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  1. Ian


    Far from it. The average fan would welcome Clough with welcome arms in my opinion. I can’t and no one should forget the I’d swap all my Forest goals for a Derby one tonight shortly before a game. No need
  2. Ian


    Yeah and fuck him too
  3. Ian


    Why are you assuming I’m talking about under Fawaz.. Was he too good for us when in charge of the mighty Wycombe In 93 or when he again said no even after he agreed to Nigel Doughty you stated he was too good for us I disagree and think he’s come crawling back now he can’t get a job elsewhere. If he hadn't is on two European cups with us he wouldn’t be a serious contender
  4. Ian


    So Martin O’Neill is bigger than Forest yeah
  5. Ian


    I can see what point your trying to make.l and you’ve right in one sense but let’s not pretend Martin O’Neill is just a normal football manager to Nottingham Forest..
  6. Ian

    NFFC Rumours

    What spot did Karanka take us to in his first full season.. yep no one would give him that chance to have a full season..
  7. Ian


    Terrible appointment.. couldn’t have got much worse. I’d rather have had Clough Funny how he was too too good for us all these years and as soon as he can’t get another job he’s ready to take us on. What’s he turned us down two or three times. Shit Forest just shit, serves the Karanka out jokers right. Bet he’s laughing his tits off. Wouldn’t blame him either.
  8. Ian

    NFFC Rumours

    Jokanovic had Fulham in 10th 4 points from the playoffs after 26 games last season at the beginning of January last year.. Not just you but Forest fans would have sacked him.. Pointless appointment when your not prepared to give a manager time. Didn’t bother going yesterday, had a ticket as well, only the 2nd away game I’ve not gone or this year, nothing to do with whether I could go, if I had to look after my lad. Just didn’t have the stomach for it. Fuck knows how much It’s cost me following Forest home and away these last couple of years.. Then I read we are going for Carvalhal, Sousa from somewhere has come in the running, Clough, O’Neill.. just another season of false dawns and disappointment.
  9. Ian

    Karanka has gone

    Don’t blame him. Only so long you can stand people talking about sacking you no matter how much you earn. Poor show by Forest they should have sacked him or backed him weeks ago...
  10. What’s happening with Figueiredo.. got sent off against Villa missed three games suspended now this mysterious “dead leg” I'm no doctor but come on get him fit
  11. Ian

    Millwall v Forest

    Have you never disagreed with your manager.. all football players are grade A cunts
  12. Ok so we sack Karanka and our season gets better yeah........ when was the last time we sacked a manager mid season and we got better.. Megson sacked in league 1 was probably the last one or Billy Davies part 1.. so twice in about 20 years.. generally doesn’t work for us. Norwich finished 14th last season in their managers 1st season in charge and they are flying unexpectedly yes I know we’ve spent money but look at what Karanka had to start with, Matt Mills, Tyler Walker, Jason Cummings etc etc Personally I just don’t see the need for the change.. a point no matter how it happened is a good point Norwich away. Let’s try something novel and stop being so bloody fickle and keep a manager for the season maybe even two.. Would we be any worse off.. probably not. I thought we’d make the playoffs before yesterday and nothing I saw yesterday or all season makes me feel any different, couple of defensive additions and a keeper or keeping Dawson fit and I don’t think there are 6 teams better than us. See you at Millwall..
  13. Ian

    January transfer window

    I don’t think we will buy anyone. We stuck gold with Lolley last January unless there’s someone better than we’ve got I think we’ll add a couple of premier league loans maybe to freshen it up and that’ll be it.
  14. Fucking hell Dane have a day off from being miserable fucker.. it’s a tough Festive period in fairness top two and Millwall away which is never easy. These games will not decide Karanka future. I’m not sure how many games fans off here actually go to but the way Karanka is sung about at matches particularly away ones I don’t think he’ll go all season unless we go out of the top ten anytime soon and even then I doubt it. Merry Christmas

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