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  1. Art Vandelay

    Premier League chit chat

    I've just looked this up and to qualify for a medal you have to play five games so I guess that rules out Schwarzer. It seems harsh on the keepers though. It must be a weird life as a reserve keeper. You're training with the first team every day, travelling to all the games, getting changed, then just sit and watch the match and go home again. Again and again.
  2. Art Vandelay

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    That's the view Forest usually take with player recruitment.
  3. Art Vandelay

    NFFC Rumours

    Forget him. Firstly, it's not just 35 grand a week because it's not like we have a shortage of players, that 35 grand is on top of whatever we'd be paying Guedioura, Yacob, Bridcutt, Watson etc to not play. So we'd effectively be paying him about 100k a week Secondly, to justify that kind of wage he needs to make the difference between midtable or challenging for the top two, is that Colback? Van Hooidonk instead of Neil Shipperly? Yes. Stan Collymore instead of Bob Rosario? Yes. Colback instead of whoever? Not so much.
  4. Art Vandelay

    Premier League chit chat

    Clichy is the other one I was after. It was in the Times on Monday, Schwarzer wasn't included there but you're right, he was at Chelsea and Leicester when they won the league. Although it would be an exaggeration to say he 'played for them'
  5. Art Vandelay

    What Have You Been Watching?

    WWDITS starts on Sunday on bbc2 I've been watching computer game themed sitcom Dead Pixels. It won't be for everyone but I quite like it. Bit of a Peep Show/Fresh Meat sort of feel about it.
  6. Art Vandelay

    Premier League chit chat

    No to RVP, but yes to Tevez and Huth. One left.... I thought Berg or Huth would be last to be got.
  7. Art Vandelay

    Premier League chit chat

    Good guesses but I'm ruling out....... Drinkerwater joined Chelsea after they won it, May left Blackburn before they won it, Cantona's Leeds win was the last season before the Premier League (David Batty also), Viera and Lampard didn't win it with Man City. Yes to Cole, Berg, Anelka, Toure, Kante, and Mahrez. Three more
  8. Art Vandelay


    I'd have been virtually certain of winning the Telegraph fantasy football if Derby had gone out tonight. Now I've got a two week wait and have to pray Wilson doesn't score in the final I felt sick watching that. Worst play off experience since Yeovil.
  9. Art Vandelay

    News chit chat

    It's ridiculous that he was sacked for that. Although I don't know why anyone like him would bother with Twitter. It just seems too risky. One joke taken out of context or an accidental retweet of something dodgy, and a load of tossers will kick off, it'll be blown out of all proportion by the media, and you could lose your job. It's just not worth the risk or the hassle. I think the most offensive thing that's ever happened involving Danny Baker was when he left 606 and was replaced by David Mellor...... David Mellor!
  10. Art Vandelay

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    Of course it won't happen. That's what a sensibly run club taking a long term approach would do. I expect Forest will do the exact opposite.
  11. Art Vandelay

    Premier League chit chat

    Just nine players have won the Premier League title with two clubs. Who are they?
  12. Art Vandelay

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    It's going to be very hard to shift most of them because nobody else will give them the wages they're on at Forest and/or a longer deal. Suppose it depends how many of them are willing to take wage cuts for first team football.... What we should do really is just write off the next couple of seasons, sign nobody at all, and just let their contracts run down while moving on anyone we can. Although we should have begun that process three years go.
  13. Art Vandelay

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

  14. I took the old hard drive out, that went quite smoothly, but the new box was a totally different set up inside. It looked a lot more trouble so I abandoned it. I had three weeks worth of Match of the Days saved up as well I think I might end up having Virgin for broadband, they're the only ones who have their own phone lines aren't they? I cancelled Sky because the broadband had gone to shit and they refused to send an engineer out. But it's not much better with Plusnet. There's obviously a problem with the actual line but nobody seems willing or able to do anything. Baby shower? Are congratulations appropriate or are you organising it for someone else? That Royal Baby maybe? No, I have no experience of anything to do with babies really. I don't rate them to be honest. It took me a while to even register what a 'baby shower' was. I quickly went through the options of it being a tiny shower that you fitted onto a bath, then some kind of shower you use for cleaning a baby, before finally settling on what I assume to have been your actual meaning. The whole process only a took a couple of seconds but even so, it gives some indication of my lack of knowledge in this area.
  15. Art Vandelay

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    He could get a goal every other game in the Championship. So, over an entire season, he could score as many as three goals.

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