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  1. Never in doubt. I even made it interesting by letting you get closer on the last day. I would have had to leave the forum for at least a week if Id have screwed that up. I cant remember the last time I was up after midnight. Anything after 10pm is late for me these days. I dont drink and Im training for an Ironman. Life has changed a lot since this thread started.
  2. I see the Fantasy Premier League thread has disappeared now Im running away with it. I blame Art of course.
  3. Thanks. It took me 19 months to get over the squash thing before I could reply.
  4. Murf

    Running - who does it?

    I used to hate running. Started doing it about 2 years ago to get fit after I quit 5 a side, now I'm addicted. Did my first marathon in April, a half ironman in May and I'm training for my second marathon in October and an ultra 4 weeks after. Fucking love it. It's just so relaxing. And yeah, I used to think all runners were cunts too, so I sympathise.
  5. Murf

    Another terrorist attack in France

    And this country is still selling them weapons. Utter fucking madness.
  6. Gandhi once said while adding some Robinson's Lemon Barley to his water, "even in a minority of one, water first".
  7. Murf

    Out of respect for Jo Cox...

    Call off the police investigation, Bestwood Red of Forestfans.net has cracked the case.
  8. Murf

    Out of respect for Jo Cox...

    You started a fucking 32 page thread blaming Muslims for acts committed by individuals you fucking mug. An individual's actions committed in the name of something does not represent a whole group of people. Your Monster Raving Loony analogy explains the point you completely fucking missed perfectly. Well done. I assume you stop blaming Muslims for the actions of extremists now.
  9. Murf

    Out of respect for Jo Cox...

    Ha, ha, it's nice that you've missed me. I'm not back, I just happened to be browsing the internet reading the news coverage and it made me think, I wonder what the Forest Forum racists make of this event.
  10. Murf

    Out of respect for Jo Cox...

    Michael Adebowale had a long history of mental illness.
  11. Murf

    Out of respect for Jo Cox...

    To be fair, this forum is full of EDL, Britain First types. The terrorist who killed Jo Cox was representing Britain First. When Lee Rigby was killed, people on this forum exploded with anger, blaming all Muslims. Does Tommy Mair represent all right wingers like Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale apparently represent all Muslims?
  12. Murf

    Out of respect for Jo Cox...

    On the off chance that her grieving relatives are reading the forum of a 2nd division football team from a different part of the country?
  13. NO. Water first. It's just better that way.

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