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  1. Unfortunately that is how things ended with him as ROI Manager. Players were only told of the team and formation an hour before kick off, and subs coming on have said they didn't always know what position they were coming on to play. Quote from an article 3 months ago: And from an article 7 months ago, following the loss to Wales. Unfortunately it is starting to sound very familiar...
  2. Padzer

    Forest v Blackburn

    1-0 to Blackburn. Brereton to score the winner
  3. Padzer

    Forest v sheff wed

    Boyd was always gonna score against us.
  4. Padzer


    This ref is the kind that'll book Pantillimon for diving in the box
  5. Padzer


    Benalouane seems to be having another good game
  6. Padzer


    Looks like Pants had his arms amputated too
  7. Padzer

    NFFC Rumours

    I can understand everyone's frustration and fears with a signing like this, but be'll be in a shirt with a Forest crest on it come Saturday, so I'll support him as I would any new player. New club, clean slate and we go from there. If he has one barnstorming performance, gets man of the match and earns us three points, and then goes missing for the rest of the season, if those three points are the difference between promotion/playoffs, then it's job done as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Padzer


    Good article on Keane below Keane
  9. Padzer


    As an Irish fan, I'll throw in my view on it. The Irish public- but probably moreso the pundits over here (who fuel the fans!), a bit like Forest fans, have a tendency to like passing football played on the ground (Liam Brady, John Giles would be fairly established pundits over here). We had this to an extent when O'Neill and Keane first came in, but as players retired, the system changed to be more "Karanka-esque" in terms of making us hard to beat first and foremost, and looking to score on the break. The footballers we lost, the likes of John O'Shea and Richard Dunne, were replaced by Richard Keogh and Ciaran Clarke, while up front we lost Robbie Keane who was never replaced (thus making it more important to not concede, as we had no natural goalscorers to put away the chances we did get). In the qualifying campaign just gone, our most prolific scorer was probably James McLean, which gives you an idea of the level we were at- it also should be mentioned that in the Qualifiers for the WC we didn't get through - we actually made the playoffs, finishing higher than our seeded place (we were third seed and finished second).The fact we were playing boring, limited football, the media were on MONs back, and the crowds began to drop off were what forced him out. There were glimmers of change coming with a few younger players beginning to come through, but i think it was too little too late. With the squad we have, you can expect we will still be looking at one up top a lot of the time, but i do think we have more talented players generally. The one thing that might irk some, is that MON has quite a hands off approach to training - he believes it is the players job to work out what needs to be done for set pieces etc, but also puts a lot on them to empower themselves to be creative. I think as has been mentioned before, the modern day footballer (especially the British/Irish) can struggle with this as they don't necessarily have the innate ability to get by on talent alone, but where there is a willingness to take things by the scruff of the neck, you will see players stand up to this and really get behind MON. I was apprehensive when i first heard of the appointment, mainly based on the Irish side of things, but then with a limited pool and no ability to strengthen in areas you are weak in with International football, I think not too much focus can be put on the failure towards the end of his Ireland career. Keane, I think, will be more of a divisive figure, especially as he has quite a no nonsense approach, but with our dressing room notoriously lacking in discipline over the last number of years, it will at least make for interesting times! Also don't be surpised if we sign James McLean- MON is something of a father figure to him, and McLean would run through broken glass for him.
  10. But will she perform on a wet and windy Monday evening in Stoke?
  11. Padzer

    Match Thread : vs Ipswich Town

    3-2 to us. Up front we're in form, but with Figuerido banned, I assume it'll be Hefele and Dawson at the back and don't think they have the legs to keep a clean sheet.
  12. Would have taken 0-0 before the game
  13. Funny to think that we will probably have a 20 goal striker this year the way things are going and he still won't be our player of the season!
  14. I couldn't agree more - it wasn't available to watch on free to air TV here in Ireland - and there was a general sigh of relief about that fact!! After the humiliation against Denmark and Wales, MON seemed obsessed with just not conceding, so stocked the team with defenders- Cyrus Christie was even deployed in midfield for a couple of games! As people have said - it's like Karanka on Steroids.
  15. We now have the cheap option of Martin O'Neill and/or Roy Keane
  16. We have been a mentally fragile team this season. Any time we have been in a position to really kick on and cement our place in the league, we have tended to lose or at least drop points from strong positions. Some of it is probably the expectation that is there, but the experienced heads on the pitch in the squad should really be able to close out games where we are defending a delicate lead or push on. We haven't shown any ruthlessness this season and that's why I feel our current league position is about right for where I think we'll finish this year.
  17. And that's why we won't be in the playoffs come May.
  18. Let's hope this is the start of something good
  19. Padzer

    NFFC Rumours

    What's the rule again regarding how many loanees you can have in a match day squad? Surely a loan coming in means we have to drop someone else, or has that rule changed?
  20. I hadn't seen a lot of Grabban until last night, and I hope it is rustiness that I was seeing. I couldn't work out what kind of player he was, as, many have already mentioned, he seemed to sit very deep at times. Maybe he needs to build up a better understanding with Carvallho to get him overlapping when he does come deep. As I said previously the two players I was most impressed with were Dias and Fox. Dias, when he first signed seemed to me like he was going to be the kind of player who might have a moment of magic (as seen with his pre-season goal) but then go missing for the rest of the match, but I was impressed with his work ethic- whenever they made a break he was back harrying and slowing down their play. It'd be interesting to see the stats on how much ground he covered on the night. The only negative was the rolling around on the ground. With Fox, it looks like with the run in the side and the confidence that has been put in him by Karanka is paying dividends. I was worried he was playing "shop window/contract" football at the end of last season, but he's keeping that form up and looks assured. If we can sort out the right back position and maybe get Robinson in playing a bit more regularly I think we will be more balanced, and that should free up our midfield to be a bit more confident to get forward rather than having to track back and cover Darikwa and to a lesser extent Osborne-who has played well, but physically isn't imposing enough.

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