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  1. Mr Smith

    News chit chat

    Can't be any worse than the Tory or Labour parties they are leaving behind.
  2. Mr Smith

    Shit Referees

    Football should invest more in its referees - there's enough money in the game that the standard could improve. It should also protect them more. TV has turned football into a referee witch hunt and the top manager dump their long-term inadequacies on the decisions that refs have to make in a second. I don't think VAR is the answer, as sport is not a science and based on evoking emotion, part of the enjoyment is in those moments where folk fuck up. The problem is that there is so much money in football and too many fuckers are looking to protect their investments.
  3. Mr Smith

    Forest v Derby

    Hoping for a good game, however, pissed off it's on a Monday.
  4. Mr Smith

    News chit chat

    Better to allow them back and try them as criminals then let them become stateless and under the jurisdiction of nobody.
  5. Mr Smith

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    I missed this site more than bloody Forest. Didn't even realise there had been a game on Tuesday.
  6. Mr Smith

    Birmingham v Forest

    Doesn't seem to be a thread yet. Draw.
  7. Mr Smith

    Let's all laugh at Notts County

    To be fair, it would be more attractive to investors than County.
  8. Mr Smith

    NFFC Rumours

    I would rather us shift some deadwood than sign anybody. Surely MON can find a half decent team from our massively bloated squad.
  9. Not sorted out a club that has been languishing for decades in 1-week; terrible manager.
  10. Mr Smith


    It would be nice if we give MON (or any other manager) a bit of time.
  11. Mr Smith

    News chit chat

    Is that Lviv in the bottom right?
  12. Mr Smith

    News chit chat

    Agreed! How can he say he wants "no deal" off the table, whilst doing nothing to negotiate a deal and thus making no deal much more likely. Corbyn is only after his general election and sod everything else.
  13. Mr Smith

    News chit chat

    It is sickening how much Corbyn is playing politics with the Brexit agreement. Given the realistic options on the table, he should act in the national interest and support the government, instead of using this issue for his own ambitions.

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