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    Two things kill it for me. Firstly, as I support a team who've played in the Football League for near enough two decades, I don't feel emotionally connected to the players, who by an large play in the wonderland of the Premiership. Secondly, as you touch on, the vast difference in quality between the top sides (and I do count England as a top side even if they're not quite in the same bracket as France and Germany) and some of the more intermediate nations have rendered the qualifying tournament all but meaningless. To maintain the interest there needs to be a sense of peril, which has been largely absent for some years due England landing too many soft groups. The solution? Either take away seeding for the qualifying rounds, so there would be a chance of some meatier games like England - Germany, England - Spain etc, or simply give automatic qualification to the top 8 teams, either based on World ranking or how they performed at the last major tournament.
  2. H-Block

    The politics thread

    So the way I see it, after the first week of campaigning the choices appear to be as follows: 1) Get Brexit Done Party 2) Remain Party 3) Free Porn Downloads For The Rest Of Your Life Party
  3. H-Block

    The politics thread

    That's the irony, Smithy. Leave campaigned on the basis that the EU is supposedly undemocratic, but there is so much about the EU that is so much more democratic than our domestic politics. Proportional representation to allocate seats in Parliament based on vote share, for example.
  4. H-Block

    The politics thread

    I'll vote Lib Dem or Green most likely - not that it matters. I live in one of the safest Conservative seats in the country.
  5. I've been saying this all along! I've not had the privilege of any reports, but on a purely common sense level if all of a sudden all the cars in the World are going to be powered by electricity, the environmental savings you make on not using petrol are going to be at least matched by all the additional pollution you're going to have to make creating all that electricity! False economy!
  6. According to an expert I heard recently, what we do either as individuals or as the UK will have no noticeable effect due to the mammoth pollution caused by the USA, China, India etc. And before anyone says anything, he was a "nice" expert who's campaigning to save the ice caps, not the sort funded by a fossil fuel company. Believe me, it gives me no pleasure to say it, but you not taking the car to work or making a principled decision to holiday in the UK as opposed to flying somewhere will have no meaningful effect until the aforementioned countries get their acts together and drastically reduce their CO2 emissions.
  7. H-Block

    The politics thread

    Nice one, Smithy! I used to love the CYOA books, Fighting Fantasy too.
  8. H-Block

    The politics thread

    So Labour's position is now that they'll campaign for a second referendum, try to negotiate another deal and depending on the content of that deal may possibly campaign to leave at a second referendum.....?? Has anyone ever drank Turkish coffee? The type that has the consistency of mud? Because Labour's Brexit position is about as clear as a cup of that stuff. At a time when the public are clamouring for clarity over Brexit one way or the other, this policy is remarkable in both it's lack of clarity and in that it will almost certainly alienate both remain and leave voters. An own goal of a policy of there ever was one.
  9. H-Block

    Recommend a film

    As it was Halloween last night I thought I'd get in the spirit and watch a horror film. I settled on IT. In a sentence, I'd describe this as a horror version of The Goonies. I don't want to give the story away but the characters were more authentic than in most horror films. It seemed that the casting was done with a nod to some of the teenage movie stars of the 80's - the bully resembled a young Kevin Bacon, the "wise guy" looked like Corey Feldman and the female lead very reminiscent of Molly Ringwald, the latter was actually acknowledged with the tongue in cheek line "who invited Molly Ringwald?". Funny, but also scary where it had to be. 8/10.
  10. H-Block

    The politics thread

    Anyone care to predict the election result? The way I see it, this is "general election" is actually a referendum in all but name. Only instead of two choices, voters essentially have four: 1) Leave with No Deal (Brexit Party) 2) Leave with Boris' "deal" (Conservative Party) 3) Remain (Liberal Democrats) 4) Whatever the fuck Labour's position is on 12th December (jokes aside, I think they want a second referendum. Although I'm not really sure) Polling information suggests anything between a 5% to 11% lead in favour of remaining over leaving. However, the danger for the remain position appears to be that their vote will likely be divided between the Liberal Democrats and Labour. Under first past the post we could up with another undemocratic mess where the majority of people vote for one of the remain parties but the Conservatives get more MPs into Parliament and we end up leaving the EU against the wishes of the majority of voters. Heard a Labour politician on the radio earlier saying how he was looking forward to campaigning on issues like the NHS and education and that when people heard what they had to say on these issues over the Conservatives it would tilt the balance in Labour's favour. In any other election I might agree with him but make no mistake this is the BREXIT election and any party that doesn't campaign on that issue, an issue who's impact will be felt for decades and generations from now, and doesn't clearly set out its position could render itself irrelevant to the electorate.
  11. H-Block

    The politics thread

    Good article, Charlie, have to say I couldn't agree more with it. I'm sure those of us who've worked for medium to large sized companies have noticed this trend for a while - senior managers or consultants who come in not really knowing what they're doing but seem genuine enough and promise the Earth, turn things upside down by "restructuring" then fuck off to the next gig before the negative impact of their work starts to be felt. I gather some make a very nice career out of it.
  12. H-Block

    The politics thread

    1) Yes, because now we know what a deal looks like, it would be an informed decision - unlike the first referendum. 2) Yes, because likewise, it would be an informed decision. The margin wasn't the issue to me, the obvious lack of clarity about what was being voted for was. 3) No, because a nation that stays in the EU agrees to accept all EU laws unequivocally - hence there is no such thing as a hard or soft remain. 4) If the polling evidence is the majority of Scots want independence, much as the evidence is the majority of UK people now want to remain in the EU, then yes, I would support a second Scottish referendum.
  13. H-Block

    The politics thread

    Similar to me, except where I live the Tories get three times as many votes as the next party. My usual vote for the Liberal Democrats or Labour is nothing but a token gesture under first past the post. I'll miss the European elections if for no other reason I actually have half a chance of voting somebody into office - the beauty of proportional representation!
  14. H-Block

    Wigan v Forest

    I have to say, I know we're doing well this season (and long may that continue), but whenever I've seen us we've played awful.
  15. H-Block

    The politics thread

    I'd prefer to remain in the EU, but I could have lived with May's deal. It seemed to be a middle road for a divided country, giving both remainers and leavers their headline campaign promises - tariff free trade and alignment of employment rights for the remainers, control of immigration and making our own laws for the leavers. Johnson's deal is different prospect entirely. First of all, it doesn't actually deliver tariff free trade with the EU, just an aspiration to spend the next year negotiating towards one. In that respect, it's not really a "deal" at all. Worst case, we could still end up with no trade deal in a year's time. However, what really concerns me about the Johnson deal is the lack of commitment to align employment rights to those in the EU. Given this was in May's deal, you have to wonder why Johnson chose to remove it. A Tory government with no EU directing its employment laws and no legal commitment to mirror EU employment laws could cause misery for many working people. We'll gradually become a low rights, low pay, work until you drop economy. That probably appeals if you're the employer, if like me, you're the employee, that could see a significant reduction in the quality of your life and your wellbeing. For these reasons I hope Johnson's deal fails today.

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