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  1. Art Vandelay

    Recommend a film

    The Miseducation of Cameron Post - Drama where a teenager girl is sent to away to a religious camp for 'conversion therapy' due to her gayness. It was a bit lightweight but watchable enough. I'll go 6/10 Mayhem - Horror thriller type thing where there's this virus and it makes people lose all their inhibitions and act on impulse or something. There's an outbreak in zzzzzzzzzzzz. I don't care about anyone in the film or anything that happened. If you want to watch people killing each other in an office block go with The Belko Experiment instead. Or just don't bother. I'll go 3/10
  2. Art Vandelay

    PES 2020

    I'm going to keep the nostalgia going with the folllowing - what was your first computer of your own and first game? Mine was the classic Spectrum 48k, with rubber keys (still have it, still works). First game, not including the 'Horizons' tape that came with it, was Hungry Horace
  3. Art Vandelay

    What's Lviv backed today.

    I think decimal odds are getting more popular, they're an option on all the bookmaker sites now and are the default setting on Betfair. I don't suppose any bookmaker will get rid of them altogether though unless everyone does it as they'd lose customers. Particularly their most set in their ways, easily confused customers. And those are their favourite kind..... Some sites have the choice of decimal, fractional, or 'American style'. I don't even know what that means.... If we're doing odds questions, I always wondered why the 100/30 ever existed. Why not just 10/3?
  4. Art Vandelay

    Forest v Luton

    3-1 Mick Harford to put them in front, Webb and 2 for Clough for Forest. (Lee Chapman to have a goal wrongly ruled out for offside).
  5. Art Vandelay

    What's Lviv backed today.

    I've been backing Watford every week for what seems like ages with some success, yet every week their opponents are the favourites. It's happened again so I'm going Watford again against Tottenham. Villa 4/1 looks fairly generous. When I first started betting anyone being over 7/1 in a league game was quite a rare occurrence and 10/1 would be a once or twice a season thing. Palace 30/1 to win at Man City tomorrow
  6. Art Vandelay

    NFFC Rumours

    I believe it after I looked him up......
  7. Art Vandelay

    What's Lviv backed today.

    Don't think so, they're not like online casinos where every offer is a borderline scam and you have to scrutinise all the Ts and Cs. it's the total net loss on all shares not each individual loss and you have to opt in but there's nothing hidden or weird to worry about. Also paying out 10p a share on any player who moves during January (must be priced at £1 or more and move to one of the 'big five' leagues). https://trade.footballindex.co.uk/janmoneybackoffer/
  8. Art Vandelay

    What's Lviv backed today.

    Footballindex refunding net loses up to £500 until the end of January...........
  9. Art Vandelay

    PES 2020

    I used to like the idea of Subbuteo. I imagined getting different teams in the proper kits, and slowly building up a whole stadium with stands and all the extras, the dugout, little figures for the manager and the crowd etc. Then I played it and discovered it was actually a bit crap so I didn't bother.
  10. Art Vandelay

    NFFC Rumours

    I like quite like Gayle but nobody's going to pay 20m for a 30 year old reserve player who's out of contract in a year. Madness. OK, that is the sort of thing Forest might possibly do but nobody else.....
  11. Art Vandelay

    PES 2020

    There wasn't a more upsetting sight as a child than the dreaded "R Tape loading Error" IKS would have experienced similar emotions if his stick snapped while he was rolling his hoop.......
  12. Art Vandelay

    PES 2020

    Goal was good, it was just too long coming out after Kick Off 2. By then everyone had already moved on to Sensible Soccer. If it had come out before, or even closer to, Sensible it would have been much more popular. I don't remember World Cup Carnival at all. Kick Off 2 had a tournament version that was the exact teams and format of Italia 90 but I remember a few others just took a guess. One of them had Oman as one of the Asian sides. Even if you had to guess who'd be there, why would you go with Oman?! I see Canival was a US Gold game. I remember having few US Gold compilations, but they'd chosen not to include it on any of them
  13. Art Vandelay

    Jokes post yours here

    What is the best Christmas present in the World? A broken drum - you just can't beat it. Did Rudolph go to school? No, he was elf tought
  14. Art Vandelay

    PES 2020

    Kevin Keegan's Player Manager was a kind of mythical game on the Amiga that was rumoured to be a sequal to Player Manager but nobody could ever actually get hold of a copy. Some people claimed to have seen it, knew someone who had it, read a review etc but I'm sure it never actually existed. Obviously Player Manager on the Amiga was one of the all time greats. When Dino Dini (Kick Off and Player Manager creator) split with Anco he went on to do Goal, which was what Kick Off 3 should have been while Anco released the actual Kick Off 3 (which was rubbish) and then Player Manager 2 (also rubbish). I think Kevin Keegan must have been an alternative name for a version of Player Manager 2 which came later on SNES and it got confused with Goal and Player Manager 2 on the Amiga and the myth of Dini Dini's alternative sequal grew. We must have spent hours trying to track that down.... I had FOTY, that was one of the few games I actually had a proper bought version of and It came in a slightly odd shaped box that didn't quite fit in my tape rack. I remember the best thing about it being how the results would come in like the vidiprinter on Grandstand I bet the Spectrum will still work. They last for ever.
  15. Art Vandelay

    PES 2020

    I had Championship Manager 93 on the Amiga. The Forest squad was terrible - I had Gary Bannister and Jason Kaminsky up front and Stuart Pearce would always announce his retirement after the first season The game I played most was Player Manager on the Amiga - kick off style game play but you would control just one player with the rest computer controlled each with their own unique attributes. You could design your own tactics and buy and sell players. Your player would start out at 29 and as he got older his attributes would change accordingly. Normally I'd stop when he got to about 45 but one time I kept going to see what happened when he got stupidly old. I played up to 99 (pace 1, stamina 1, strength 1 etc) hoping he'd reset at 0 the next year and build his way up again. Sadly not and eventually I retired as what I'm assuming is the World's first 101 year old top flight midfielder

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