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  1. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    Cross party support? How? The majority of labour MP's are Pro-Corbynite, or Blairite Remain supporters who are mainly young middle-class women who have never faced the detrimental effects of poverty, nor the struggle or hardship of daily life. With today's ME ME ME society what we're seeing is a class divide, not by classic lines but rather the new influential leftist, Politically Correct, SJW crap emphasized by Momentum. Their mantra 'Conservatism' and Capitalism is pure Evil. Honestly how can the Government communicate or trust Jeremy Corbyn a staunch Leaver, now a reformed Remainer who continually demands a new election or second referendum literally ignoring the majority of grass-roots working class or retired who voted to leave the EU? Totally Agree Ben but how do you get the facts when the majority of media is biased or mainly against Brexit? Continually we're seeing coverage by BBC, and Sky News invite Labour MP's, Pro-Remainers, Second Referendum supporters to discuss their opinions without being interrogated, questioned or quizzed about their arguments. The only presenter that takes no nonsense is Andrew Neill but he's being pensioned off and being replaced by the likes of Laura Kuenssberg whose disdain for the government is plain to see. Unfortunately the majority of online unpaid articles from the Tabloid Press that discuss Brexit are predominantly Anti-Brexit - Huffington Post, Independent, I, Mirror, The Guardian, and Evening Standard so how do you make an unbiased, opinion when presented by one-side of the argument? A fantastic example of how idiotic the Brexit coverage by the BBC is when the Presenters, Commentators, Second Referendum and Pro-Remainers keep remarking about how Six million people have signed the Petition to discuss in Parliament to stay in the EU. There is no independent verification of who signed the Parliamentary Petition, so anybody in the world can sign the online document. I.E. sample 5926 is Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg MP!
  2. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    We're not disagreeing, rather we're covering the argument from a different angle. Brexit will probably define this country and EU. Britain has always been the indicator for EU, being the first to go into / out of recession, or instigating legislation to which affects the citizens. This a critical stage in negations, but fundamentally Parliament, the UK & EU are in a deadlock, unable to find a viable solution. The problem is that MP's & MEP's lack now the experience, up-bringing, common-sense, intelligence, and leadership to actually find an amicable agreement. Instead EU's aim (and have publicly stated) that the UK should be penalised for leaving the 'club' to dissuade other members from leaving the Union. Now we're at an impasse.
  3. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    The fall back is W.T.O. rules and regulations to which U.K. is a member and deals with the majority of countries outside the E.U. This equates to roughly 2-3% for the majority of goods, although far higher for vehicles (6%), meat (5%), cereal (9%), clothing (11%) and vegetables (9%). Our biggest disadvantage was the recent Japanese deal which the UK attempted to replicate and failed miserably (and caused offence), although there is plans to join either the RCEP / TPP / ACEAN agreement(s) that would eclipse this deal! This would mean free trade with the majority of Far Eastern countries and include (Japan), Australia, India and Singapore.
  4. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    None were viable alternative plans. All have serious flaws, especially a Custom Union linked option and many wouldn't solve the Northern Ireland backstop. May's plan is the closest to a plausible solution, but the security aspect of the political and withdrawal agreement makes the deal a non-starter! What hindered the negotiations process was the E.U. insistence that the economic aspect of the talks would be separate and after the divorce bill and political declaration, both go hand in hand. The European Union know that it will not agree a free trade agreement that includes the service sector to which is vitally important to our economy. So the fall-back when negotiations fail (and it will) would mean the evoking of the backstop! A Customs Union (Norway EFTA, E.E.C. Mk2) deal means freedom of movement to which many Brexiteers voted against. Before the E.C. / E.U. expanded in 2001 Freedom of Movement worked surprisingly well, attracting skilled, highly motivated workers. It was after 2004 / 2007 when the Eastern European Countries finally ceded into the EU that flaws of the F.O.M. and a two-tier system materialised. Whilst Businesses (including C.B.I.) and Unions desire and champion for F.O.M. as it provides young, highly flexible, cheap, motivated, low-skilled workers the problem is that it keeps wages down, allows exploitation of workers rights and causes a serious strain on the local services - Education, Housing, NHS . Yes there are positive aspects of F.O.M. including attracting high skilled workers but a Visa system, Blue / Green Card and permanence residency could easily replicate the process without many of the negative problems.
  5. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    TRAP ALERT . No the rubbish spouted about the Lisbon Treaty by the Hardliners and doing the rounds is categorically wrong. Although E.U. did attempt, but failed to introduce the European Union financial transaction tax, 0.1% levy on all shares and bonds transfers which would have impacted the City. The Lisbon treaty whilst it doesn't push to centralise and move operations such as the Clearing Service to Frankfurt, the treaty in effect could make it more difficult for our MEP's and Government to block this type of legislation or taxation.
  6. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    Not missing anything, the decline of this country is inevitable on the National Stage without innovative thinking, difficult decisions and making sacrifices. None of the options are palatable. The population, government and MP's have two stark choices - a slow gradual decline under the EU bureaucratic infrastructure or risk our short and possible long term economic prosperity to regain independence and seek new (or re-affirm old) allegiances. The question is do you trust EU or British politicians to make the ultimate decisions? Today EU have made two fundamental decisions that will have serious ramifications and impact on this country. The Parliament have voted FOR Article 11 and 13 (Copyright Directive) which will impact heavily on the Freedom and Creativity of the Internet and Music Industry. The other is voted FOR the scrapping of Daylight Savings Time. Tory MEP's voted against both motions. Now do you trust the EU? (Will reply when I have time).
  7. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    That is the point the EU is not the E.E.C. to which this country signed up. The European Union once it expanded is a completely different entity. When a company such as Twinnings can simply re-locate their manufacturing to Poland making hundreds of workers unemployed to massively to reduce overheads. As a member of EU this country had 'protection' against multi-national companies re-locating to China through paying import duties, but with enlargement this artificial barrier stopped. Now a company such as Ford, and Twinings can move legitimately to an Ex-Soviet bloc country and find cheaper labour, and pay no duties. It is creating a two-tier europe If this country was independent we could provide grants, block or place severe limitations on companies that act against our national or local interest without falling foul of EU legislation. i.e. Steel Industry.
  8. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    As you've never heard of 'Google" . When I've got time i'll link the other news articles that are described on the blog. BBC website. A company has defended taking an EU grant to help fund the opening of a tea packing factory in Poland, as hundreds of jobs are lost at its UK sites. The Twinings plant on North Tyneside, which employs 260 workers, is to close, and 100 posts in Andover, Hampshire, are also set to go. Owner AB Foods is planning to open a £27m site in Poland. Critics have said the £12m grant should be used to open new investments, rather than relocate existing facilities. The European Commission has begun an investigation into whether this use of the funding breached EU rules. AB Foods Chief Executive George Weston said that the decision to open the Poland site was made before the application for the grant. "The days when it made sense to import tea to the UK to pack it there and send it to Australia are behind us and we have to have factories in the right places," he said. "We don't apologise for renewing our supply chain, it's a global business. "We are expanding our factory in China and building a new one in Poland, which will reduce tea miles and produce a business better equipped to supply the market. "The blending knowledge and the brand will remain in Andover." ------------------------ https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/9063528.Firm_loses___10_5m_EU_grant_after_Hampshire_job_losses/ A GREEN MEP has welcomed a decision not to give Hampshire-based tea firm Twinings a £10.5m EU grant pledged to it after it announced plans to relocate from the UK to Poland, resulting in the loss of almost 400 jobs. AB Foods, which owns the company, plans to open the new £27m (€43m) site in Poland later this year and close a plant employing 260 workers in North Shields. -------------------------------------------
  9. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    This link explains a number of multi-national companies that have used EU funding to re-locate from Britain. https://janetteheffernan.blogspot.com/2016/06/brexit-list-of-uk-companies-no-longer.html
  10. Don't think the player would do a P.V.H. Most of the 'professionals' know the consequences of feigning injury, or striking. If he wanted to leave, the best advertisement is keep scoring and prove his worth. If the player was fully fit our position would probably be far higher than 11th currently in the Championship.
  11. nemesiz

    The politics thread

    Parliament are progressively a majority of Pro-European Union supporters that only see the positive aspect of being part of the Economic and Political Bloc. Not many understand the serious flaws or negative impact since the expansion from 11 Members when it was the E.E.C. to the current 27 E.C. Fundamentally the expansion to include the ex-Soviet Bloc members was a political, not an economic decision. When the majority of regulations and rules were created (including the Freedom of movement) for all E.E.C. countries the core members had a similar economic framework, so whilst there were difference the basic principles of trading between each partner, it bought us closer together. Unfortunately once the E.E.C. changed the premise of the community to a political one with closer ideology, legislation and closer centralised controls including the introduction of the EURO and Freedom of Movement (Schengen Area Plan 1995) this was the start of a two-tier Europe. Worryingly the Banking Crisis in 2008 only quickened the economic division. The Banking Crisis, but also the Internet evolution has meant countries such as Portugal, Ireland, Italy, GREECE, and lesser extent Spain to be financially insolvent. Without financial bail-outs, those countries would have left the E.U. Unfortunately this has left countries such as Greece facing stiff economic sanctions and controls and causing insurmountable suffering. Whilst countries such as Germany can exploit a weaker Euro for their exports and make imports more expensive! What's this got to do with the UK? Well the Freedom of Movement when originally devised was an excellent idea but with the two-tier system has allowed cheap labour from the ex-Soviet Bloc to flood the market. For Businesses it's a fantastic boon with young, fit, enthusiastic workers that will work for far lower wages than the indigenous population. Unfortunately this, and the minimum wage has kept wages artificially low, and help create a decline in welfare and working standards, but also discouraged companies from training local unemployed! Of course the Economists would argue that F.O.M. has bought in £68 billion (old figures) to the economy, but they fail to include the costs and impact on education, welfare, housing, health service and other infrastructure. The other serious economic impact from the expansion of the EU and F.O.M. is the loss of hundred of thousands of jobs as large Corporations transfer their manufacturing and factories to cheaper infrastructure, and lower wages such as Poland, Slovakia and Estonia. Whilst this heavily impact on traditional towns dependent on those companies, the double whammy occurs when the EU provides loans and grants for the re-location! This is just the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to argument against staying in the E.U. Without going into detail closer political ties and the final ratification of the Lisbon Treaty 2019, the E.U. led by Franco-German powerhouse want to create a Federalist Europe. This would be unpalatable to the vast majority of British Citizens, as centralising of all economic, political and legislative decision would be made in Brussel/ Strasbourg. If this country hadn't voted to leave, plans that include an EU Army, abolition of Daylight Saving Time, reduction in C.A.P. payments to the British Farmers, gradual loss of VETO powers would be closer to fruition.
  12. nemesiz

    City Ground to be re-developed

    An attractive offer was made for the adjacent land, but the Rowing Club refused. Yes you're correct about the Doughty reneging on the payment for the new stand, but it was part of a larger strategy to stabilise the club financially.(Honestly can't remember the details).
  13. nemesiz

    City Ground to be re-developed

    From recollection Colin, the initial plan early 2000's to extend and redevelop the City Ground was blocked when the Club enquired about purchasing the land adjacent from the Nottingham Rowing Club. The Rowing club wouldn't sell the land, and also had to contend with complications with (Rushcliffe?) Council.
  14. nemesiz

    News chit chat

    (Sorry for the long winded comments) Britain has an unusual political system where the Civil Service (bureaucrats) are a completely separate identity with no political allegiance or bias. This normally ensures impartiality and should provide an efficient administrative and legal framework to help run the country. In the instance of the Brexit negotiations senior civil servants under the guidance and direction of the British Government representatives (Senior Conservative MP's) negotiated the terms and conditions of the withdrawal. The crux of the matter and problem is that nearly all of the senior civil servants with experience and competency in negotiations had retired, with only Peter Lily being the last sitting MP with a relevant history. So with the creation and joining of the EEC, our countries requirements to negotiate individual trade deals ceased, this also coincided with our political decline on the world stage. This vacuum meant without true leadership subsequent Conservative, Labour and coalition governments have capitulated especially when negotiating with the EU and China. Unfortunately what we're seeing today is an extension of this failure, with an ineptitude and lacklustre display when negotiating terms for our leaving the EU under Article 50.
  15. nemesiz

    NFFC Rumours

    Why pointless? A shrewd, adept appointment could easily re-vitalise our flagging chances by improving confidence, moral and identifying weaknesses that is impacting on our performances. No doubt the right choice could immediately make a difference as minor changes to the side, formation, tactical nuance, positioning, and eradicating idiotic mistakes that is affecting performances. Karanka's attitude of sitting back, and utilising the counter-attack been too negative, especially at home as it allowed physical sides to push forward and dictate play. Yes it worked against top sides, but not against the lower sides that are struggling in the Championship who throw caution to the wind and attack recklessly. Concerning the appointment of a manager with the credentials of Clough and O'Neill. Both know the in's and out of English Football, playing the style and type of football required for the Championship. Also their history with Nottingham Forest understand the mantra, ideology and demand of this club. So with the squad of players, unlike previous years this club stand (stood) a decent chance of a play-off even an automatic play-off place and still do if results go our way (see Hull City resurgence). The question is whether the next appointment has the luck and ability to take this squad further.

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