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  1. Danny

    2019/2020 Season tickets

    Same here. This season has been better but for the past decade or so the football has been largely inconsequential. Having a ticket just gives me an excuse to head to Nottingham on a regular basis and catch up with family and friends.
  2. Danny

    Ipswich vs Forest

    Absolute must win I reckon. 1-1 I fear though.
  3. Danny

    2019/2020 Season tickets

    Just renewed mine. Slight drop in price from last time round. I’ll be interested to see if we reach the 20,000 limit set by the club. I think a lot will depend on how we finish the season.
  4. Danny

    Forest v Villa

    I think Yacob started O’Neill’s first match but aside from that he’s not featured. It’s an odd one as he was always one of our better performers when he played and he’s a cut above Yates.
  5. Danny

    Forest v Villa

    For all the clamour about Carvalho not featuring much under O’Neill he was shite last night. Ansifarid showed why that was his first start. Hopefully he won’t have any more. Pele looked like a completely different player than the one who impressed so much against Hull. I feel last night was probably more indicative of his true level. Yates looks more limited with each time I see him. He’s steady but I doubt he’ll be anything special. No-one really came out with any credit to be fair but Pantillimon was bilge again. I reckon a decent goalkeeper stops all three of their goals. That’s not to say all three were his fault but he could’ve done better with all of them. Mike Dean was a bellend which was to be expected. Luckily both Bristol and Derby drew so we didn’t lose much ground on the top 6 but we can’t afford any more performances like last night. For what it’s worth, I can’t see us making the top 6 and I expect O’Neill to be replaced in the summer.
  6. Danny

    Forest v Villa

    For those watching at home, was Mike Dean as wank as he appeared to be?
  7. Danny

    Forest v Villa

    Nervous about this one. I reckon 1-1 but have a feeling we might lose this one.
  8. Danny

    2019/2020 Season tickets

    Mine’s £345 in Bridgford Lower. Plan to renew when the priority window opens. Aren’t there more than 20,000 season tickets this season? If so, I’m assuming it’ll be on a first come, first serve basis.
  9. Danny

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Bristol having a bit of a wobble of late. A couple of weeks ago it looked as if they could open up a significant gap above us if they won their games in hand. After their draw against Ipswich however they’re only 2 points above us with both sides having played 36 matches. Tomorrow night could potentially be huge for us.
  10. The first half was pretty turgid stuff. Two sides who lacked any real spark largely cancelled each other out and there was barely a shot in anger for the first hour or so. Carvalho came on and changed the match so hopefully that’ll give O’Neill food for thought. As hard as Murphy works he’s very limited and sides can predict how we’ll play with him up top so it’s vital we get some movement in around him. Pele was great. The two centre halves were impervious once again and Pantillimon looks so much more assured with them in front of him. With results going largely our way today we’re right back in the hunt for the top 6.
  11. Danny

    Stoke v Forest

    Missed opportunity today with other results. Shite.
  12. Danny

    City Ground to be re-developed

    Pleased that we’re staying where we are. Just shows all the nonsense peddled by previous regimes about having to relocate was bollocks.
  13. Danny

    Forest v Derby

    Loved that we scored in the first minute. It meant the cunts couldn’t enjoy any of the match. Tactically we were perfect; we let them play in front of us knowing they didn’t have the ability to hurt us. The centre halves were great, Yates impressed again and Watson, Lolley, Cash, Colback, Osborn and Murphy ran themselves into the ground. We’ve given ourselves a sniff of the top 6 with tonight’s result but regardless O’Neill has done great since coming in.
  14. Danny

    Forest v Derby

    I think we’ll do them. 2-1 to the good guys.
  15. Danny

    Forest v Derby

    We’re outsiders for sure but a win tomorrow gives us a sniff. As I mentioned, Bristol have a tough run in so could easily drop points. That’s not to say we’re guaranteed to catch them if they do but it’s largely through abject refereeing that we’re not 4 points better off after recent matches. Let’s see what happens but it ain’t over til it’s over.
  16. Danny

    Forest v Derby

    Bristol lost at Norwich and still have the rest of the top 6 to play. We’ve a real chance Monday to put a bit of pressure on them providing we win.
  17. Danny

    Premier League chit chat

    Chelsea banned from signing anybody for the next two transfer windows. Perhaps that’ll encourage them to use some of the dozens of players they’ve got out on loan. This will fuck them though as they’re already trailing behind the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool.
  18. Danny

    Boxing thread

    Tough one to call. Eubank Jr looks world class for about 6 minutes of every fight but has yet to put in a truly impressive performance. The DeGale of two or three years ago would box his ears off but that war with Jack has taken years off him. I’m going for DeGale on points.
  19. Danny

    Forest v Derby

    They lost at home to Millwall tonight so they’re not any great shakes. I reckon we’ll do them 2-0. We could do with Norwich doing us a favour against Bristol this weekend. That’d give us a fighting chance of clawing back into 6th, providing we do the business against Derby.
  20. Danny

    Preston v Forest

    Same could be said of the side lining up against West Brom and we should have come away with 3 points there.
  21. Danny

    Preston v Forest

    Milosevic looks to be a find, doesn’t he? No nonsense, no frills, just ‘see ball, hit ball.’ Him and Benaloune will be a mean pairing by the looks of it.
  22. Danny

    Preston v Forest

    Had we rightfully got 3 points the other night this match would have less importance. As it is, in order to keep up with the pack, we can’t afford to lose. I reckon we’re winning this 2-0.
  23. Danny

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    I’m still raging about Gayle, the cheating little prick. That I was sat in a pub in Leeds and knew straight away, from the benefit of a tv replay, that it was a blatant dive but the referee at the match was denied this information is little short of a joke. Now that Gayle has been banned and it’s ‘official’ that he cheated, where’s the recompense given to us? As others have said, those 2 points could be the difference between 6th and 7th. As an aside, did anyone seen Darren Moore’s mealy-mouthed response? Spineless cunt.
  24. Danny

    News chit chat

    You can’t leave somebody stateless, at least according to international law, so technically she’s ‘our’ problem. However, as we’ve no official representation in Syria, in practical terms we’ll do fuck all to assist and well and good as far as I’m concerned. She’s shown zero contrition or regret so fuck her. Let her rot there.
  25. What are you wanting them to talk about? If it’s the general shit state of the club over the years then I’m sure there’ll be plenty of us who could weigh in. Edit: just watched a clip on YouTube. Cringeworthy stuff, especially as it’ll be against a Leicester fan. The ‘rivalry’ is very much one-sided and entirely fabricated. Against a sheep shagger I might be able to muster up a few digs but I couldn’t care less about the bin dippers.

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