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  1. nemesiz

    City Ground to be re-developed

    An attractive offer was made for the adjacent land, but the Rowing Club refused. Yes you're correct about the Doughty reneging on the payment for the new stand, but it was part of a larger strategy to stabilise the club financially.(Honestly can't remember the details).
  2. nemesiz

    City Ground to be re-developed

    From recollection Colin, the initial plan early 2000's to extend and redevelop the City Ground was blocked when the Club enquired about purchasing the land adjacent from the Nottingham Rowing Club. The Rowing club wouldn't sell the land, and also had to contend with complications with (Rushcliffe?) Council.
  3. nemesiz

    News chit chat

    (Sorry for the long winded comments) Britain has an unusual political system where the Civil Service (bureaucrats) are a completely separate identity with no political allegiance or bias. This normally ensures impartiality and should provide an efficient administrative and legal framework to help run the country. In the instance of the Brexit negotiations senior civil servants under the guidance and direction of the British Government representatives (Senior Conservative MP's) negotiated the terms and conditions of the withdrawal. The crux of the matter and problem is that nearly all of the senior civil servants with experience and competency in negotiations had retired, with only Peter Lily being the last sitting MP with a relevant history. So with the creation and joining of the EEC, our countries requirements to negotiate individual trade deals ceased, this also coincided with our political decline on the world stage. This vacuum meant without true leadership subsequent Conservative, Labour and coalition governments have capitulated especially when negotiating with the EU and China. Unfortunately what we're seeing today is an extension of this failure, with an ineptitude and lacklustre display when negotiating terms for our leaving the EU under Article 50.
  4. nemesiz

    NFFC Rumours

    Why pointless? A shrewd, adept appointment could easily re-vitalise our flagging chances by improving confidence, moral and identifying weaknesses that is impacting on our performances. No doubt the right choice could immediately make a difference as minor changes to the side, formation, tactical nuance, positioning, and eradicating idiotic mistakes that is affecting performances. Karanka's attitude of sitting back, and utilising the counter-attack been too negative, especially at home as it allowed physical sides to push forward and dictate play. Yes it worked against top sides, but not against the lower sides that are struggling in the Championship who throw caution to the wind and attack recklessly. Concerning the appointment of a manager with the credentials of Clough and O'Neill. Both know the in's and out of English Football, playing the style and type of football required for the Championship. Also their history with Nottingham Forest understand the mantra, ideology and demand of this club. So with the squad of players, unlike previous years this club stand (stood) a decent chance of a play-off even an automatic play-off place and still do if results go our way (see Hull City resurgence). The question is whether the next appointment has the luck and ability to take this squad further.
  5. nemesiz

    Millwall v Forest

    The writing was always on the wall. Myself, Dane and ER have repeatedly highlighted the limitations of Karanka's management style. If you play a near identical style of game and negative tactics, an astute coach will find a technique to counter or exploit the weaknesses of the formation or player. A manager over time has to make changes or instigate improvements, but also learn to identify mistakes. If a formation doesn't work, change or implement a different system. It is not rocket science. There is no excuse, especially as the Manager been backed up with a huge transfer kitty (although this doesn't guarantee success). Once a manager instigates the blame game, then you know he's starting to lose control.
  6. Yes progress, but is it acceptable? How many Forest Manager's had a similar opportunity as Karanka? He's had half of last season to restructure the side with relatively minimal interference or pressure, the financial backing and freedom to purchase the players wanted, a maturing Youth Academy that is producing talented youngsters, and then a league where there is no dominate teams. Isn't it realistic to expect a play-off position as a minimum? Other managers with little or no transfer money have succeed or currently challenging for a play-off or automatic promotion place with less. Why can't the Chairman and Fans honestly expect the same?
  7. Every year used to do the Four and Half Hour trip to Carrow Road. Great stadium, fantastic, friendly people but always returned home with a loss, so mixed feelings about the fixture. Unfortunately one of Forest bogus sides, and whilst Karanka's away record is excellent and does fantastically well against top sides. So my prediction is 2-1 to Norwich.
  8. Okay where is the Partridge in the Pear Tree?
  9. Have you ever seen a season with the top two sides losing 3-4 matches each? Normally at this point you'd notice two or three prominent teams dominating the league, but this season it is totally different. Strangely we're seeing the majority of clubs and their managers adopting 4-5-1 or a similar defensive formation packing the midfield. Not only is it damaging the quality of play, but with the subpar referring, slightly smaller pitches, it is getting frustrating for the fans to watch most games. Yesterday, and the Preston match were prime examples where both sides sat back awaiting for a critical error and attempt to capitalise on the mistake. Both QPR and Preston matches emphasize Karanka's continual insistence to play similar tactics away from home and at the City Ground is undesirable and counterproductive. When an opposition pack the midfield, or play negatively, Karanka need to adapt and find an appropriate solution. What we're seeing though is a consequence of inconsistency of his management style. For the first time in years we've got the calibre of players that can not only exploit the width via the counterattack, but also create centrally, and break down stubborn defences (and midfield). Unfortunately too much emphasis and demand is left on the lone target and striker Grabban. Maybe it's time for a tactical or strategic re-think (and most of the fans have stated this), otherwise the early momentum and confidence will disappear.
  10. Ian we all want Karanka to succeed, and prove the critics and doubters (including myself) wrong but Marinakis has a history of demanding success. Understandably stability and time is crucial when building a team to get promotion, but with the threat of FFP and the pressure by football fans, the short-term goal might be Promotion (or bust). So the next few matches are key to Nottingham Forest challenging for a play-off place, and keep pace with the Top two and an automatic promotion spot. Also the results and performances could be guide to Marinakis whether to provide additional funds for transfers, or insist if a key player or two is sold. IF the owner is not satisfied, and we're outside the play-off places by the New Year the club could see a change in management especially if there is a viable alternative.
  11. Karanka's negativity regarding tactics especially at Home only compounds the argument that the manager is one-trick pony. Opposition Managers are starting to wise-up and implement techniques to counter his defensive attitude, and man-mark Grabban out of the game. Understandably we've never lost against QPR at the City Ground, but if the team underestimate them we could lose three important points. If you examine QPR recent record the majority of their losses were early in the season and against the promotion chasing teams, although away form is poor. Their record and performances have vastly improved, and play a similar type of game and tactics adopted by Karanka. Furthermore they've surprised Middlesbrough recently. This season everything has turned upside down with fantastic away form, but poor-middling home results and performances. With our injury worries in the defence, and hectic schedule over the Christmas period I'm concerned Karanka could rest one or two players today whether as a precaution or strategic planning for Boxing Day. My heart, history, and overall form suggests 2-1 win, but honestly I think our momentum with a loss against Preston and QPR recent improvement this fixture could suggest be another banana skin. So I'm going for a 0-1 QPR.
  12. nemesiz


    The first season under David Platt was woeful, but considering the calibre players available after the disastrous season in the Premiership it was understandable the team struggled. Senior and loan players left, or were long term injured, the reserve side were too young or inexperienced, so it left the manager a skeletal squad to start the season. Yes he had the parachute payments, but this was the period that foreign players were at a minimum, and talented English players commanded a premium as emphasized by the Riccardo Scimeca transfer. Yes he wasted millions on the Italian quartet - Patrachi, Matrecano, Manini, and Merino but some of the transfers like Scimeca, Stern John did come good. It was key injuries, at the very worst times which decimated our chances, Matrecano, Ben Olsen (2000-2001) and Robbie Blake (2000) for example. Unfortunately our finances, and overheads BEFORE the relegation were crippling the club and impacted on our future transfers (i.e. Robbie Blake). Also many fans don't know the extent of the shenanigans of various boardroom battles, contractual difficulties, Doughty liquidity problems, Bank loans and their restrictive stipulations, and Council negations over the new Stand which were never common knowledge. Of course this exclude the financial implication of the PTV and especially the ITV Sponsorship deal which impacted heavily on the Championship clubs a year or two later! Unfortunately this was period of turmoil that the club never fully recovered.
  13. Nah, try Bohemian Earspoon a bit more painful and lethal. Works a treat if you get fed up of Karanka's tactics.
  14. nemesiz

    Burton away in the cup

    You better book a plane ticket with Ebby, Woolworth's* still exist in Germany :D . *Different identity
  15. nemesiz

    Karanka - sack or keep

    Of the eleven fixtures how many were against the current top sides? That is the worry as the struggling teams we've already played (at home) are essential three pointers to avoid the now annual relegation battle. Can you honestly say that we've got the formation and tactics to beat Leeds, Norwich City, WBA, even Derby at this present moment? A manager with experience can easily research, and identify our inherent weaknesses, and can counter Karanka's static tactics.

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