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  1. leather

    News chit chat

    Never mind that, this is the news story of the day https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7010949/Climate-change-protester-wants-glue-Bristol-Council-building-automatic.html
  2. leather

    QPR v Forest match thread

    Probably a win for what it’s worth
  3. leather

    Karanka out

    It wouldn’t surprise me that if he were both chairman and manager at a club he’d launch a vendetta against himself.
  4. leather

    Sheffield United v Forest

    Bit harsh that
  5. leather

    Sheffield United v Forest

    This will be one of those where we turn them over leaving us bewildered as to why we lose against the shit teams and moaning how we should be firmly in the play off places.
  6. leather

    NFFC Rumours

    Any worth in the rumour that Qatari Sports Investment are sniffing round the club?
  7. leather

    Forest v Blackburn

    Look on the bright side we’ve pretty much burned through all the club legends in management.
  8. leather

    The politics thread

    A big part of the problem (and from the start) was they treated Brexit day as the destination as opposed to a process. They think they had to have it all wrapped up and they’ll never agree what that looks like. The deal is shite but it’s the one that we have to get us out. If only they’d vote for it and then work on a better long term deal. we can see the problem with a no deal Brexit from the shitshow our MPs are currently delivering. A full three years fucking up the basic bit, suggests that getting the nation out of the hole that in the immediate aftermath is beyond them.
  9. leather

    The politics thread

    It’s coming to something when that shitshow in Brussels looks more switched on that our lot do. In some ways it’s a good thing, because there’s no pretending now that our politics is fucked up by self interested halfwits. People who once didn’t give a shit are now paying attention to them and the MPs don’t like it.
  10. leather

    The politics thread

    Thing is, the Irish will reflect what the EU say. We call it the Irish border but for the purpose of Brexit it’s the EEA border. The EU’s position has always been that you can’t be outside and have the same benefits of being in the club. Our problem has been our approach. We’ve acted like someone who gives up his season ticket at a football club that we’ve had for forty years and then insisting on being able to rock up the following season and expecting the club to let us in our old seat because of who we are. They haven’t been intransigent. We have. i don’t like the deal, but get it done. Get shot of her and hope there are some grown ups who can spend time fixing it.
  11. leather

    The politics thread

    I don’t actually know what they’re fucking about with. The EU have already said the negotiation is closed. It’s the deal that the PM has presented to them or no deal. This bunch in Westminster are pissing about with non options,
  12. leather

    Forest v Villa

    Every bit as much.
  13. leather

    Forest v Villa

    We’ve been poor but I don’t think Dean snuffing out our second goal helped.
  14. leather

    Forest v Villa

    That’s dogshit from the ref
  15. leather

    Forest v Villa

    We need to stop the theatrics too. Someone needs to have a little word with Yates too. He needs to level his head a bit. Fine for the Derby game but he looks like he’s trying a bit too hard and flapping about in this one.

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