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  1. Every midweek Championship game all season is live on the red button
  2. Sorry DB. At least I left it at that one, I also found your exclusive news of Billy Sharp joining Accrington but chose not to bring that up again
  3. Art Vandelay

    NFFC Rumours

    Puncheon would be perfect. Best years behind him? Tick. No better than the load of players we already have in that position? Tick. Barely played in at least two years? Tick. He ticks all the boxes, so let's get him in. A four year deal should clinch it
  4. I suppose McKay is certain to score, athough there must be an ex-Forest player at most teams by now....1-1
  5. Art Vandelay

    NFFC Rumours

    I'm sure it happens to most clubs at some point but I think we are out of the ordinary in that we permanently have too many players. To be fair to Karanka, although the turnover of players has been crazy, the squad is no bigger than it's been for the last three years and not much bigger than it's been for much of the last decade. People seem to be picking up on it more because of all the signings but it's been a problem for a long time. That piece in the Post seems to be some kind of propaganda to justify having a ridiculous number of players but picking out a figure of the total players used over the season is meaningless. A better indication of whether a club has too many players and/or no idea what their actual team is, is to look at the number of players starting, let's say over five league games during the season. Last season Wolves had 17, Cardiff and Fulham had 19 (West Brom 17, Boro 19, Leeds who were a bit of a shambles 20) - Forest had 26 and the year before it was 28! The last time we were promoted it was 16 and when we finished 3rd in the Premier League it was 14
  6. Art Vandelay

    NFFC Rumours

    But you're not comparing like for like figures. The 'first team squad' and the 'total players used' aren't the same. Most clubs will use around 30 players over the season, but at most clubs the first team is 16-20 with the other ten or so made up of kids making a handful of appearances, mostly off the bench, over the season. At Forest they're mostly senior pros who should be expecting to play regular football at this level. To spin things the other way last season Wolves first team was basically 16 players, 17 after adding Afobe in January. Forest's total players used was 35.
  7. Art Vandelay

    NFFC Rumours

    I wasn't even going to bother commenting, it's standard Forest business really isn't it? I'd be surprised if we don't sign at least another five random waifs and strays before the end of the season. When I saw Jonathan Walters had gone to Ipswich on on deadline day, I was shocked we weren't in for him. He ticks all the Forest boxes. We let one get away there.....
  8. Art Vandelay

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    They do seem to be retrospectively allocating a meaning to shirt numbers that didn't really exist at the time. Pre-squad numbers the 8 would usually be a central midfielder but would be a Paul Ince just as much as a Paul Gascoigne. Even the most used 'number ten position' isn't actually true is it? Not in English football anyway. I remember 9 and 10 just being allocated quite arbitrarily to the front two - At Forest Nigel was the playmaker type and wore 9, while the main striker was 10, the last year we wore proper shirt numbers (I think) Collymore was 10 and Bohinen(?) was 9. For england Beardsley was 9 and Lineker 10 etc. Thinking about it I miss the regular 1-11 numbers. The way they were allocated added an extra bit character to each team For example Forest had the classic style while Liverpool's random individualist way made them look a bit twatish, which of course they were. And then the squad numbers added an extra unique feature to International tournaments. So there's another thing for the list - squad numbers in domestic football
  9. Yeah, it is strange that when we hit that awful run around the time Karanka went nuts bringing in a load of random waifs and strays in January, that was justified as doing what he had to do to keep us up, the current players weren't up to it etc. Yet Warburton had that same squad of supposed no-hopers who all needed shipping out comfortably in mid-table yet was apparently doing a bad job and deserved to be sacked. Odd. Although I wouldn't worry about FFP. A couple of years under a total transfer ban is the best thing that could possibly happen to Forest.
  10. Art Vandelay

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    The phrase 'the quarter back' role. What the hell is that? bringing up something from some awful obscure sport nobody gives a shit about to describe something happening in the most popular game in the World is just stupid. What's next, explaining Chelsea's new look by referencing polo or quidditch. Stop it
  11. Art Vandelay

    Fantasy Football

    Not so sure about the 'Life' chapter
  12. What a charming story. I've disposed of a few bodies in my time and my general rule is that anything larger than a mouse gets a burial, things around mouse size get rolled under the hedge, only the very small or things with under 50% of their body remaining go in the bin. The only drawback is I don't really remember where I buried things so there's always the possibility of uncovering something revolting. Once there was pigeon smeared all over the driveway in a quite spectacularly grotesque scene and I couldn't face dealing with it so just left it and the next day it was totally gone. Which has reminded my of this event which I'll share here......I've had an old broken barbecue hanging around outside for ages not really knowing what to do with it and my mum said "just leave it outside and the rag and bone man will take it". I thought I don't think so because it's not 1948 but I left it outside and someone did indeed take it away. Who knew that was a thing
  13. Art Vandelay

    Fantasy Football

    So the best fullback in the league misses one game and you immediately ditch him but your goalkeeper misses six games and is obviously not first choice and you leave it? You've got things back to front H-B I'm not really qualified to give advice on the official premier game. I don't like it and only really played it to make sure saurus didn't win the forum mini-league I think generally people don't make additional transfers. I might have a look at the player list later see if I spot any bargains. One tip is save your second wildcard to near the end of the season, they'll be a midweek in April with some rescheduled games. You can use your wildcard the week before to stock up on the best players involved in the midweek games then use the 'bench boost' the week of the extra games to have a whole squad of players playing two matches. You can make up a lot of ground there
  14. I don't particularly like Karanka but if you're going to sack a manager who's done a pretty decent job and then let his replacement ship out a majority of the squad and spend a huge amount buying an whole new squad you should at least give him a full season.

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