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    Recommend a film

    Brick An absolute gem of a film. A proper updated and stunningly shot Film Noir removed to an American High School. Also a few other personal favourites: Three Colours Trilogy- Masterpieces, especially Three Colours Blue. Nightwatch- First of a matrix-y Russian Trilogy. Although the 2nd and 3rd have been heavily produced by an American studio Goodbye Lenin- Touching and extremely funny. The Believer- Very different. Death To Smoochy- A Robin Williams film that doesn't suck!!! I'm guessing this was filmed during his 'troubled' times Dazed And Confused- Will make you remeber how much fun you can have :smoke:
  2. LondonTricky

    The 'What Are You Listening To Now' Thread

    FEEDER - Cant Dance To Disco
  3. LondonTricky

    The 'What Are You Listening To Now' Thread

    Carter USM - Sheriff Fatman

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