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  1. leather

    Book of Condolence Thread

    Burt Reynolds.
  2. Reserves or not, turn that out every week and we’ll do alright.
  3. Looked night a good night to have been at the City Ground. Some good stuff all round. Still not convinced of Newcastle’s penalty shout, but then again I get irritated with refs always blowing for one on ones between a goalie and and outfield players, nor do I like players going down softly in the box like it’s their right. a good win and they looked vastly different than at the weekend. Karanka has got to have seen how much more effective and exciting it is when we go at teams and work around that.
  4. leather

    What's wrong with the UK?

    Oh I don’t know https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R3GDDEL1SC1QQ5
  5. Now that’s how you hit a ball.
  6. Well well well, look what happens when you press forward and have a run at them.
  7. They’ve done their homework. Keep pushing down that left third and we gave them an opening. Even before the goal we’ve been ball watching there.
  8. leather

    News chit chat

    Here’s the problem in as close as this fella can put things into a nutshell http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86951 this is from a leaver whose spent a lot of time digging around how to leave the EU.
  9. leather

    News chit chat

    I can’t stand the EU but i have to be honest I think it’s us that’s making most of the pigs ear and difficulty out of it. All these sticking points were known up front and were advised of the rules. We’re approaching it just like Doughty and Arthur approached transfer business.
  10. leather

    News chit chat

    I’m not against referendums and to be fair this was a fairly simple question in or out of the EU. What was missing is a is the competence to deliver it without fucking it up. What we got though was a nest of vipers who decided to kick it around for their own ends. we do have some voters who are thick but it wasn’t for them to work out all the detail. The detail wasn’t their problem to solve. That was govt and the civil services job to get right.
  11. leather

    News chit chat

    I don’t think a second referendum would work for several reasons. Firstly it would be slated like the second referendums the other nations did on Lisbon and the Euro in which people think that you just get sent away until you come back with the result the EU wants. Secondly there are political groups, personalities and the media who either aren’t interested in getting into the correct detail and even if they find it aren’t interested in the truth. Boris, Steve Baker and Davies were amongst those. Thirdly and partly related to 2 is that most people would be less less clear on a vote now given how it’s been handled by the mendacious bastards on both sides of the political divide but particularly the The Tories. It didn’t need to be this way except for a bunch of grandstanding tory fuckwits thinking about their own future leadership prospects. For all the EU look like they’re being difficult it’s more a case of our lot keep approaching the EU with proposals that were clear from the start wouldn’t float. We keep trying ‘cake and eat it’ proposals and missing the sitter that is EFTA. What they keep proposing are things the EU have said time and time again. what we’re basically asking to do in footballing terms is giving up our forty year season ticket and expecting to rock up this season and sit our old seat simply because of who we are and accusing the club of being difficult because they won’t let us.
  12. leather

    News chit chat

    The trouble is Brexit a fuck up on so many fronts when it didn’t need to be and that’s down to the Government.an EFTA / EEA Brexit would be an excellent starting point for a government that really hasn’t got the first clue, lacks expertise and simply doesn’t have the time. The odd thing is many politicians who are calling it a betrayal were for it before the referendum.
  13. leather

    World Cup 2018 draw

    If Players use their World Cup performance to negotiate their contracts, Sterling is going to find himself having to argue for minimum wage.
  14. leather

    World Cup 2018 draw

    That save was fucking excellent.
  15. leather

    World Cup 2018 draw

    The Japs made a good go of it in the end.

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