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  1. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Our democracy is really shit. Leave and remain alliances restricting our choice because of Brexit, when a general election is so much more important and on much wider issues. The fact those in the speaker's constituency effectively don't get to vote because of "convention". Why the fuck were we so irate with the EU when our own democracy is a crusty wank pastry.
  2. Mr Smith

    Forest v Derby

    I hate Derby. I hope we stuff them 4-0.
  3. True, but at the time we didn't know the extent of the damage we were doing. Better to try and educate those countries as to the environmental impact and support greener ways to help their economies grow than allow them to make the same mistakes we did. I agree with a lot of the points that we can do fuck to save the world in the UK without the USA, China and India. However, we lead the world with the industrial revolution and there might be economic advantages to leading the world in de-carbonisation.
  4. Surely that depends on how the electricity is generated? If it comes from renewables then surely it makes sense. The thing I have never understood with environmentalism is the contempt for both fossil fuels and nuclear. Surely if you want to get rid of fossil fuels then nuclear is a very sensible alternative.
  5. I cannot understand what benefit there is for scientists in manipulating CO2 figures or why they would go through years of scientific study just to throw it all away for no apparent reason. Additionally, pretty much every scientist out there agrees that man made climate change is a thing. If there was real doubt about this then there would be more dissenting voices. Scientists do not benefit from taxes being raised, indeed, they have to pay taxes too so that argument is a load of bollocks. On the other hand, climate change deniers are usually the sort who don't believe in vaccines or that the world is round and tend to believe the fossil fuel companies and politicians who peddle that it is a myth... Because politicians and fossil fuel companies are entirely neutral and not looking at the short-term in this debate unlike those bastard scientists. Personally, I'll go with the experts and not those with a vested interest, as Charlie says, the risk of doing nothing could be catastrophic so why take that chance.
  6. Mr Smith

    Forest v Derby

    Form book and league table go out the window with these games. A draw is a sensible bet.
  7. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

  8. Mr Smith

    Forest v sheep

    An employment tribunal will almost certainly find in favour of Derby.
  9. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    Is it really that complex? It is ultimately a case of supply and demand: Less council houses (decreased supply) and increased population (increased demand).
  10. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    This choices at this election are as palatable as slightly warmed shit. The Tories have spent the last 3-years single handedly fucking up Brexit. They have put imploding as a party above trying to achieve a national consensus. They have shown themselves to be economically incompetent by being able to find the magic money tree at convenient moments, such as bribing the DUP. They have shown they are incapable of getting Brexit done. Labour have spent the last 3-years ignoring the national interest and focusing on Jeremy Corbyn's interests. They don't appear to have any cohesive policies, other than taking the country back to a 1970s socialist paradise. They have shown they are incapable of even deciding what to do. The Lib Dems want to bolster democracy by ignoring the biggest democratic exercise in the UK. Not sure if they have any policies beyond revoking article 50. Brexit have decided that all 52% of those who voted to leave wanted a hard Brexit and are happy to go with no deal in spite of the damage and chaos it will cause to the country and people’s lives. Fair play to Farage, as he has been pretty consistent for the past 20-years. Whatever happens it is going to be the same self-serving cunts who don't give a fuck about the country.
  11. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    I like how you criticise over-generalisations and then make an over-generalised statement (presumably intentionally). There were plenty of excellent reasons to leave the EU, however, within the group of people who voted leave were the sorts who got offended by Polish delis and having decent, affordable and available plumbers. It's like with Donald Trump; not all Trump supporters are racist, but all the racists support Trump.
  12. Mr Smith

    Forest v Reading

  13. Mr Smith

    The politics thread

    The problem is that, while Labour are utter shit, the Tories have pretty much fucked up Brexit on their own. It is a sad state for the country that we have one of the worst governments and oppositions ever. Both have proven they don't deserve power, although fair play to Boris for getting a deal that both Parliament and the EU can agree to.
  14. Mr Smith

    Forest v Hull


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