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  1. A new man

    NFFC Rumours

    Jenkinson has made more than 20 appearances in a season just once in his career. He's 27. Have we not learned the lessons of relying on injury prone players?
  2. A new man

    Forest v Derby

    Matty Cash has only played a handful of games at right back and i think he's already become the first choice. He has the potential to go and become a top class full back. Him and Watson the two big surprises of the season.
  3. A new man

    Forest v Derby

    Silva's best game for Forest by far.
  4. A new man

    Forest v Derby

    Watson got a yellow card for nothing when there's been 6 or 7 fouls that were much worse that went unpunished.
  5. A new man

    Forest v Luton

    Leicester won the Premier League with similar stats over a full season. The turn around in results away from home has been almost unbelievable. Are any teams in the championship winning away from home playing champagne football?
  6. A new man

    Forest v Luton

    3 points off the top two with a game in hand. 4 away wins already. We only won 10 away in the previous 3 seasons!
  7. A new man

    Forest v Luton

    2-0 up. The enthusiasm is frightening on here today!
  8. A new man

    Forest v Luton

    Ifollow is audio only today. It must be on TV somewhere. Any links?
  9. A new man

    Alex Milosevic

    I think most fans liked him as a player but if the manager doesn't fancy him and he's so far down the pecking then it's the correct decision to get rid. Need to offload Clough and Hefele next.
  10. A new man

    Forest v Brentford

    We scored from a set piece again. Never looked like conceding from set pieces at the other end. What a huge difference it makes.
  11. A new man

    Forest v Brentford

    I'll take it. 2nd now.
  12. A new man

    Blackburn v Forest

    Not great but we'll take a point. Win at home on Saturday and that becomes a fantastic point.
  13. A new man

    Blackburn v Forest

    1-1 stitch those wrists up!
  14. A new man

    Blackburn v Forest

    If we win it'll be the first time we've won 4 away league games on the bounce in almost 25 years!
  15. A new man

    What Have You Been Watching?

    Also watch 'Camping' and 'Hunderby'. Both also comedies from the sick mind of Julia Davis.

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