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  1. Mr Smith

    Forest quiz question

    I expect Art will turn up soon enough to not only give the game, date and kick off time, but to correct you that the socks were in fact charcoal and not black.
  2. Mr Smith

    News chit chat

    It is ironic that the Tories voted in May and, a few years later, they changed their mind and wanted a second vote on the issue...
  3. Mr Smith

    News chit chat

    Vote of no confidence in May. Our politicians seem intent on making withdrawing from the EU as painful as possible for the country.
  4. Typical Forest. Show some great form and then go and lose against a club in the bottom half.
  5. Mr Smith

    News chit chat

    The more the Brexit debate has gone on, the more I dislike the EU. What they are doing with Northern Ireland seems nothing short of territorial annexation; why not insist Southern Ireland leaves their club - that would prevent a hard border too, they are talking seriously about an EU army and they are trying to sanction democratically elected member states because they disagree with their policies. The EU is getting dangerously close to becoming dictatorship of bureaucrats at the expense of the individual countries.
  6. Well, didn't see that one coming!
  7. Mr Smith

    News chit chat

    I'd vote for it. It satisfies neither remain or leave, but it was never going to do that. Corbyn is playing politics with his 6-tests and no fucker else has any realist alternative other than "something better". Get on with the job. Also, I think another referendum would be a terrible way to resolve matters.
  8. We should have enough to beat these. 1-0.
  9. Mr Smith

    'Premier League 2'

    The Premier League has been good for people making money, but shit for football. This would be the same.
  10. Mr Smith

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    The problem with stats like that (and similar ones get peddled out for women at senior levels in the workplace) is that time needs to pass to redress the balance. The current crop of black/minority players will eventually become managers, however, the 7% figure should be compared to the number of black/minority players 15-years ago. As about 85% of the population is white, you could make an argument that white people are being heavily discriminated against at Premier League level.
  11. Mr Smith

    News chit chat

    I read through the first 100-pages of the withdrawal agreement - pretty impenetrable and per most EU legislation. I think people seem to disregard that this is dealing with the "divorce" aspect of leaving whilst we sort out a trade agreement. It isn't great, but nobody has yet suggested a credible alternative.

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