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  1. H-Block

    2019/2020 Season tickets

    I know we're only three points off the playoffs and I know the season tickets are good value for money but all my pre-season optimism was drained from me when we repeated the mistakes of the past yet again and parted ways with Karanka in January. The thought of coughing up £445 just to be led down the garden path again doesn't remotely appeal. When we finally manage to keep a manager longer than six months and give him a chance to embed his style of play into the club I might start feeling season ticket fever again.
  2. H-Block

    The politics thread

    Parliament has voted against May's deal. It has has voted against no deal. It has also voted against a second referendum. That must pave the way for progressive talks on alternative options such as leaving the EU but staying in the Single Market, Norway model, Canada +++ etc etc..........oh wait, no, they've just voted to to gag themselves from debating any of that either! Gentlemen.......Parliament has voted resoundingly to tell us what it doesn't want but has also voted to prevent itself from telling us what it does want. This Parliament has shown itself up to be dysfunctional. Genuinely think the only viable solutions are either Parliament doing the honourable thing in dissolving itself and holding a new general election to elect a Parliament that might be capable of solving this mess or simply admitting there is such a lack of consensus that we revoke Article 50, send Barnier a crate of wine and a note to say sorry for wasting his time and forget any of this sorry mess ever happened.
  3. H-Block

    Birmingham v Forest

    2-0 your final score. Now what happens?
  4. No, mate. We consistently change our manager. Not inconsistent at all.
  5. When I saw us play under Karanka the players looked perfectly capable. There may have been arguments over the attractiveness and effectiveness of the style of play, but the players looked perfectly capable for this level of the game. I sincerely hope you're not suggesting we flog what we have for pocket change and go out and spend another £23M in the summer?
  6. Any insight as to what MON's style of play is like?
  7. Cheers, Charlie, they should have you on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday!
  8. Is anything worthwhile happening?
  9. Struck me more as 4-1-3-2 as well. Well, the people who wanted to drop the second defensive midfielder finally have their wish. Let's see if it turns out how they imagined.
  10. H-Block

    News chit chat

    Agree with you to the extent that Corbyn is playing politics by using the lack of agreement over the Brexit deal to push for a general election and agree that it's pretty nauseating. However, I disagree that he has any duty to support the government, quite the opposite. He's the leader of the opposition and as such has a duty to the nation to provide a counter view to what Mrs May is proposing. Given that May's position is a Brexit of some kind, if Corbyn were offering strong opposition he'd be screaming from the rooftops for a second referendum, regardless of his own views and regardless of the way some Northern Labour constituencies may have voted in the referendum. What we have at the moment is May saying "I'm going to lead the country out of the European Union!" and Corbyn retorting "I would also lead the country out of the European Union...........but I would do it every so slightly differently......". It makes for neither a strong opposition nor a particularly compelling debate. Even if we were to have a general election tomorrow, it seems we wouldn't have much of a choice.
  11. H-Block

    Who do we want?

    Sounds like you want Mike Bassett.
  12. H-Block

    Karanka has gone

    Anyone else getting the feeling we've been here before.....?
  13. H-Block

    Who do we want?

    I'd like to see us appoint somebody who's worked under Marinakis before. And I've got just the candidate. A man who won two titles for Marinakis over at Olympiakos in 2013 and 2014. A man who as a player scored 96 goals in 403 games for none less than Real Madrid in La Liga. A man who scored 21 goals in 65 internationals for Spain, including a ha-trick against South Korea at Italia 90. I am, of course, talking about José Miguel González Martín del Campo aka Michel. Pairno afton se, Evangelos! (Translation (according to Google): Get him in, Evangelos!
  14. H-Block

    News chit chat

    About your level. Coming from a boil on the arse of humanity such as yourself, I take that as a compliment.

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