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  1. In terms of the original thread question obviously 4 points already, Norwich at home Bolton and Leeds away, I’d like to think we can do 6 more points which would be like Danny says we would be flying but I think we are more likely to do a win and draw and a defeat.
  2. Me neither.. only on this forum I go on a bus with guys who go home and away, they are pretty positive about the season from the conversations we have.. I’ll take the regulars word over it over someone who admits he lost interest..
  3. Yes I follow you around.. I’m 37 I go on here a few times a week but I can’t think of anyone who annoys me like you do with your no patience mentality I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again you’d have sacked Clough and Clark if you were in charge when they had a poor run.. if you look I probably post once a week if that so I’m hardly following anyone I know I seem pro AK but I’m not actually I just don’t see the point of a change after 12 games when I think we are on the verge of doing well. A change will kill our season in my opinion. I thought the last run of games in between these absurd international breaks was important for him and to be fair he did well points wise. Not many teams will beat Boro away but also not many teams will not beat Millwall at home. I have only missed 2 games Reading at home and Blackburn away I really think you should go to a few more games before judging we are 5th Show me anyone who wouldn’t have took that in October.. I know there will be people out there but give to Christmas at least eh
  4. Wow.. for someone who doesn’t really care anymore you sure spend some time on here moaning and trying to prove yourself right Not sure why you are trying guess our points performance for the whole season based on not even a third of the season. Why don’t you just wait till the end of the season and judge then.. I also don’t buy this crap about Jan - May points and wins.. he signed or loaned 11 players in two days I think and was left in the bargain bucket, we kept Pantilimon, Colback, Watson, Guedioura and Joe Lolley.. out of those only Watson you could say this season has underperformed slightly although I thought he played well at Boro.. The rest were sent back and then AK had the summer to rebuild which he has done. If he had come in from the summer and signed these players no one would be saying AK out. He’s had 12 games with his squad. Forget last season for fucks sake, who says we live in the past eh. Didn’t I read on here in the summer glad that seasons gone and all teams start afresh in August You won’t like this neither will others but there’s more spending coming in January you know that right ?
  5. Ian

    Karanka - sack or keep

    Keep So bring in another who wants different players and it starts all again. 11 games into the season and you want another one out.. i bet I could find posts in the summer from each one who says out saying give him the season..hold your bloody nerve will you.. see where we are at Christmas.. I would still give him the season personally..
  6. Someone on here told me a few weeks ago that players didn’t need to gel.. can’t remember who.. I agree, lots to do but the last 4 games it seems to be getting there. The last international break seems to have done us good, we probably needed some time away from the glare of the championship to work on the training pitch after throwing so many new players together over the summer. Lets hope we can build some consistency now in the league and get a couple more wins before the next international break in a couple of weeks.
  7. No extra time.. penalties if all square after 90 mins..
  8. Bet there’s some disappointed folks on here at half time.. few gone a bit quiet
  9. Ian

    NFFC Rumours

    I don’t know Savo i am not the owner, I imagine he will not get endless funds all season though. I agree to a point and You don’t honestly think he isn’t coaching them. It just hasn’t gelled yet. The season is a month old though, let’s remember where Frank Clarke has us in November 1993.. 18th if you didn’t know, you lot would have sacked him in October.
  10. Ian

    NFFC Rumours

    I get that Danny I really do.. He needs to decide on his preferred line up and play them consistently. He’s been unlucky with injuries with his first choice RB Byram and a first choice midfielder in Geddy who started the season on fire not Being available. Karanka has no choice but to deliver and deliver now.. whilst I believe he should get the season I don’t think he’ll get to Christmas with similar results until the next international break.. I’ll stick my neck out and say it will
  11. Ian

    NFFC Rumours

    You’d think it was your money the way you lot go on.. Did you expect every single signing to work out. Personally I’d give them more time to gel but I’m not a football manager maybe Karanka has seen enough already.. he showed last season he didn’t give players many chances. I don’t see where the issue is again it’s not my money and if an extra signing or two makes the difference and we gel it could be worth it.. lets see what happens it’s the international break so have a break from it
  12. Brentford 1-2 Forest.. Traffic is dogshit been on the coach since 0830 and ran out of beer an hour ago..
  13. Must be loads then. Who do you want ?
  14. Only if he signs Benson and Hedges

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