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  1. Mr Smith

    News chit chat

    Is anybody else bored shitless of this Prince Harry stuff. How have they managed to drag on this fake crisis for so long? I was looking at the BBC today and it appears they might have discovered a cure for cancer, however, James Hewitt's illegitimate son ranks above this.
  2. Mr Smith

    Forest v Luton

    This. Pissed off with how many games have not kicked off at 3pm on Saturday this season.
  3. Agreed, they offer no solutions and meeting their demands is impossible.
  4. Mr Smith

    What's wrong with the UK?

    I see the BBC is giving darts unnecessary coverage now that some woman has won some tournament. Great, women are achieving equality, but darts is not news and is pushing it to be considered a sport.
  5. Mr Smith

    Reading v Forest

    They're on a good run, but I think we'll sneak a win.
  6. If you a looking for a consensus/information from a dodgy charity who refuses to reveal information about its funding, has been found in breach of charity rules for lobbying and is headed by that renowned and respected scientist Nigel Lawson, then I am not surprised you cannot find one. Their about page literally says: "The Global Warming Policy Forum is a London-based think tank which conducts campaigns and activities which do not fall squarely within the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s remit as an educational charity." Basically they are doing things an educational charity cannot do, because educational charities use facts to try and educate society. Those who deny climate change are seldom scientists but politicians and energy companies who have vested interests in doing nothing about climate change. People like you are the reason cults exist.
  7. My position is: The virtually unanimous view of science that states global warming is man made is probably correct. By disagreeing with me you are literally disputing science.
  8. So it's ok for you to reduce an argument to suit your view point, but not for anybody else to use the same style to make you look like a total bellend. Got it!
  9. Yup, at one point the world was a ball of molten rock. It isn't the temperature, but the rate of change and the effect further increases will have on life. I am sure you'll be fine on your flat, scienceless, earth.
  10. Mr Smith

    Jan strengthening project..

    Nice to see us showing some ambition with the calibre of rejects we are going for.
  11. Mr Smith

    FA Cup Draw

    Disappointing to see the Shaggers get an easy draw in the fourth round. Hopefully Northampton will injure some of their players.
  12. Mr Smith

    Chelsea v Forest

    I was watching the highlights from the 1991 Cup Final this morning. Anybody else remember when we weren't mediocre shit and we had a realistic chance to win every game we played?
  13. Mr Smith

    Chelsea v Forest

    VAR is shit. Not because it ruled us offside instead of giving a penalty, but how it puts all the exciting bits of football on hold until a decision is made.
  14. Mr Smith

    Forest v Rovers

    Scrapping another win and now up to fourth with a game in hand. I would have taken this at the start of the season.
  15. Mr Smith

    Team of the decade

    Our team of the decade is shit and we should sack whoever the manager of the decade is.

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