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  1. Bulk

    So it's

    3-1 Gooners sadly. Rematch? Its not boxing ya wazzock
  2. Bulk

    An Apology

    Very well Dane, you all good duck?
  3. Bulk

    An Apology

    He must be a narcissist! Still, a new dawn this year...same as every year until it comes crashing down and we proceed with the usual firing. Always entertaining.
  4. Bulk

    An Apology

    Not so bad at all Senior, good to see you still around. You well, Junior? Does he still go?
  5. Bulk


    Absolute bollocks to it, really. Not much more to add.
  6. Bulk

    An Apology

    Fuck me i forgot this place existed until an email landed in my inbox today. Must have been, i dont know...five years or more. In fact just looked - my last post was October...2011 So Doc, are you running this place now? A few old faces still around i see...
  7. Bulk


    Tomo, answer me this. Would it have happened had hundreds/thousands of pissed up scousers not tried to ram in and charge the gates? Had they queued in orderly fashion like 99.99% of the population, would it still have happened? I was there, only 9 at the time (it was the catalyst for the bloke who used to take me after my old man died to stop, he didnt want the responsibility) and i know what i saw from certain Liverpool fans.
  8. Bulk

    Windows 7 pre-order discount.

    Either that or use "other" avenues, much easier, and free
  9. Bulk

    downloading stuff

    The Pirate Bay is usually very reliable.
  10. Bulk

    Champ Man 01/02

  11. Bulk

    Champ Man 01/02

    No. As for the Mac version i dont know but the PC version has literally just been made available for free download... http://www.championshipmanager.com/
  12. Bulk

    Football Manager

    The original creators of CM were/are the men behind FM, i think thats why, the new CM is a different team entirely, they simply kept the name, that and its fucking woeful.
  13. Bulk

    Football Manager

    Many of us didnt and never will...
  14. Bulk

    Football Manager

    Tried it....same old shit (even though i knew it would be) year on year now with a few touch ups. The 3D engine is dire and as usual its way too slow and detailed. Text, text! Its all you need. They just get it do they? 01/02 simply will never be beaten.
  15. Bulk

    FF Tipster Competition

    Calderwood to remain in situ irrelevant of results until Christmas 1/10 at Laddies. Ill have £500,000 on that please Dane. Evening.

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