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  1. Art Vandelay

    PES 2020

    Everyone's a Wally! Yes, I remember that. The Great Escape was great. That style of game was quite rare in those days, where you had an aim but were free to do what you wanted within that world. I'm sure there's name for that style but I'm too out of touch to know what it is. Skool Daze/Back to Skool were like that and also great. Only if you got caught you'd get lines rather than killed by a firing squad. Did that happen in Great Escape? Or I might be thinking of Alcatraz Harry. I remember when someone told me about 'Back to Skool' and all the things you could do within it I assumed they were winding me up as it just sounded must too detailed and sophisticated, but it was all true
  2. Art Vandelay

    NFFC Rumours

    Leeds' squad must have averaged about 19 players for the last three years while Forest's must be about 35. Might have something to do with it. Just a guess and Bristol City must have brought in over £50m just from Webster, Reid, Kelly and Flint in the last couple of seasons so I doubt they'll have any worries......
  3. Art Vandelay

    Championship chit chat

    I suppose that's true. Although there are a lot more team changes generally compared with Forest's League Cup glory days. A lot of sides make numerous changes if they have three league games in a week. But if football league sides do find a few extra cup matches such a chore then why do they persist with the EFL trophy? While we're on the cups it struck me this season that the scheduling of the FA Cup isn't helping regarding weakened teams. The Third round comes straight after the mad Christmas run of four league games in ten days, then Round Four comes after a rare full midweek Premier League programme. If they held both rounds a week later they'd come after virtually blank midweeks instead, surely meaning far fewer players would be rested.
  4. Art Vandelay

    Recommend a film

    Cam - camgirl based mystery thriller type thing. The end was a bit of anti-climax, albeit deliberately so, and I think it would have worked better as a tv series but it was alright. I'll go 6/10 Midsommar - Four American friends travel to Sweden to a religious festival. What could possibly go wrong? I'd like to comment on a few plot points but I won't say any more as it's best to know nothing going in. I'll go 7.5/10
  5. Art Vandelay

    What's Lviv backed today.

    I supose 7/4 and 5/4 are common odds so it's easier to just keep 6/4. I'll take your word for it on the tic tac. I've never followed horse racing but I did always enjoy John McCririck, in the days before he was released into the mainstream, doing his thing quite needlessly while talkling to camera on Channel Four racing.
  6. Art Vandelay

    Championship chit chat

    Is it though? I don't hear many lower league fans, or even managers, complaining about it. Seems to be just the managers of the biggest clubs who moan about it. Some of my best memories of Forest are from the League Cup, I'd be really disappointed if they ditched it altogether. Although I suppose it would save me from the yearly disappointment of Forest getting knocked out with an under strength team.... Agree about a Champions League place for the FA Cup winner. That'd be great.
  7. Art Vandelay

    Championship chit chat

    I remember that idea coming up years ago but there was some political/uefa rules reason why we couldn't do it. To do with Scottish and English clubs being under different associations or something. I like the idea in theory though.
  8. Art Vandelay

    PES 2020

    I remember a lot of these, although I did have to look up 'Make A Chip'. Can't say I feel I missed out on much there. Imagine inviting a bunch of friends round to show off your new computer and then bringing out that In Pyjamarama I think the ultimate aim was to get the key to set your alarm clock. Which for some reason involved getting other objects and solving puzzles and such. Bearing in mind it was set in the guy's house I'm not sure why he didn't just keep the key next to his clock, would have saved a lot of bother. The same character was in a few other games. Automania was the other one I had, where he worked in a car factory. There was one where he had to rescue his family from cannibals
  9. Art Vandelay

    News chit chat

    It is only the ancient and weirdos who are interested but there are an awful lot of both. I really don't even know what the story is with Harry and don't have enough interest to find out.
  10. Art Vandelay

    NFFC Rumours

    By who? Mark Arthur?
  11. Art Vandelay

    Recommend a film

    The Miseducation of Cameron Post - Drama where a teenager girl is sent to away to a religious camp for 'conversion therapy' due to her gayness. It was a bit lightweight but watchable enough. I'll go 6/10 Mayhem - Horror thriller type thing where there's this virus and it makes people lose all their inhibitions and act on impulse or something. There's an outbreak in zzzzzzzzzzzz. I don't care about anyone in the film or anything that happened. If you want to watch people killing each other in an office block go with The Belko Experiment instead. Or just don't bother. I'll go 3/10
  12. Art Vandelay

    PES 2020

    I'm going to keep the nostalgia going with the folllowing - what was your first computer of your own and first game? Mine was the classic Spectrum 48k, with rubber keys (still have it, still works). First game, not including the 'Horizons' tape that came with it, was Hungry Horace
  13. Art Vandelay

    What's Lviv backed today.

    I think decimal odds are getting more popular, they're an option on all the bookmaker sites now and are the default setting on Betfair. I don't suppose any bookmaker will get rid of them altogether though unless everyone does it as they'd lose customers. Particularly their most set in their ways, easily confused customers. And those are their favourite kind..... Some sites have the choice of decimal, fractional, or 'American style'. I don't even know what that means.... If we're doing odds questions, I always wondered why the 100/30 ever existed. Why not just 10/3?
  14. Art Vandelay

    Forest v Luton

    3-1 Mick Harford to put them in front, Webb and 2 for Clough for Forest. (Lee Chapman to have a goal wrongly ruled out for offside).
  15. Art Vandelay

    What's Lviv backed today.

    I've been backing Watford every week for what seems like ages with some success, yet every week their opponents are the favourites. It's happened again so I'm going Watford again against Tottenham. Villa 4/1 looks fairly generous. When I first started betting anyone being over 7/1 in a league game was quite a rare occurrence and 10/1 would be a once or twice a season thing. Palace 30/1 to win at Man City tomorrow

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