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  1. leather

    The politics thread

    Just like he was good with a Norway option Brexit prior to the referendum then it wasn’t brexity enough for him afterwards. He’s fucked if he has to get a proper job.
  2. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.pri.org/stories/2018-06-20/uk-s-move-away-coal-means-they-re-burning-wood-us%3famp love this. Draw power station in Yorkshire gets its biomass pellets from the states with a large portion of cut down trees. they claim is its carbon neutral because whilst burning fuel releases carbon into the atmosphere trees absorb carbon so it’s okay(obviously except for the ones you cut down). funny that this plants and trees absorb carbon observation doesn’t apply if you burn anything else that releases carbon. im always a bit suspicious of anything in which cold, warmth, rain, sun, snow , ice is all proof of the same thing.
  3. leather

    Nigel Wray...

    The bloke who if he dropped a quid it would hit him on the back of his neck.
  4. leather

    Nigel Wray...

    Didn’t know he was still their owner. I vaguely recall when he owned us he said then that the rugby club was his priority and would get the lions share of his investment.
  5. leather

    The politics thread

    I think Labour’s problem is they’re fighting a civil war and desperately trying to pretend it’s not a thing and give the impression of a party with coherent policy. Trouble is there’s that much pressure in there it breaks out somewhere. They’re trying to pretend they don’t have conflicting policy on Brexit amongst their front benchers , most of whom seem to want to remain but their voting base outside of the Islington set are mostly leavers. Corbyn seems to be the leader but not in control, yet none of his opponents have either the balls or the backing to come at him. They’re not alone in their Brexit incoherence though and this has exposed the mess our politicians have made of it. Only the LibDems have the balls to say what they really propose with Brexit despite it being suicidal. Most MPs that talk about a people’s vote simply want to drown it but daren’t say that so they talk about second referendums and avoiding no deal through the law but that’s like voting against gravity. The withdrawal agreement isn’t and never was permanent it was simply the agreement that got us over the line which would then lead to negotiations about a future relationship. Trouble is our MPs are such halfwits it only entered the head of some of them. theyre a bloody shambles, the lot them.
  6. leather

    The politics thread

    Good piece. We’re riddled with this on all sides of the political divide and the civil service. Although it’s not writing think mediocrity goes with this too. Bluffing is perfect for the chancers we have in the system. It’s not just politicians and civil service mandarins, but other institutions too such that we rely on. Agree with H Block on his suggestion exists in consultants and business. I’ve begun to think most consultants don’t go into businesses to fix the problems correctly but have to come up with something high impact for their next gig.
  7. leather

    Ray Wilkins

    Old Butch has shuffled off this mortal coil. Wasnt expecting that.
  8. leather

    Johan Cruyff

    Gone at 68 http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35892775
  9. leather

    The politics thread

    Not sure Starmer’s the answer. In three years he hasn’t bothered to understand what a customs union is and what it isn’t, beyond seeing it has the word customs in it. They’re also going to have to find someone who understands the critical mass of voters lies outside of Islington. I’ve no idea who that person is. that said, all the parties are riddled with halfwits.
  10. leather

    The politics thread

    Spot on. Farage is a particular proponent of this phrase yet strangely enough he and many prominent figures in the Brexit sphere were quite happy with a Norway before the referendum yet now seem to have jumped on the its not Brexit enough. Norway has had a bad press as “Fax democracy” and “ all pay and no say”, based on something Cameron initially came out with despite being wrong. He stole the notion from Norwegian politicians who were trying to create a cause in order to persuade Norway to become full members. I know I’m a stuck record but EFTA / EEA is the best option for us. Being in the EU is not a vote for the status quo and it’s on a journal to full federalism. Being out does bring advantages. One of those is that most EU rules are set at a level above the EU (ISO, UNECE and WTO). Out of the EU, we get an individual seat in our own right and not have 1/28th of a vote as we currently have as EU members. As to a plan, there was a perfectly good one in this. http://www.eureferendum.com/documents/flexcit.pdf
  11. leather

    The politics thread

    Trouble is it won’t even achieve that at the rate they’re jacking it in or retiring.
  12. leather

    Forest v sheep

    Seems they’ve got a general discipline problem in the club. Just met up with an old workmate who’s a Leeds fan. He seems to suggest that after their game with them, the Derby dressing room was a right state with holes in the ceiling, champagne bottles everywhere and someone had taken a shit on the dressing room floor.
  13. leather

    The politics thread

    It has been suggested that they are following the advice of organisations where although they are UK based have funding ties to US corporate interests. That and they just don’t understand the complexity. They think free trade will solve it all and don’t realise that certain groups will be balls deep once we’ve been bent over.
  14. leather

    Fixtures for coming season

    Given how we’ve played the last few seasons we’d make a tough start of it if our first six games were against the relegation fodder.
  15. leather

    The politics thread

    It seems to have taken the media a little while to catch up with this. There were some claims shortly afterwards. Don’t know if they’re true or not, but there was a claim that 10000 votes cast and more of them were postal ballot than in person which itself was considered to be iffy. its like a banana republic in Britain, these days.
  16. leather

    The politics thread

    This gives an interesting perspective on the Farage problem. North’s old man was an MEP many years ago who shared an office with Farage. The problem seems to be Farage doesn’t think much further than himself and nobbles anyone with serious ideas. https://peterjnorth.blogspot.com/2019/06/peterborough-failure-to-launch.html
  17. leather

    The politics thread

    Because a Leadsom fucked off and May is in hiding some unknown MP from Nottingham filled in at the desptach box. The fucking Tory for Erewash asked him to wish the shaggers well in the playoffs. Tory wanker.
  18. leather

    The politics thread

    Oh give it time, I’m sure we’ll find something
  19. leather

    The politics thread

    Bit pointless to me. They won’t really have any bearing on Brexit
  20. leather

    News chit chat

    Never mind that, this is the news story of the day https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7010949/Climate-change-protester-wants-glue-Bristol-Council-building-automatic.html
  21. leather

    QPR v Forest match thread

    Probably a win for what it’s worth
  22. leather

    Karanka out

    It wouldn’t surprise me that if he were both chairman and manager at a club he’d launch a vendetta against himself.
  23. leather

    Sheffield United v Forest

    Bit harsh that
  24. leather

    Sheffield United v Forest

    This will be one of those where we turn them over leaving us bewildered as to why we lose against the shit teams and moaning how we should be firmly in the play off places.
  25. leather

    NFFC Rumours

    Any worth in the rumour that Qatari Sports Investment are sniffing round the club?

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