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  1. Faceman

    NFFC Rumours

  2. Faceman

    NFFC Rumours

    Ha! At least his time will be better spent than it currently is watching obscure French 1950s films.
  3. Faceman

    News chit chat

    No I don't.
  4. Faceman

    NFFC Rumours

    Well done Art!!
  5. We needed a bit of pace in the centre of midfield yesterday, Watson and Colback don't offer that. Bridcutt shows a bit of industry and has that ability to upset players and at least he can pass forward. Murphy was isolated yesterday, he feeds on crosses whipped into the box, not balls lumped up to him. He's doing ok considering we aren't supplying him with anything. Pantimillon is just a bit weird. He should have everything a keeper needs but he looks a bit short of confidence. Brentford will be top 6 at the end of the year though. A good team who work very hard for each other. Karanka to stay until Christmas.
  6. Faceman

    NFFC Rumours

    I'm definitely up for the Brentford match in early Sept! Will text you as we're all off on our hols during Aug so pre seasons are looking a bit doubtful. Bloody optimistic about this year though. I might be able to sort out an early season home Saturday game - will be in touch mate. Hope you and your little son are keeping well! ;-)
  7. Faceman

    NFFC Rumours

    We didn't sign anyone at all yesterday. Bit disappointed to be honest - sack the board.
  8. Faceman

    Cardiff v Forest

    Pantimillon had personal issues apparently. I thought Kapino looked alright - we have no height in our defence at all and they were taking the piss with every high ball into our box. Not sure if Dawson is the answer but his height will certainly help. He's not very mobile though and that's a worry.
  9. Faceman

    Karanka out

    I would have stuck with Warburton until the end of the season. He only had one transfer window to get things ready. Sure we lost quite a few games, but we knocked the ball around nicely and I like to see us play that way. People are saying we need to give managers time, but this never bloody happens with us. I want someone to stay for 3 seasons, get his feet under the desk and build a team and mentality. To do that, the manager needs to get rid of all the dross we've accumulated under the previous managers...
  10. Faceman

    Millwall v Forest

    Darikwa was a **** today. He gave so much space to the Millwall lads crossing the ball I thought he was fucking scared of them. Their second goal should never have been allowed to come into our box. Obviously McKay takes the prize as top **** though. My grandad saw fucking Ities in the second WW with more fucking fight than him. Hope Graham got home alright Col...
  11. Faceman

    Recommend a film

    Was Dougpol in the lead role?
  12. Faceman

    Where Are They Now

    looks pretty similar to me... I bet he didn't have a leg to stand on in court...
  13. Faceman

    Warburton Gone

    That's a very good point - we showed some balls today and played well when we weren't expected to win. It might mean we can interest a few managers that we couldn't before. Fingers crossed we don't get Clough.
  14. Faceman

    Forest v QPR

    Clough's head is too big for his body. His head and neck look like a grapefruit on a toothpick. It's fucking huge.

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