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  1. leather

    NFFC Rumours

    There has got to be something wrong with football in that there are clubs in the world interested in buying the shite that can’t even get a sniff of playing in our team.
  2. leather

    NFFC Rumours

    The squad does need hacking back. I’m not hearing of much of the crap getting released. I’m presuming there must be a financial reason we can’t terminate contracts of players we’ve got no hope of flogging to another team or are we deluding ourselves that someone will take them.
  3. leather

    Forest v Reading

    Shame that. Done now. I’d hate to be the manager trying to work out how he’s going to explain that to the radio in some new and imaginative way.
  4. leather

    NFFC Rumours

    Be hard for a young lad like that not to have his head turned by interest like that. Be interesting to see how ‘helpful’ his agent becomes at this point.
  5. leather

    Forest v Luton

    We need to nail this with another and just finish them.
  6. leather

    Forest v Luton

    Should that have been a corner for us. Looked like the Luton player headed it on the way out
  7. leather

    Jan strengthening project..

    See Mir’s been fucked off back to Wolves. That’s a result for me. Hopefully the lad can pick up a few shifts in McDonalds.
  8. leather

    Jan strengthening project..

    Yeah but the fucking YouTube reels will be top drawer.
  9. leather

    Chelsea v Forest

    I always thought the principle of offside was about preventing an unfair advantage. That doesn’t come from your knee or your shoulder, it comes from feet. As you say, it’s about clear and obvious mistake but as someone else said, it’s being used to rereferee games. Souness was right when he says football is an entertainment business where people want to see goals, but the business side of it has stopped seeing it that way and they wanted this to protect their revenue. They’re reaping what they sowed.
  10. leather

    NFFC Rumours

    I sometimes wonder if our scouting operation is a load kids watching YouTube videos.
  11. leather

    Chelsea v Forest

    Maybe we should just send a note that says “nah. Fuck it. We’re not coming “
  12. leather

    Forest v Rovers

    Can Ameobi not breathe. If he’s not doubled up he looks like he’s blowing like a whale.
  13. leather

    Forest v Rovers

    Sweet goal that. Didn’t think we’d get anything given how many they had back.
  14. leather

    Forest v Rovers

    Now you’ve jinxed it.
  15. leather

    Forest v Pie eaters

    I’m all for this, except for the fact we’ve got to find bigger mugs than we were to sell them to. in all seriousness though, some of our player acquisition needs looking at if we’re serious about building a truly ambitious operation here. Mir being a prime example. Pub league managers would pass on him and yet somehow he gets his name on a team sheet at Nottingham Forest.

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