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  1. nemesiz

    NFFC Rumours

    How many competent Wing-Backs or Full Backs has this Club owned in the last decade? Only a few including the versatile Eric Lichaj. Unless the player wants to leave, or the club has a financial requirement why sell? Matty Cash has bought another dimension to defence and attack which the team solely has lacked. He is dependent, reliable, highly skilled, settled and is still improving. If this club has the audacity and inclination to attempt automatic promotion Nottingham Forest must somehow keep this squad together and strengthen key areas. Past instances show selling our key assets, then buying a cheaper replacement has usually failed. If and big if, he wants to leave then Everton and other Premiership clubs are going to have to break our transfer record. Then negotiations must include a sell-on clause, like we did previously.
  2. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    Have you thought that the problem is demand? 1 in 4 Primary School children are now statemented. The Government spend a basic £12,000 on each child that is statemented at Primary School level. A local nearby authority said they spent 75% on their children services including education. What else should the government give? They can't cut the Police, Army, Social Welfare, Adult services anymore. You say I'm talking shit where in the f**k do we get the extra money? Increasing tax doesn't work as it impacts, adversely spending and the economy slows down. What about chasing large Corporations as Herr Corbyn thinks? Don't you think the HM Customs & Excise haven't tried? Let's just borrow more from the Imaginary Money Tree, oh wait this would affect our Credit Rating and cost to repay the loan. If there was a sensible answer a government would use it. CC I live in the real world, worked in many aspects of administration and understand the working of bureaucracy but the difference I've faced or seen many of those trials when dealing with family, friends, or businesses. So I don't just live in a bubble I've seen and felt the cutbacks as fellow colleagues have lost their jobs, or family members suffering from inept or overstretched services. As this a public forum avoid talking about personal subjects, but know first hand how ineptitude and incompetence can hurt or ruin ones lives.
  3. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    Stability? | Unfortunately since Tony Blair, the Labour and Conservative government had to continually increase spending on public expenditure, welfare and pension to avoid being forced out or unelectable. The analogy "Old Mother Hubbard" nursery rhyme reiterates and emphasizes exactly why technically 'Austerity', or an Recession was required, this country is bankrupt, there is nothing left in the cupboard and still we're borrowing. Previous Recessions the government, local authorities and businesses cut Middle management or unrequired staff to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Instead since the Millennium and Austerity what we seen is management cutting key staff, raising wages and PENSIONS for skilled personnel and centralising of services. Also prioritizing and demand has shifted from conventional, traditional services towards new facilities such as Child Care provision, Child Mental Health, 16-18 Year Old Education as examples.
  4. nemesiz


    Honestly hoping nobody would talk about the Jurgen Klinsmann of VARS - Strategic usage. Undoubtedly technology, and officialdom has it's key to play in improving the overall decision making, but there is a caveat - manipulation of the system. This has started to rear it's ugly head in Cricket. Like Substitutions a manager could utilise VARS to slow down or change the momentum of a game. Whilst it's negligible the outcome could change substitutions at the end of normal time, it is inevitable a manager would use this tool for his own means. When I originally replied I had this in mind and was thinking of ways to stop the manipulation of the technology. This included a panel to oversee and prevent the exploitation and continual usage to waste time or attempt to adjust the impetus of the game. Unfortunately then we're getting into the murky waters again of over complicating and officiating the sport, but then as Art said we're in a grey area. So a no-go straight off.
  5. Our ideology sift towards pure commercialism and consumer choice has affected our carbon footprint. Whether experts agree or disagree with climate change, our attitude towards a throwaway society has left the environment in a despicable mess. Fly tipping become prevalent, the streets disgustingly dirty far worse with rubbish, dog mess sprawled all over the pavements, congested roads causing poor air quality reminiscent of the 1950's smog filled towns. Of course this isn't directly climate change, more an environmental impact but the production and use of finite materials for each product does. Unfortunately commercialism and social pressure has fueled and encouraged our lacklustre, blase attitude towards the environment and the impact commercialism consequently causes. Just think in the Fifties, Sixties even Seventies consumer choice was limited, prices were high thus we conserved, re-cycled, repaired or fixed our clothes, electronics machinery and white goods. Old Clothing and Toys wasn't discarded or thrown away needlessly, instead handed down to younger siblings or given to Jumble Sales. Nowadays it's the complete opposite with a shift in materialism and peer pressure. Many people own wardrobe(s) full of clothes, shoes and toys that are used a few times then discarded or forgotten. All had to manufactured. This goes back to the original point and CC highlighted where are the products made? In the past, mainly Britain for clothing but now Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, or Vietnam. The carbon footprint to grow the non-synthetic material (i.e. Cotton), logistics, production and shipping of the final product. What about waste when manufacturing the item, or re-cycling the byproduct or end of life of the item? Much of it cannot be re-cycled. Unfortunately our attitude of 'not in my garden' or 'backyard', means the authorities ship the recyclable hazardous, dangerous or even normal daily waste to third world countries.
  6. nemesiz


    Art, I understand and concur with your distrust, frustration and misgivings about technology, being a traditionalist myself but how many supporters on this board have complained about abysmal refereeing? There is even a dedicated thread about it! If the technology can be refined, speeded up and like in cricket help prevent obvious 'Howlers' then the technology should be integrated. If it can't, then fine immediately scrap VAR's until the technology matures. I don't watch European, Premiership or International football nowadays because the majority of teams have adopted the continental style of football. It is tedious watching one touch passing football without any physical contact. Matches feels artificial, and sterile. Yes adherence to rules does play a factor in the reason for tedious nature of football today, but it's the rule makers, professional footballers, coaching, and major clubs that are at fault. Football is now a business with the players as assets.
  7. nemesiz


    Art understandably the system has a margin of error and is dependent on whom is interpreting the laws and rules. For Cricket the 3rd and 4th Officials are Umpires, thus have the knowledge to interpret the rules and regulations. They are backed up with experts who control and implement the technology. Of course there are limitations to the technology (i.e. catches) but usually this is factored into the final decision, sometimes adhering to the side of caution or accepting the limitations or 'Umpires call'. The problem is that VAR is being overused, for lesser offenses which is slowing down or disrupting the flow of the game. The system should ONLY be used as a last resort, identifying blatant major fouls or infringements i.e. handballing the ball into the net, or when the referee believes the goal is from a clear off-side. When I said All I mean All supporters if there is little delay to the game, and delivers what was originally promised to prevent an injustice that ruins the game. Would you begrudge a temporary time out if the system works properly? It does with Cricket, Tennis, and even Rugby. Having officiated Football and Cricket matches 90% of the time there is a right and wrong when it comes to the majority of decisions. Thankfully stringent rules prevents players from manipulating or abusing the rules. This is the reason why the majority of the game flows as the players and officials understand the rule book. Of course as you've correctly identified that is the grey area where expertise, experience and interpretation of the rules is dependent on the officials and referees, but this impacts only a minority of decisions, and again the rules give guidelines to ensure impartiality and consistency.
  8. True, but how can this country or us individuals criticise those countries if we can't sort out our mess in the first place?! Our f*&king laziness, peer pressure and commercialism is ruining this country, but being hypocrites (and that includes myself) can't be arsed to think carefully about the consequences of our actions. Did the Millennium's Y2K bug suddenly wipe all common-sense out because how in the f**k have we got to this place in time? Suddenly out goes small, affordable vehicles to be replaced by 4x4 tanks to take little ABCD Timmy to Pre-school, or call UBER DO BER DOO to get delivered our daily Fracolocochocofuckalatte or McD's. Are we that fricking lazy? What about having to change our wardrobe and style each season, but idiots wear designer jeans that have more holes than my memory! Shheeshh! Understandably we can't go back, but haven't learnt any lessons from the past say 2000 years?
  9. nemesiz


    Yes, all the football supporters do want VAR's if the system was sensible like Rugby, Cricket and Tennis. If overused the process is detrimental to the pace and undermines the officials, but correctly used especially like in Cricket works in tandem to improve decisions. As IKS states if each team has only one appeal or VAR chance, which could be renewed if correct, will ensure only serious refereeing decisions or errors like hand-balls or blatant off-sides are referred. The system is still in it's infancy, although been around since the early 1990's but needs to be refined, and as cricket emphasizes there is still a degree of error and so common-sense and a degree of leeway is normally advised when each decision is made.
  10. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    If you look at the Pro-leave Labour MP Supporters - Kate Hoey, Caroline Flint, John Mann even Frank Field all are highly experienced moderates that justifiably listen to their constituents wishes. Instead of automatically adhering to the Whip, have voted to leave. Whilst many ardent Labour, Momentum and Union supporters believe this to be sacrilege and detrimental to the Labour's leadership they've publicly explained their reasoning and backing of the initial referendum result. It is those traditional MP's with experience, their own mind-set and ability to listen to all arguments that could solidify the mainstream support and could provide the impetus for a landslide victory for Labour. Unfortunately John Mann is now in the House of Lords, Kate Hoey is retiring and Frank Fields is probably too old. Caroline Flint could be a reasonable choice, but with Corbyn and Momentum selecting the Labour candidates it would be highly unlikely she or any moderate would get chosen without an open revolt.
  11. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    CC you've moved the 'goal posts' to discuss your viewpoints, so to explain or validate my argument (from the older post) would take substantial time. There was the reason why I cherry picked your initial comment as many of the topics are complex, and in truth many don't have answers except without plowing an endless pit of money and decorum of intelligence, commonsense, far sight and planning. I'll take your first point. The 'Great Council Housing sell-off' is in fact a lazy misnomer that doesn't explain the reason for homelessness or critical shortage of housing. There is a shortage of cheap affordable public housing, or affordable rented accommodation which is perceived by many due to the council owned houses being sold-off. Whilst there is direct correlation, it doesn't actually explain why or go deeply into a subject that is affecting the huge proportion of the population. Unfortunately this subject is agenda driven, especially by the liberals without understanding that the critical factor that has impacted on the housing shortage is POPULATION increase, Demographic change, personal choice, foreign investment and over-inflated market. When Margaret Thatcher encouraged people to buy their Council Housing, those that could afford the opportunity took that chance. The housing stock still does exist, except now in private hands. So those ex-council tenants who prior would technically require public housing now are not on that list. Unfortunately in the last Forty years the population has risen from 56 (1984) to 66 million (2018) people in this country (excluding temporary, and illegal migration). The problem is what we're seeing is Council or Association stock is unsuitable for the changing population and demographics. Many 'Council' houses were build for the traditional family with two bedrooms, unfortunately what we're seeing is larger families but also huge rise in single parent families and individual people. Also what were seeing is an unprecedented amount of migration from North to South and pressure from EU citizen that require accommodation. Why isn't Council houses being built? They were , and still are but with a changing economic climate and demographic pressure there is nowhere enough being built to satisfy demand. Unfortunately what we're seeing is a shift by local Councils, and Government to encourage building of 'affordable' private housing over publicly owned accommodation. Worryingly there is correlation or link with many Council's transferring ownership of their housing stock to 'charitable' Associations, and so shift away in policy to build publicly run, owned affordable housing. This happened in my area. (Sorry I can't answer further but don't have the time. As I've said this subject is contentious, and requires a monumental time to actually write a satisfactory reply).
  12. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    Yes I've seen and spoken to many of the 'Homeless' without shelter, on the street and sofa surfing it is not the national government fault but rather the antiquated housing system, and how the local Council ineffectively run the process and prioritise applicants. The vast majority of 'homeless' Men and lesser extent Women fall foul to administrative errors, poor communication between departments, and prioritising towards families over single people due to the antiquated points system. The problem is that once you've slipped through the system, it is difficult to find the appropriate help as the Councils have cut support whilst retaining the management.
  13. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    Why do you think this government have to resort to draconian measures to identify whether an applicant is viable for disability benefit? Here is a statistic on why. In the 1980's 1.4 million people received the disability benefit. In 2003 under Tony Blair's government this figure rose to 2.8 million - DLA etc. Now 4.2 million people receive one or more disability benefits - PIP Personal Independent Payment, Carer's allowance and Employment Support Assistance. Understandably this causes abject misery and poverty to a small minority but how many of those receiving disability benefit exaggerate or falsify their claims? If you believe it is just this 'callous' government which resorts to dubious practises maybe you should read about when Tony Blair came into power and systematically attempted to also change the disability welfare system. It's a double edged sword. Do you honestly believe this ideological rhetoric spouted by Jeremy Corbyn? The vast majority of Conservatives and the opposition would oppose any attempt to privatise the NHS. Why? Simply because it's a vote loser. Many Conservatives hold dear the NHS, especially as they've worked for the institution (5 are ex-Doctors) or family members have used the system for urgent, palliative or emergency care. What about privatisation by the backdoor? PFI - Private Funding Initiative is probably the best example why the Conservatives and Labour have pulled back on using private equity and funding to build infrastructure.
  14. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    'Your', do you mean 'US' unintellectual 'leave' Neanderthals*? UGG UGG UGG, (scratch head, bang club on the ground) UGG? There definitely been an perceived inference that the leave campaigners are racist, sexist, biased, bigoted, unintellectual, immature, fascists but I couldn't possibly fathom where this accusation would come? 'Cough' 'Cough' liberalists, politicians, intellectuals, media and Independent Readers.
  15. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    This country has one of the highest standards of employment rights, laws and regulations in the EU. Unfortunately employers are manipulating, ignoring or finding loop-holes within current legislation to create a two tier system. Worryingly the fail-safe systems, procedures or regulatory bodies that police or protect the employees are simply ineffective or not doing their job. The concern though is that there is a direct correlation between the EU Freedom of Movement, and exploitation of workers as employers have access to 'limitless' pool of young, cheap, efficient reliable low skilled workers from the ex-Soviet Bloc Countries. Just think would Amazon, Sports Direct or even Couriers treat their employees the same if that excess supply didn't exist?

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