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  1. Who would have thought Sam Allardyce couldn't really grow a proper moustache but Michael Owen could manufacture an absolute beast?
  2. They definitely look more like our combined suggestions. I hadn't noticed the V. Persie thing but that is weird. As for QI, they basically had an episode on Superheros and they called her Super Sue Perkins. I wouldn't have got Dave Lincoln in a million years
  3. Did you watch QI this week? They very nearly called her Super Kins.
  4. Sounds like a waste of good gravy. On a related note, I finally got some fish today 6 forktail rainbowfish. I bought 7 but one died of shock whilst acclimatizing. The others seem happy though.
  5. I'm saying JLo too. The second one looks like Adrian Monk but he's not famous enough (so much so I don't know his real name). #3 is probably something ridiculous like Adrian Chiles. The black guy, anything you say is kind of racist so I pass... except I don't and I guess Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink. The last one looks like it could be Brad Pitt but if it's sport then I gues Chris Hoy. The pond is ours yes but there are no fish in it as the son took them. They claimed they were "pets" but I would be very surprised if they didn't just flog them. I have nothing to offer on films as I would imagine you've seen all the ones I have
  6. I have no clue apart from maybe Ulrika? I don't think it's generally the hair that people are allergic to, it's the histemine produced by the animal's skin. I'm not bringing any jokes today I'm afraid - I'm in too much of a bad mood cos this fish nonsense isn't going very well. No fish, dying plants, possible contamination of tank with detergents... super frustrating. Check this site out though - absolutely amazing. Would love to make something like this one day.... just gotta stop getting ahead of myself and looking at buying new tanks when I can't even run this first one properly yet! http://www.aquascapingworld.com/forums/aquascaping-showcase.7/
  7. I shared enough with Sir Jimmy; I'm not sharing it with you too I forgot about Super Kins. I wonder if I'd be allergic to her. Mrs Mike wants me to try out hypo-allergenic cats. I've tried to explain to her that they don't work but she's raising her hopes far too highly. I'm concentrating on fish instead - you definitely can't be allergic to them. 17 days after I posted my last lot of fishtank pics and I'm still nowhere near getting any fish. Stupid bloody experts on line worrying about animal welfare, making me use ammonia instead of sacrificial fish Unfortunately it appears the ammonia I've been using might have detergent in it or something and if that's the case then I'm fucked and will have to start again. Still, I've bought a lot of bits of wood now and lots of plants, so I suppose it's all gunna be a lot more developed once I actually get some. Will post some pics in the next few days.
  8. Dufner's face is amazing He already looks a bit like a frog at the best of times but it looks like someone's popped him and he's slowly deflating. I obviously thought we had absolutely no chance whatsoever on day 3 but it was absolutely brilliant. It's a bit of a shame that I thought there wasn't any chance because I didn't really get excited till the last hour and a half. Would have been great to have watched the whole day in that mindset. Rose's long put was my favourite bit cos of his reaction. He looks like a bit of a wet lettuce and to give it the bigun to the galleries was great.
  9. Here it is - great soundtrack. We've got Sky Movies at the new place so I am working through all the good films I've never seen. By working through I mean I have watched one, which was Castaway. I thought it was good. 8/10.
  10. I'm disappointed that image didn't show up, as I'm assuming it's something to do with the last sentence. I would assume all 3, which I think is possible, right? It may have something to do with Tony's Team Talk, or some similar program. Just installed FIFA 13 demo. I know I'll be getting it but it's also a slight sense of dread at the amount of time I know I will be wasting, essentially repeating the hundreds of hours I spent doing the exact same thing on the last 4 versions.
  11. I'm not sure when the last thing I watched that would be classified as a B Movie would be, so I can't really say on that one. I have just bought a fish tank though, which is a tenuous link to a sharktopus. An octoshark could potentially be more scary if you had an eight headed shark... sounds like something they'd make on robot wars. Anyway, with my fish tank I purchased all the accessories whilst eating a fish finger sandwich. I only noticed the irony about half way through but it didn't spoil it. Nom nom. I set myself a budget of £300 for the whole lot and I've already crashed through that without any fish, which is quite annoying. £110 for the tank itself which is a 125l Jewel Rio, then all the other electrical stuff is way more than I expected, partly I think due to the people on the fish forums telling me to get "a bit bigger than you need". Just the filter was £75. That's actually the only thing that I think I've done wrong so far as for instance the air pump is far too powerful; ridiculously so, so that it makes the whole cabinet vibrate really loudly, so may well have to flog that and get a smaller one. Also, the "a bit bigger than you need" heater is nearly bigger than the tank itself. Anyway, let me see if I can find a wire to post up some pics....
  12. I'm still around and about, just not had time to post. We FINALLY moved in on Saturday, though we're not finished yet. I've just been tiling and grouting tonight whilst trying to watch the US Open final, which was an incredible match. Made me want to start playing tennis again. I only play on holidays but my brother is a tennis coach and I'm naturally pretty good but just don't have the knees for running around that much. Just waiting now to have a shower and head off to bed but just waiting to see Andy Murray's post match interview with Sky... he's taking his time but at least I can look at Anabelle Croft's legs, which are smashing (pun intended). Talking of puns, I was thinking "Amazeballs" would be quite a good tacky newspaper headline I haven't checked any of the fantasy games apart from the Premier League one. It is absolutely hopeless that they offer such an appallingly bad prize. I can't believe they're not embarrassed to announce the winner of a 1.5m man tournament as two tickets to a football match. I give out nearly as much in prize money for my 50 person mini league for Tycoon.
  13. Yep the Michu thing has gone well so far.... apart from the fact he was on my bench Anyway, my teams are largely cobbled together with not a massive amount of thought due to not having much free time, so I wouldn't be worthy of a mini league. I assume that's too late anyway.
  14. Phew.... just spent 2 hours doing a load of those Fantasy Footballs; given me a bit of a headache. House is coming along OK. It's taking longer than I wanted which is why I've been getting up stupidly early every day, to sort out workmen etc, so I haven't been on here in a while. Gotta be up early tomorrow to so good luck with your teams in week 1. I'll say I'm heavily reliant on Michu being good

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