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  1. H-Block

    PES 2020

    Commodore 64 for me, Art. It came bundled with Sly Spy Secret Agent (conversion of the brilliant Data East arcade game which in itself was an unashamed James Bond rip off, two of the end of level bosses were lookalikes of Jaws and Oddjob), Shadow Warriors, Nightbreed (based on the Clive Barker film), Midnight Resistance (I could only play it once and the tape packed in, sent away to Ocean Software for a replacement but the one they sent loaded the game but with none of the background graphics showing, just your character and the bad guys, not sure what was going on there), Trivial Pursuit, Split Personalities (puzzle game where you had to rearrange tiles into Spitting Image style photos of World leaders like Thatcher and Gorbachov), Confusion (puzzle game where you had to re-arrange tiles to stop a bomb from going off.....or was it to make the bomb go off............slightly struggling to remember now.......) and Snare (top down view action game where you guided a hover speeder thing through a gigantic space hulk). As for the first game I bought, I seem to remember Code Masters did some tape for 99p which purported to let you create your own games.........I bought it thinking I'd be the next Shigeru Miyamoto but couldn't even get it to work properly.........either that or Barbarian, which was was brilliant to play and fucking brutal at times, a game that featured decapitations way before Mortal Kombat.
  2. H-Block

    PES 2020

    I had Super Striker as a kid, the one where you pressed the players heads down and it made them shoot the ball. Move over FIFA 2020! But as much as it replicated "live action football" the matches were only five a side and you weren't able to add to your collection the way you could with Subbuteo. So in later life as an adult I got into Subbuteo as something to collect. As well as various teams I collected some floodlights, a grandstand, some terracing (complete with supporters!), a tv camera.......it was kind of like a train set for people who wanted to replicate a football ground instead of their village railway station. I'm not actively collecting at the moment but a couple of Christmases back I was given a "streaker set" which included two bobbies and a naked woman (I shit you not!), it even came with rules which allowed you to have the streaker interrupt the match at certain moments and how the bobbies would go about catching her! I gather there's a version with a male streaker available if anybody wants to pay homage to that bloke who used to streak during FA Cup matches back in the day?
  3. H-Block

    NFFC Rumours

    Chaps, is there a definitive list online of who we've brought in and who we've let go in this transfer window?
  4. H-Block

    PES 2020

    You've just reminded me, mate, I had a good laugh playing this one in the arcade at Cleethorpes. Unfortunately Dragon Chan would always do me with that flying kick. I later had it on the Commodore 64 where it was called Frank Bruno's World Championship boxing, but the opponent boxer names were changed, eg, Bear Hugger was now "Canadian Crusher". Unfortunately there was some problem with my version of the game and the second match would never load, meaning I never did get my re-match with Dragon Chan. As you've highlighted, dodgy tapes or poorly aligned tape decks would often cause games to fail to load on the 8-bit computers, which was something of a pain in the arse and ultimately drove me to exchange my C64 for a Sega Megadrive. I must say, this thread has unearthed many happy childhood memories
  5. H-Block

    PES 2020

    Great history lesson by Art. Even though I was playing video games quite avidly by this point Goal seems to have completely passed me by. Although in a sense I'm actually quite relived we've found one I haven't played! I looked up an online review to see what I'd missed out on and in that review found a reference to a game called World Cup Carnival for the 8-bit computers. It was the official game of World Cup 1986 and came with a free World Cup wall chart (!), but apparently those are about the only good things you can say about it. Here's a link to an Interesting article on the game: https://retronauts.com/article/889/the-world-cup-game-that-became-a-nightmare Has anyone played this? Was it really that bad? Come to think of it, for some reason in my time the official World Cup games were always a bit shit. I had World Cup Italia 90 on the Megadrive and it was crap even by the standards of the time. The players looked like they'd been ripped out of a table football set and "ran" with all the pace of an arthritic sloth walking through a swamp of treacle. Attempting anything approaching a passing game was virtually impossible and you can only really score by lumping a long ball up front and having your centre forward head the ball past the keeper. Also, despite being the official World Cup game the 24 playable teams didn't reflect the teams who'd actually qualified for World Cup 90. Eg, Algeria, Hungary and Poland were in the game but Cameroon, Ireland and Romania weren't! Talk about taking the piss! I gather these days the official World Cup game is a downloadable add-on for FIFA? I guess that probably works better than having to take a punt on the likes of World Cup Carnival?
  6. H-Block

    What's wrong with the UK?

    My take is if I can go down the pub and watch other blokes who are equally or frankly more unfit than me do it, then it's not a "sport". Same goes for snooker, have never understood the viewing public's fascination with it.
  7. I don't see the relevance of who started polluting first. They are one of the major polluters of the World now, I read that they, the US and India account for 90 odd percent of the World's pollution whereas we're responsible for about 2%, so it makes no sense for us or similar sized nations to try to take the lead on this. They are the ones responsible for the vast majority of the pollution and the onus is really on them to clean their act up. I don't wish any disrespect to people like yourself who make a principled decision to change their lifestyle for the greater good, it's just that people who know much more about this sort of thing than me and have spent their whole lives researching it tell me nothing us in the UK can do either as individuals or as a nation can do anything to change the situation until the big boys get their act together. So my take is if people want to walk to work, holiday in the UK or whatever because they think it's the morally right thing to do, then fair play to them, but equally I don't think it's right or fair to emotionally blackmail people into making lifestyle changes that in some cases might reduce their quality of life or cause inconvenience when the evidence is those lifestyle changes don't actually change the World for the better.
  8. H-Block

    PES 2020

    Yeah, I had that one too come to think of it. At one point it was the only football management game you could get for consoles. I liked the way you could either "reward" the players with a day off or "punish" them with hard training. Have to say I tended to punish mine!
  9. H-Block

    PES 2020

    You are a decorated veteran, Sir, and I salute you. When I had a Commodore 64 a mate lent me Football Manager 2 (admittedly a good few years after it was first released) and my overriding memory is signing Gary Lineker but before he was famous. I thought I'd pulled off the transfer of the decade but I don't think he scored a single goal for me. I'm starting to realise I know far too much about football computer and video games for my own good.
  10. H-Block

    PES 2020

    Both immersive in their own way. CM01/02 is the pinnacle of football management games for me. It struck just the right balance between detail and accessibility. For me these games lost their way a bit once they became "Football Manager" and gradually added more and more options and things to deal with before you can actually play a game. The features all sound great and clearly add to the realism of the games, but it gets to the stage where playing the "game" feels more like a chore, almost like having a part time job to log into after you finish your 9 to 5. I'm not the first person to say this but if they brought out the CM01/02 match engine with today's teams, players and league structure it would be a Football Manager beater. SWOS was novel for it's time by combining an action style football game with wafer thin management options like being able to make transfer bids. You could start with an ordinary or lower league team and gradually add more decent players until after a few seasons you were World beaters. I remember starting with Flora Tallinn of Estonia (don't ask me why, I'm not quite sure either) and after about ten seasons my Estonian journeymen had been replaced with David Seaman, Paolo Maldini, Hagi, Romario, Ronaldo, (all World class players at the time) and I was winning Champions League titles. It was fun at the time!
  11. H-Block

    PES 2020

    Whilst I take my hat off to your retro football game knowledge, you assume incorrectly! I've played a fair few 8, 16 and 32 bit football games in my time and in terms of how playable and impactful the game was for it's time I'd say without hesitation that the best football game of all time is International Superstar Soccer on the Super Nintendo. Released by Konami in 1995, this game was the forerunner of PES. It was the first game to combine a realistic football simulation with life like (at least for the time) graphics, with teams all having the same kit as their real life counterparts as some teams having players who bore more than a passing resemblance to well known footballers of the time (I recall it had lookalikes of Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard, Martin Dahlin and Gabriel Batistuta to name but a few). It was the first game to feature actual crowd chanting and animations such as players rolling about the floor in agony after a tackle or players remonstrating with the ref after being booked. These all combined to make the game the next best thing to actually watching a match. We'd sometimes get a few us together for a knockout tournament and it was like bringing the World Cup to your living room. I can't stress enough what a groundbreaking game this was at the time.
  12. H-Block

    PES 2020

    No, but I'll admit to having had my "letter to Santa" asking for a Neo Geo Mini answered and spending Christmas and New Year reliving my youth playing SNK arcade games like Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury Special and Ghost Pilots. Happy times
  13. H-Block

    Recommend a film

    Just got back from watching this. I thought the opposite to you in that for me this is the best of the latest trilogy. Thought it was very well done, with a couple of surprise characters popping back up and overall tied up the Star Wars story quite well. I've read a few quite negative online reviews of this film which give it 1/5 which I really can't fathom. In it's own right, no it's good as good as any of the first three films and it's not as good as Revenge of the Sith, but a decent enough watch not deserving of the some of the bile it's received - 3.5/5.
  14. H-Block

    The politics thread

    I'm pleased you've made a success of yourself. However, think back to the things you did to get on, and maybe some of the breaks you had, and ask yourself hand on heart whether a 16 year old version of yourself leaving school today with a few GCSE's would realistically be able to do the same? Particularly given how much more expensive house prices are (you live in the South don't you, where they're even more expensive than other parts of the country) and how much more difficult it is to get a decent job and increases in the cost of living. I asked myself the very same questions abut myself and came to the begrudging realisation that Tony Blair (who at the time I couldn't stand) ran a country which gave young people a better chance to get on in life than they have today under the Conservatives.
  15. H-Block

    The politics thread

    I wasn't a fan of Blair at the time, but looking back there were more and better paying jobs available under Blair's Labour than there have been under 9 years of Conservative rule. I wasn't a fan of PFI initiatives or the war in Iraq, but to be fair as a 20 something year old at the time I was able to get on the housing ladder when Blair was in charge. I don't think a 20 odd year old version of myself would have a cat's chance in hell of buying his first house under today's Conservatives. So in that sense, yeah, life was better under Tony Blair.

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