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  1. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    If Boris becomes PM then anybody with an ounce of sense should be protesting. What will piss me off is he will stand there claiming the EU referendum is what people voted for whilst not seeing the irony that he was handed his job by 120k Tory zealots. If Boris is the best UK sovereignty can do, give me the EU!
  2. Mr Smith

    The Women's World Cup

    It is ridiculous how much over exposure the BBC gives women's football. League Two gets higher attendances, but the BBC constantly ignores the Football League in favour of female clubs with comparable names to their male counterparts.
  3. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Eight of the 11 Tory candidates have admitted to drug use... the other three are liars. Nice to see Boris Johnson show the broad appeal he has to the country by promising to lower higher rate taxes. He might appeal to the 120k people who are anointing the next Prime Minister, but beyond the zealots he is completely unelectable and makes Corbyn look like a reasonable choice for PM.
  4. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    I don't think you can claim a moral win for the Brexit Party. If all the Labour voters went for the Greens then it would have been a comfortable win for the Greens! It would have been nice to see anybody other than the Tories or Labour win, just to show those fuckers it is the electorate in chagre, but when the electorate keeps voting in the same shit, nothing is going to change.
  5. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Disappointed to see Labour win in Peterborough. Seems like the rise of Ferage has been exaggerated.
  6. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Trump thread never existed. It was fake news.
  7. Mr Smith

    Forest Memorabilia

    Bargain! By modern footballing standards, the wallpaper will be worth at least £100 per square meter.
  8. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    The tradition is only that the PM needs to command a majority in the Commons, which Brown did. Although that pre-dates the stupid Fixed Terms Parliaments Act. It is arguable that whoever wins the Tory vote will not command the confidence of the Commons, lose a vote of no confidence, Corbyn will get the chance to form a government, fail and then it's another fucking election.
  9. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Me too. The politicians will read what they want into this, however, the sad fact is that the 120k Tory party members will decide what happens next, not the UK population.
  10. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    And now we have to put up with a Tory party leadership contest. This entire Brexit process has been de-railed by this bunch of self-indulgent twats. They have completely fucked this country.
  11. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Much of this stuff is imported from the US where they have real issues that are not relevant in the UK. Environmentalism in the US is a left v right issue, whereas in the UK most people either accept the science or realise that even if there is a chance it is incorrect, the risk is too great to ignore. This whole left v right crap has arisen, not because of Blair, but as a result of the Internet connecting us to the US and morons thinking that because there is a common language there is a common culture. The attack on conservativism is an imported US thing based upon the divide in US politics, conservativism means something different here and the offended millenial generation haven't got the nouce to realise this and that that doesn't apply to the same extent within UK. None of this precludes the fact that Boris Johnson is a clown and the conservative party is currently a circus.
  12. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    The Tories haven't delivered in Parliament since Cameron.
  13. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    As opposed to the Tories who like to champion economic competence whilst trying to force through the biggest economic act of self-harm and managing to find the magic money tree to bribe the repugnant DUP. This party also seems likely to make Boris Johnson the next PM. Labour who support every position going on Brexit and whose undercurrent is a neo-Marxist agenda that wants to rip-apart the status quo. Run by a chap who would have unconditional meeting with Hamas, the IRA, Palestine, etc, but won't meet the British PM unconditionally to discuss something in the national interest. The Lib Dems have just one main policy, which is ignoring democracy from the 2016 referendum, whilst at the same time demanding proportional representation because they respect democracy. The Brexit party whose entire manifesto consist of one word, however, this one word will command a third of the total vote on Thursday. This is all for an election to an organisation we have been trying to leave for the past two years and is, pretty much, completely irrelevant. I don't think it's just the Green Party who don't present a viable option and lack sensible policies. All of British politics is crap.
  14. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Boris as PM? Just cancel Brexit. I do not like the EU, but UK sovereignty is just complete shite. I maintain that Brexit could have been a success if we had approached the negotiations correctly and used the UK's significant economic and security contribution to our advantage. However, our useless politicians have failed us and being run by Eurocrats cannot be worse than what our shambles of a democracy gives us.
  15. Mr Smith

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    I would rather see players leaving the club than have anybody come in. However, I expect the recycling of dross to continue.

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