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  1. BazForest

    NFFC Rumours

    I believe so, over time. But he just doesn't fancy it.
  2. BazForest

    NFFC Rumours

    Fryatt won't be coming to Forest unless he has a huge change of heart.
  3. BazForest

    NFFC Rumours

    I've heard various rumours (including some names recently - Kevin Doyle and Stephen Hunt from Wolves and Craig Dawson from WBA) like most others but in truth, very few people know anything and what is coming out is from other clubs and agents. Forest are trying to be water tight and the bit of info Natalie Jackson spoke about today is hardly ground breaking and the way Forest now probably like it.
  4. BazForest

    NFFC Rumours

    I think with FFP it is sensible business practice to be looking at free transfers. There are some very good players out of contract this summer. Years ago, free transfers were not of great quality - but that simply isn't the case anymore. Why shell out massive money when you pick up good quality players for little, it makes sense. Anybody who claims we are lacking ambition if we were to bring in the likes of Ward and Jara because they are free are clearly cuckoo. Having said the above, in reality there is really no such thing as a free transfer anyway. By the time you've paid signing on fees and agent fees plus inflated wages, it soon racks up.
  5. BazForest

    NFFC Rumours

    There are quite a few rumours around right now which is positive at least. I think I'm right in saying the players report back on June 27th so you'd expect Davies to get as many in for the start of training as possible, business done early type of thing - although that said, it rarely works like that.
  6. BazForest

    It Gets Worse

    Re Blackstock going to Celtic - nowt to see here.
  7. BazForest

    Recommend a film

    Went to watch the Curious Case of Benjamin Button last Wednesday. Gotta admit, I wasn't too sure before hand. Having seen the trailer (though in fairness, it's difficult to have a hard hiting trailer about that type of film) and then found out it was on for just short of three hours I wasn't too sure. But I've gotta say it was bloody brilliant. For a film to go on for that long, it's got to engage you and keep you interested for the duration and it did brilliantly. And the three hours flew by just like that, which shows what a good film it was.
  8. BazForest

    FF Tipster Competition.

    ****Adam**** Forest to beat Port Vale 3-0, £200 at 20-1. (odds from Ladbrokes.com)
  9. Bryan Adams - Live in Lisbon = Genius
  10. BazForest

    Official Mugshot Thread

    Don't start that malarky again James, you will cast straight into the chamber with Shahbaz and gassed
  11. BazForest

    Official Mugshot Thread

  12. Jack Johnson's new album. Which may I add, for the first time I've played it through is supremely good.
  13. BazForest

    Official Mugshot Thread

    Booooo, you sheep shagger
  14. BazForest

    Official Mugshot Thread

    Come on folks, lets have your summer pictures.
  15. BazForest

    Official Mugshot Thread

    As the old forum mysteriously was removed the mugshot thread was lost. It was a good thread to look through, to see who all our members are etc. So I think it would be appropriate if we started again with some of your ugly mugshots (you know who you are) and the not so ugly ones Pics away!!

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