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  1. H-Block

    What Have You Been Watching?

    Did you see how Conchita (the Austrian who won it in 2014 dressed as a woman) looks now? Bearded bloke in a bondage cap and tights, I was thinking very Kenny Everett!
  2. H-Block

    What Have You Been Watching?

    It's usually terrible but it's terrible in a sort of "pantomime villain" way, we all know the songs are rarely NME record of the year material but taking the piss out of them and getting wound up at the Greeks and Cypriots, Scandinavians and various Balkan countries exchanging 12 points is all part of the experience for me. Even had a small win betting on Italy to finish top four, sadly most of my profit was wiped out by Norway missing out on the top four by one spot and North Macedonia not quite making the top four. As I said on the news thread, I loved Hatari raising Palestine banners when the scores were announced, it takes some balls to do that in Israel. That's what I call punk.
  3. H-Block

    The politics thread

    How are we all voting on Thursday? I want to vote for a party that advocates remaining in the EU and which will offer a second referendum on staying or going (not a confirmatory referendum where we're forced to chose between various deals which aren't as beneficial as remaining EU members). Listening to the leaders of Change UK, Labour and the Liberal Democrats either not having a clear position or trying to railroad us to revoking Article 50 (the outcome of which might delight me but which I don't think is democratic) is leading me to doing something I've never done in my life. It's leading me to voting Green.
  4. H-Block

    The politics thread

    One of the tragedies of Brexit is that your average person, particularly a working average person, has been better looked after in terms of rights by the EU than by UK governments of either political persuasion.
  5. H-Block

    News chit chat

    Had to laugh at Iceland's Eurovision entrants Hatari, anti-capitalist chaps, holding up Palestine banners when their scores were announced. Given the contest was being held in Israel, it went down about as well in the arena as a fart in smart car. Good punk rock spirit there, be true to your values regardless of what the audience think!
  6. H-Block

    Champions League

    Got to laugh at the Ajax fans singing "Don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be alright" when 2-0 up. Oh, really? Still, I did feel rather sorry for Ajax, they looked devastated when the third went in and I thought they were the better side over the two legs. Plus I think Liverpool - Ajax would have made a better final with less of an "FA Cup" feel to it.
  7. H-Block

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    On the last day of the 2017/18 season, I started this thread with the above post filled with genuine optimism about what this season would bring. Today is the last day of the 2018/19 season and I'm sorry to say that all the optimism and enthusiasm has been beaten out of me. Even the new kits turned out to be rubbish. Don't even know if I'll bother next season. Whoever is running the club or is picking the team doesn't seem to matter at the City Ground, for reasons I can't fathom we seem stuck in the same cycle of sign players - show flashes of promise whilst somewhat under performing - lose manager mid-season - limp to a mid table finish - REPEAT. Think I might be looking further afield for my sporting kicks next season.
  8. H-Block

    The politics thread

    Sounds like there were quite a few others up and down the country who shared your thought process! My anti-development at all costs candidates both got in where I live and their coalition took control of the council from the Conservatives! That'll be partly down to people like myself who don't want every blade of grass built on and partly down to people like yourself wanting to send a message to the Conservatives and Labour over how they've conducted themselves over Brexit. I'm thrilled, I feel proud to have done my bit to defend the area I live from "developers" who want to turn it into something I don't recognise.
  9. H-Block

    The politics thread

    I hope you've all done your duty today and voted in the local elections? You've got until 10pm if you haven't got round to it yet...... I'd be interested in hearing how people voted. I'm a big believer in voting according to local issues and not using local elections to support or protest against what might be happening in national politics at the time. Me, for the past few years at local elections I've voted for a coalition of independent candidates who are committed to standing up to the greedy bastard developers who want to turn my nice green village into a housing estate. I've continued my support again today.
  10. H-Block

    Championship chit chat

    All together now!: Leeds, Leeds are falling apart - AGAIN! If there's one consolation from losing today it's that we've contributed to that lot hopefully not going straight up!
  11. H-Block

    Sheffield United v Forest

    What no comments at half time?? Says it all about how disinterested we've become. I only joined it at the half hour mark so don't feel able to offer a reasoned opinion myself but do people think we're doing?
  12. H-Block

    Forest v sheff wed

    This is where I am. I was offered a free ticket and free travel to the Blackburn game and I just can't be bothered now. To be honest I lost that loving feeling when we parted with Karanka mid-season and nothing MON has produced has brought it back. I'll see you chaps in August. Or on the general forum
  13. H-Block

    Forest v sheff wed

    Now what happens?
  14. H-Block

    The politics thread

    So May's finally reaching out to Corbyn to find an exit deal which will get enough approval in Parliament. Got customs union written all over it, hasn't it?
  15. H-Block

    Forest v Swansea

    Do we have any idea why he isn't being picked? At times under Karanka he seemed our best player in terms of flair and creativity.

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