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  1. leather

    News chit chat

    Pretty much, plus an utter refusal to spend any time trying to understand it once it was decided. It’s one thing not to know at the start about how to do it based on our lack of skills in this area and another thing all together to be determined to remain ignorant.
  2. leather


    If Keane is coming MoN probably wants him to tell the Greek where to shove it if it tries to suggest what the team sheet should be.
  3. leather


    I wasn’t expecting this and don’t know really what to think. My main gripe is I don’t like Forest legends coming in to manage the team, mostly because I don’t want to see them fail and that’s highly likely in the circus that is NFFC . Could he do a job? Well in this league anything is possible if you go for it. Consistency seems to be the big challenge for most teams in this division. Solve that and you’ve got a good chance.
  4. leather

    NFFC Rumours

    Fact of the day. That particular clam is very safe on the top of his thick neck.
  5. leather

    What's wrong with the UK?

    News shows that keep bringing that half wit Owen Jones on. It’s like he was inspired by Rik Mayall in the Young Ones
  6. leather

    NFFC Rumours

    Why’s he got a chocolate clam on his chin?
  7. leather

    Karanka has gone

    I’m guessing this is more managers. not getting too wound up. To many bad days at the office so not really surprised that the owner wasn’t happy. This looked to be his level and progress felt like it would come more by luck than judgement. i get the call for stability and want stability but I wonder if we hadn’t already gone through a shitload of managers in past years would we have been so tolerant of AK. Anyway it’s all academic now. He’s gone . Long live the king (and no, not mad fucking Billy)
  8. And finish off with “I don’t know how the referee missed that one”
  9. leather

    News chit chat

    If you like a bit of tinfoil hat stuff, there’s some footage knocking about the internet that looks a bit dubious. Suggesting one of the protestors may be undercover plodhelping to create a scene. Doesn’t quite look the rabble rousing part and then there’s a set of shots where he seems to step up to one of Soubry’s entourage and slip something in his inside pocket. Its all getting a bit daft now but she can’t say she’s not had a hand in rabble rousing. I can remember all those years ago when she presented Central Weekend Live on a Friday night where they used to whip a late night crowd up and have folks in the audience threatening to spark guests out.
  10. Football does seem a lot less complicated to decide compared to rugby. I thought the right decision was made last night. It’llprobably Get more calls right than wrong in the long run. What’s got on my titend is the managers insisting now finding new moans. Be nice if they’d just shrug their shoulders and say it’s debatable but we should have been better over the rest of the ninety minutes.
  11. Football reaping what it sows in last nights Chelsea v Tottenham game. After years of calling for video replay in football they now decide they don’t like what it comes with and has become just another thing to moan about rather than admitting they didn’t do enough in the game to make a single decision irrelevant.
  12. leather

    NFFC Rumours

    I would have thought doing what he did then might not have done him any favours. Doesn’t give the impression of a man who can take the fight to his opponents when in a corner or someone who can learn from what’s not working.
  13. leather

    Karanka out

    Not on here but Twatter isn’t short of folks calling for those clowns. Even Big Sam has had a shout, so has agent Clough. There are even folk calling for Billy’s third mad spell.
  14. Funny what happens when you try and keep the game up near their goal.

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