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  1. Hello, i've come back, but only for about 5 or 6 posts. Hope you enjoyed them.
  2. Newham

    Fantasy Football 2007/08

    It's now open. If you move early there are some right bargains to be had. Code to join the FF league: 98673-23441 http://www.premierleague.com/splash/fantasy/fantasy.html
  3. One thing i noticed today. If there's a group bill amongst blokes which works out to around £12/£13 each, they will chuck in £15 and have it done with. In the same situation, women will crank it out to almost the exact penny. Odd people. My mate has bought a Golden Retriever puppy, it's the most adorable thing you could imagine.
  4. What's up with AF? It's been dead for too long now
  5. Newham

    Recommend a film

    Got to agree, truly superb. If they ever release it on HD DVD it'll be mind-blowing.
  6. I know what an armadillo looks like, it was definitely a 'dillo. I worked from 9am to 10pm today, i'm fucked. I'm in again at 10.
  7. I start tomorrow at 9, i can't sleep. I fucking hate warm nights. I saw an armadillo today, didn't think they lived in this country.
  8. Some lowlifes have scribed the following onto the front of a closed church on the opposite side of the road from us: PAKI CUNTS ENGLAND IS MIME JKFR IS THI WUN FR UZ!
  9. Without making this descend into a football debate, that's a very silly thing to say. There's a perfectly good chance that he'll be fully fit. It was only a broken leg keeping him out.
  10. Newham


    Any film link websites?
  11. Newham

    Virgin Media - broadband users.

    Why would anyone choose Virgin? It costs more, you get less channels and less reliable internet. Sky is the only choice.
  12. My favourite headline of recent times was from a club was trying to sign a striker and got one called Fukal. "***** WANT STRIKER, GET FUKAL"
  13. Newham

    Recommend a film

    Thanks for recommending that little-known Oscar winning film for us
  14. Jesus jeynes, that's a bit mental. I mean, seven hours on C&C?
  15. What is everyone listening to? Frankly, does anyone really care?
  16. I watched gavin and stacey yesterday, it was...average. Why can't anyone do proper comedy at the moment? The best going is Peep Show and that's only really brilliant in moments. Why were you searching for topless 16 year olds Art? Another line from the drunk Scotsman when he was having his ticket taken: "Your eyes are nice than your arse"
  17. I know they were Muslim, because they told him. Conversation is wonderful. The sky is now a dark shade of blue, time to go to bed i think.
  18. I've just started revising for my exam at 13:30 tomorrow. Yay. Facebook is actually quite addictive. I'm watching live NHL. It's Ottawa 0-0 Anaheim in case you're interested. I had a tramp come up to me the other day and open the conversation with the immortal line: "Don't worry, i'm not a homosexual" A drunk Scotsman on the train at 8am on Saturday started speaking to a couple of Muslims on the train with: "So, you a paki or summat else?" I went to Headingley on Saturday and got ill on hotdogs and cold with the wind. I'm quickly losing faith with Forest, i'll always be here but they're pushing their luck. My girlfriend bores me. I have a loaf of bread next to my bed because i brought it upstairs and can't be arsed taking it down again. I'm very, very cold at the moment. You have enjoyed reading a selection of my thoughts.
  19. Newham


  20. I've got to be up at 5:45 tomorrow morning, or this morning as it now is. Fuck.
  21. Newham

    Recommend a film

    It's not particularily unknown, but Hitchcocks classic 'Rear Window' is superb. A real suspenseful and fascinating flick.
  22. Vandelay, the hugh hefner of Forestfans.net There was a moth in my room when i got back tonight. I wouldn't have minded, but he had my slippers on, the presumptuous bastard.

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