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  1. You want to judge him at Christmas.. and then what sack him if he isn’t up to it and go through another mid season change.... no no no no we need the right man on a 3 year plan in the summer
  2. Ian

    Martin O Neill

    If I was making the decision he would go, well he wouldn’t have been here in the first place. He’s done nothing since he’s been here to make me think he can take us up.. His team selections are baffling at times.... i know he wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I think Karanka would have got us in the top 6.. we wouldn’t have finished any lower in my opinion than we will with O’Neill.. Nice idea with O’Neill but we needed the O’Neill from 20 years ago..
  3. Ian

    Ipswich vs Forest

    Wow that was poor.. as poor as I’ve seen us this season.. not long back and nothing to say other than I’ll say again Yates is shit... whoever came up with singing the Brian Rice song with his name in is a cunt
  4. Ian

    Ipswich vs Forest

  5. Ian

    2019/2020 Season tickets

    Disappointed we’ve jumped on this silly bandwagon of renewing season tickets in March.. Asking people to stump up another £400 along with the normal cost of going to this season games, tickets food travel etc just don’t really see why we need to do it. Nothing wrong with doing this at the end of the season..
  6. Ian

    Forest v Villa

    I think Yacob is a good player at this level, did well under Karanka but not given a chance under O’Neill.. strange decision
  7. Ian

    Forest v Villa

    Just what do people see in Martin O’Neill the manager.. Didn’t he notice the acres of space on the Forest right for 90 mins while Lolley has no space on the left while our right hand sided “midfielder” Yates spent as much time on the Forest right midfield as I have this season.. I wish I wasn’t going to Ipswich now but at least I can get canned up before watching his awful football. Please get rid of him in the summer I couldn’t take a full season of this.. Although credit where it’s due I thought Villa were the best side I’ve seen away from home this year and again I thought up there what I’ve seen at home. Not sure how they aren’t higher..
  8. Ian

    City Ground to be re-developed

    Why would it give them a boost.. 75% of them will be gone by summer 2020 when work starts........
  9. Ian

    Forest v Derby

    Great result..well done Forest.. thought Osborn and Murphy were particularly good.. Must have been one of best atmospheres in recent memory.. the injury time singing fucking hate Derby was a highlight.. if only this could be the norm it would be a fortress.. Now this will be unpopular but I don’t get all this love for Yates he’s alright, works hands etc but that’s it.. I swear if we had signed him from Birmingham etc he wouldn’t have this status amongst the fans.. Still think we are missing some genuine quality that is needed to reach the playoffs particularly if Grabban is out for a bit.. Murphy played great tonight though. We are solid though and won’t concede many.
  10. Ian

    Forest v Derby

    Wow.. Least I’ve had a load of ale to watch this load of shite.. Murphy on his own up front at home to these.. come on for fucks sake
  11. Ian

    Forest v Derby

    2-1 Forest Is it a coincidence how we’ve looked a lot more solid since Keane came in ?
  12. Ian


    Funny how we were competing before he came in.....
  13. Ian

    Birmingham v Forest

    Our manager is in his 3rd game. If our “management team” can’t spot Grabban and Carvalho should be playing over this lot in 2 minutes I’d be worried..
  14. Ian

    Birmingham v Forest

    Grabban our top goal scorer and our best player Carvalho not playing says everything about our management team..

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