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  1. Rich B

    Preston v Forest

    Only cos you paid me
  2. Rich B

    Preston v Forest

    Fine and dandy, forgot this place still existed
  3. Rich B

    Preston v Forest

    Billy Mk 1 did not deserve to be fired Billy Mk II was a twat that sacked himself. Woo hoo look who's back
  4. Rich B


    Exactly, when he came here he was able to buy players and just look at the twats he brought in
  5. Rich B

    Gems from Forest sites past...

    Used to love my little Barney's with Hobart
  6. What, exactly, do the Muslims have to do to piss you off .
  7. Samantha Lewthwaite was an ordinary British girl.. Found Islam and became a terrorist. QED
  8. What about the cartoon episode when they all went ballistic
  9. I know it's hard for you to follow the root of our argument / discussion but I was alluding that Muslims wanted to rule the planet and take it back to the Middle Ages. Are Breivik / IRA / ETA et al all assisting the various Muslim factions in trying to achieve this? I know it's difficult for you to accept but sooner or later the balloon is going to go up and the violence will be scary as the rest of the world strikes back.
  10. HTH http://www.standard.co.uk/news/radical-shouts-down-reid-on-muslim-brainwashing-7249711.html
  11. You post terrorist activities from these guys and I'll do same for the muzzies. I think you're confusing people randomly killing anybody and everyone that's not Muslim with nationalists fighting against their own governments for political purposes but go ahead it's an easy mistake to make.
  12. All Muslims may not be terrorists but it would appear that all terrorists .....
  13. Wonder what heinous crimes these Brits did http://news.sky.com/story/1145494/kenya-mall-siege-six-britons-killed
  14. It's called apostasy and yes, punishable by death
  15. Do I win this one as well then. Surely you can find some......

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