democracy then he would agree to a referendum (but he won't because he knows no deal will lose). If Corbyn loved democracy then he would support a general election. All of the twats who ran for Tory leader had the gall to sit there and say "we believe in the democracy of the referendum, but the public don't want a general election". After 3-years of Brexit bullshit, whilst the EU is pretty terrible, it is considerably better than what British Sovereignty offers.
  5. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    I think a great deal of problems with Brexit/politics/society in general is the way the internet now filters information it thinks you will like. People end up with a very blinkered view of society and an echo chamber of affirmation, so something is either the greatest or the worst depending on what the internet perceives your views to be.
  6. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Boris "doesn't want an election" but votes for one. Corbyn "wants an election" but votes against one. I can understand taking back sovereignty from the EU, but the problem is that is gives more power to these twats.
  7. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    I think this sums it up quite well...
  8. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Agreed. I think Corbyn has to take a lot of blame, he stood on a leave manifesto, but chose to pursue his general election at the expense of the country.
  9. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    If Johnson and the ERG had voted for May's deal we would be out of the EU by now, but instead they decided to play politics with it. They are just as culpable as Corbyn and Co.
  10. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    The question was far too simple, because Cameron was an arrogant twat who thought remain would win. The answer can be interpreted in a number of different ways. Brexit was about trade deals with the world (no deal fails on this point) and Parliamentary Sovereignty (which Johnson is abusing). Brexit has become a hollow fanaticism that will achieved non of the good things it could have done. There is also the Northern Ireland issue that nobody has a solution to.
  11. Mr Smith

    Forest v Preston

    That was dull.
  12. Mr Smith

    Forest v Preston

    Typical Forest, they get your hopes up that they can produce results before underperforming against a mediocre team.
  13. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Both sides, remain and leave are full of shit and neither respects democracy - they are just a bunch of self-serving wankers looking after their own interests. It is presumptuous to assume every person who voted for leave wanted a no deal. The referendum just asked do we want to leave the EU, not how. We could leave the EU and remain part of the customs union and single market (like Norway), however, the leave vote has been misappropriated by the zealots on the right wing of the Tory Party who ironically voted against Theresa May's deal which meant we would have been out of the EU by now. There was a good outcome from Brexit, but our politicians have fucked it up. It is also not democratic to have a Prime Minister voted into office by less than 100,000 people, suspending our only democratic institution to drive through it's version of "leave". Besides, no deal is not a good thing, as it means our politicians have been too incompetent to secure a trade deal. Trade deals were one of the advantages to leaving and I cannot see how wanting to open our economy to the rest of the world, whilst deliberately aiming not to secure a trade deal with our biggest trading partners is a successful outcome. As for British Sovereignty, I cannot see how anybody with any sense can think that it's an utter load of shit.
  14. Mr Smith

    An Apology

    Good to see the forum back.

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