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  1. A new man

    NFFC Rumours

    That's something that comes with experience. Most young central defenders need 100 appearances before they're considered up to speed. Worrall is only 22 and has just over 70 professional games under his belt. He should be approaching the required levels of consistency very soon otherwise he'll never make it. The only way to find out is to recall and play him.
  2. A new man


    He took that poor Ireland team to a major tournament and got them through the group stage. How many times have they achieved that in their history?
  3. We could hardly put three passes together but won through sheer hard work in the end. Didn't see much evidence of the players downing tools conspiracy!!!
  4. A new man

    Millwall v Forest

    And the same thing has been happening with about 2 or 3 totally different squads over the last few years. The same conspiracy amongst the players remains despite only Osborn being left from the second BD era. Sounds plausible.
  5. A new man

    Millwall v Forest

    Dreadful again. Give him another 10 million in January and he might just keep us up!!
  6. A new man

    Millwall v Forest

    We've offered fuck all so far. Millwall will park the bus second half. Not much hope.
  7. He hasn't scored for a few games now. He's very close to being shit again!
  8. This is the type of game we've been winning recently. Lose to shite at home then beat the top teams away. 0-2 to Forest.
  9. I agree with this. Not a Karanka fan but I'm less of a fan of sacking managers every single season. We've not had a manager start and finish a season since BD in 2010-11. That has to change at some point because it obviously isn't working.
  10. I usually try to look for positives but there none in that performance. Truly awful. Never looked like scoring.
  11. Hard to see how we'll get back into this. Struggled against teams that come to park the bus. We've had zero creativity so far.
  12. We played well. If Lolley converts that chance it's a deserved win.
  13. A new man

    NFFC Rumours

    Darlow was very young for a keeper last time and very inexperienced. He's since played in a promotion winning team and gained premier league experience. He should have developed as a player in the years he's been away. I'd take him.
  14. A new man


    That's pretty much how i remember it.

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