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  1. leather

    Forest v Villa

    Every bit as much.
  2. leather

    Forest v Villa

    We’ve been poor but I don’t think Dean snuffing out our second goal helped.
  3. leather

    Forest v Villa

    That’s dogshit from the ref
  4. leather

    Forest v Villa

    We need to stop the theatrics too. Someone needs to have a little word with Yates too. He needs to level his head a bit. Fine for the Derby game but he looks like he’s trying a bit too hard and flapping about in this one.
  5. leather

    The politics thread

    I reckon it’ll be time for a new General Election thread soon the way this cobblers is going on.
  6. Job done. Very good result. I’m all for calling out the bad performances but let’s not be looking for reasons to moan today.
  7. Today’s cup final -Chelsea’s manager decides he wants to sub his keeper, and the goalie on the field simply refuses to come off. Chelsea dugout going mad and he’s just like fuck it, I’m staying on. Who’d be a manager these days?
  8. leather

    Forest v Derby

    That’s what I enjoyed about the last game. Keogh tried to play the hard man with Heff and Heff just laughed him off.
  9. leather

    Preston v Forest

    I’ll go for a win.
  10. leather

    Birmingham v Forest

    Win this one
  11. leather

    News chit chat

    I suspect because she doesn’t have a view on anything really beyond a calculation of how it moves her forward.
  12. leather

    Let's all laugh at Notts County

    There’s that part of me that thinks this also, but fuck me the vitriol they chuck our way, despite our fans having gone to the games to support them when they nearly went under previously and their own fans deserted them, makes you not want to give a shit especially when most of their own. Some of them have huge chip on their shoulder when it comes to us.
  13. leather

    Let's all laugh at Notts County

    Could be a nice little earner running a little business selling inflatable cock and balls to opposing fans.
  14. leather


    1-1. Half the fans asleep by the 65th minute.

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