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  1. What's In A Name

    Computer Completely Shagged

    Windows won't roll back anyway, nothing happens when I click 'next'. It's looking increasingly like a full re-install. Is there any way I can do this without the original CD and package - that's long gone?
  2. What's In A Name

    Computer Completely Shagged

    Is there any chance a system restore to last week will bail me out?
  3. What's In A Name

    Computer Completely Shagged

    Hello again. I downloaded CF on someone else's computer and it still claimed to be 'compromised' by the time I opened it on mine. It self-destructs after that. I'm starting to think it's a lost cause!
  4. What's In A Name

    Computer Completely Shagged

    I tried running the programme Chav, it says it's unsafe and deletes itself. Something about a 'virut' (apparently a file-patching virus). My computer no longer gives me the option of saving the file somewhere other than the automatic location. Tomorrow I'm going to try and download it from a housemate's computer and do it that way. Although whether or not I'm able to access the net from here, or even get past the Windows login, is something of a lottery. Up in Sheffield, for a few more months. It never rains but it pours, eh?
  5. What's In A Name

    Computer Completely Shagged

    Thanks a lot for responding. I'm prepared to try anything. I notice it says that it may disturb the basic functionality of the computer because it's so savage in its execution, should I run it anyway? Half of the basic functions of the computer seem to have been obliterated by my existing anti-virus software anyway.
  6. What's In A Name

    Computer Completely Shagged

    I fear I'm asking a lot too much this time. I'm grateful to any techno types who take a few minutes to read this [it's about as long as one of my match reports...] Last night [shortly after watching a stream of the Reading game, perhaps coincidentally] my computer died. It spontaneously turned itself off, via one of those automated blue screens full of codes and messages. Every time I logged into the admin account the machine turned off. Eventually I was able to get into the computer through a guest account. I ran a spyware scan, which picked up hundreds of things, and a virus scan which found 40+ trojans and viruses. I scan regularly and I'm not daft, so this was a shock. The programmes were unable to remove the infections as they were the domain of the administrator, and that account was turning off the machine. The desktop wallpaper changed itself to a very suspicious 'warning' gif that told me my passwords etc were being snatched. Today I was able to access the admin account after 30+ attempts and ran the spyware/virus scans again. They were able to clean or delete most of the damage, but it now seems to have taken away half of the essentials of the system with it. Sometimes I can't load up the computer at all and it just turns off. Sometimes I get the desktop wallpaper and nothing else. 'My Documents' keeps opening every ten minutes, I have a permanent 'security report' bubble, I'm getting 'RUNDLL' errors, task manager has been erased, and I get occasional pop-ups inviting me to play poker. The only way I can access the internet is by 'restoring previous session' on Firefox, and that opens up gambling sites and a virus software site. Once in every 8 or 9 attempts it will open something like Word without crashing, but Word won't allow me to use any of the right-click functions or drop-down menus. I have back-ups of some vital files on a USB stick, but I fear that will be infected if I plug it in to get others. The computer is liable to shut itself down again any moment, and there's it's pot luck as to whether I can get back in again. I know I've got some serious s**t on the machine, somehow, and I know the virus/spyware programmes have caused merry hell trying to get rid of it. But what on earth should I do? I have a s**t load of work to do and I'm considering calling out some overpaid IT so-and-so to wave a magic wand at the problem, but I fear I'm doomed. I know it's a long shot, but...any help?
  7. What's In A Name

    Champ Man 01/02

    Can't get the bugger to run. It says I need the CD, which I evidently don't have.
  8. What's In A Name

    Football Manager

    I've tried the demo. It seems a bit clunky, and my computer doesn't seem to want to run the 3d engine - a motive for not buying the new game at all. To be honest I've been wasting hours on a fully updated FM2007 recently. I never really took to the sickly colours and pretentious features on '08.
  9. What's In A Name

    PES 2008

    Complete rip off. It's exactly the same as the last game. Very tempted to invest in Fifa when I can next justify the funds.
  10. What's In A Name

    Football Manager

    Although I've been 'putting the hours in' this evening, it's far too early for me to judge the overall quality of the game. If you enjoyed the last edition and considered it to be 'the best yet' then the chances are you will grow to attribute the same praise to the new game. Certain things do take some getting used to. The new default skin isn't very easy on the eyes when you've spent the last year with the shades of green on FM07, but after a few days you build up a tolerance to it. You know your way around the new game instantly, and very quickly you come to appreciate the logic in their moving around of various links. The new features hold your interest and curb your frustration quite successfully; for instance, you can now decrease your wage bill for transfer fees at any time - rather than just at the start of a season. It's the little details like the aforementioned that make it their most detailed effort yet, but unlike with past advancements in detail they don't appear to have hampered the playability. It's definitely an improvement and, if the last one grabbed you in any way, you'll spend just as many hours on it. But it's important to remember that rather than a new game altogether, it's a detailed update of the last one.
  11. What's In A Name

    Football Manager

    I've acquired it, and it's reasonably good at first glance. There's no major overhaul this time around though, so don't expect to be blown away if you haven't already got it yourself. You could probably install the latest Weegie Update and change the skin on FM07 to achieve a similar result. Initial thoughts: 1) Even more detailed. 2) White skin quite hard to get used to. 3) Match process improved. 4) More sensible menu links. 5) Basically the same game.
  12. What's In A Name

    Official Mugshot Thread

    What you on the Coke for? Mincer
  13. I forgot you had this over here. The other Forest late night communities are going through a lull, prompting me to explore the web a bit.
  14. That will do for me. I want to express mockery but the number of yellow faces available to me is inadequate. A lucky escape for you then. It's freezing here too. This building is about 60 years old and the windows/doors haven't been changed once. During a particularly bad night of weather the curtains are actually sent flapping by the wind, even when the windows are bolted. Madness.
  15. I don't bother with these things much anymore, but I'm especially bored tonight. Usually at this point I'm a couple of hours away from vomiting into my sink and falling asleep in my clothes. However, I'm trying to stay off the booze for a while after doing at least six majorly regrettable things in the space of a fortnight. Why does that matter to anyone here? It doesn't. Like I said - bored. Who was it who used to post when he got up for a piss in the middle of the night or got up early for work to try and look cool? (This may have been on AF). I want to say Newham, but it could have been someone else.

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