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  1. Lee


    Amusing Savage rant turned into video
  2. Lee

    Like TV?

    www.piggymoo.com That has a reasonable amount of stuff on it
  3. do you want me to? Here i'll post your picutre for you as you have done it on most of the other forums.
  4. thought id pop in and have a look, while Alex C goes about his business trying to bully me(in vain). you know how it is.
  5. Its nice not having anything important to do tomorrow. Apart from breathe, eat and drink(of course)
  6. Lee

    Champ Man 01/02

    Ok, that season i couldn't do it.. but ive been able to do all other seasons i had
  7. Lee

    Champ Man 01/02

    The most irritating season, the most enjoyment i got out of it was throwing it across the room and it shattering.

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