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  1. Mr Smith

    News chit chat

    No - a decent opposition would mean an end to this awful government.
  2. So you reckon Karanka will be playing a more attacking formation than usual?
  3. This is a bit shit.
  4. Mr Smith

    What's wrong with the UK?

    Has the lack of housing and politicians been mentioned?
  5. Great end to the match. Let's hope we can transfer this performance to the league.
  6. I think this game will show the type of manager Karanka is. Play our standard 8-1-1 formation and Newcastle will beat us. If we show a bit of bravery, Newcastle will still beat us, but at least we give it a go.
  7. Rebound. Get in! Don't deserve it at all. Shite game.
  8. Reading you lot struggle with IT is more entertaining than anything Forest have served up today.

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